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The only way you’ll get the biggest profits is to get as many sales as possible out of the hits to your site. Because if you don’t turn those prospects to customers, you can be sure someone else will. When you have their email address, you stay in touch with them building their trust in you, establishing you as their expert, persuading them, selling to them.
Every time you email you make it harder for your competitors to steal a customer from you.  And you get a 2nd, 3rd, 15th bite of that cherry.
What about your email address and phone number – are they prominent on your site where it’s easy to find without hunting for it?
What about the pictures you’re using?  Are you absolutely sure they’re the right ones, the right size and in the right place? Every single test will help you extract the maximum number of conversions. Your profits grow exponentially the more you test. There is so much debate nowadays as to which button color converts best – green, red, or perhaps orange? In other words, which button color you choose isn’t really going to matter if you haven’t addressed very basic issues that are the real cause why visitors don’t convert.
Oftentimes, businesses assume they know all there is to know about their customers’ needs and, therefore, it is not so important to ask customers anything.
In order to make things work out for all of them, it is absolutely necessary to turn to data.
The next step is to form hypotheses about what to change on your website and how – but this time, the hypotheses won’t be based merely on hunches, but on solid data. You can copy a successful business’s website, but you can’t really copy their success along with it. In rare cases where mimicking someone else’s web design results in more conversions, the design itself usually isn’t the real factor of change. Regardless of some of the hype you can read on the Internet, the process of improving conversion rates takes work and time.
While it’s true that even small improvements in conversion rates can have a huge impact on a business’s bottom line, it’s also true that visitors don’t convert just like that. The goal here is not to try to convince every visitor by any means that your product or service is right for them and nudge them into converting. In order to do this, you will have to look beyond conversion rates and take into account any metrics and data that can help you better understand your customers.
These metrics will give you a good idea both about your visitors and their interest in your site. This list of conversion rate optimization myths is by no means exhaustive, but it can help you recognize some of the real limiting factors that are preventing your website visitors from becoming your customers.
Taylor MooreTaylor Moore is a freelance copywriter with a passion for small business and retail marketing.
Analysis : Depending on your goals and conversion rates optimisation requirements, we will put together a customised mix of suitable analytics, KPI and testing procedures. Tried-and-true methodology: We apply a scientific methodology and a step by step optimization process to increase your website efficiency to convert more visitors.
Experience : We work with brands such as Pairi Daiza, Euro Center, Eggo, Continents Insolites to improve the profitibality of their website. Results : We can show and prove great Results in ecommerce online sales and in lead generation. All websites have some visitors who don’t convert simply because something prevents them from doing it. We create different landing pages, we find out what your customers think and we keep the version of a page that converts better. The page optimization is the process of authoring specific page content around groups of relevant, narrowly focused keywords.
Google Analytics is a powerful free tool, which collect and analyze a great amount of data about your site and his visitors.
Analysing how visitors flow through, and interact with your website allows us to understand how best to funnel them to achieve a goal.

When we say “conversion rate”, we are referring to the percentage of your visitors that end up reaching a given or desired goal. Search engine optimization helps get potential customers to your website, but once they have arrived, does your web page answer all their questions? Eye tracking studies have shown that people tend to look first at the upper-left-hand area of the page, then at your headline, then at the left-hand side of the page. Google and other search engines are placing a lot more emphasis on social sharing of a page or article.
When people don’t buy, it’s for a reason—maybe the price is too high, the product description is not compelling enough, the website is lacking credibility or not enough proof to back up the claims, or any of a hundred other objections. Too many people want to rush the reader with sales language in the headline, when it should be written to make the reader more interested so that they feel educated enough to make a buying decision.
We help our clients write fresh new relevant search optimized content, that can get indexed by all the spiders and bots and bring visitors to your blog.
Some people like to read, while others are visual learners, using video can be good for SEO Purposes; and make it more interesting. Now living in a post Google Panda world, it is now more important than ever to think of every internal page and blog post as a potential “landing page”  If they come to your site and don’t land on your home page, is there a enough content on this page to make the reader click to a second page and not just immediately bounce?
We build websites, help businesses improve content and visibility, and manage clients’ social networks.
We analyze your competitors, help you stand out by developing the most effective online marketing strategy suitable to your business’ needs and goals, and complement that with an unique custom design specifically for your company and brand. Because if you’re not capturing email addresses effectively you only get one bite of the cherry.
How on earth can people get in touch with you – to buy from you – if your details are hidden where they’ll never be found?
Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.
But for the majority of businesses that experience problems with CRO, that’s not even the question. No-one leaves because they don’t like the button color, but they do leave if they feel they can’t trust the website. While these assumptions and hunches could be the starting points for a CRO, but they certainly shouldn’t be taken as facts. You might be dealing with very different customer segments that will not only have different reasons for approaching your business but will also use your website in completely different ways. Say, using website analysis tools like Google Analytics to gather relevant data about the ways customers interact with your website.
Ask them how each of the page elements you were testing influenced their decision-making process and how they felt about the changes you made. If you’ve read through myths #2 and #3, you already understand that CRO at its core isn’t about website design. Rather, the improvement is most likely a result of an unintentional removal of a problem or several problems that were obstructing conversions. Because CRO is the one thing where it’s not possible to generalize or make uninformed guesses. Instead, they usually follow a pattern that draws them a little closer to conversion every time they interact with a business. If you discover that people come to your site for the wrong reasons, you can work on adjusting your advertising and refining your website content to foster more engagement.
Once you have a clearer idea how conversion optimization works, it should be easier to plan the whole process and to execute it in a more efficient manner. Conversion Rates Optimisation is the process of improving your website’s performance to increase profits (Leads or online sales) without increasing the advertising costs. Whether to calculate your ROI or simply which emarketing action works, Google Analytics is a powerful and free solution which brings all you need to increase your emarketing strategy.
It is a method to validate that any new design or change to an element on your webpage is increasing your conversion rate before you make permanently change to your site.
A better page optimization leads to more conversions, as the optimized content speaks the visitor’s language.

We can define a conversion goal and develop a website that funnels visitors towards that goal in the most effective way.
A surprising number of your visitors will not scroll at all, so it’s best to make sure that the most important content is placed “above the fold”. You can take the most-common objections and creatively address each one through testimonials, case studies, examples, screen shots, etc.
We have served clients in Santa Cruz, CA, San Jose, CA, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV, New York, NY, and Greenwich, CT. But until you test your site, you won’t know where the holes are, or how to plug them. But picking the right image has an even greater impact on your site and the amount of conversions you get.
In fact, some of the ideas have managed to establish themselves so firmly in this area that marketers, without any kind of afterthoughts, are applying them full-on, despite the fact it’s hindering their business conversion dynamics. Or if they don’t know anything about your product and can’t figure the answers of your copy. Without any factual validation, they remain mere guesses that can take the whole CRO process in the wrong direction.
In this way, through a carefully crafted testing regimen, you can learn what design and content elements have the most effect on conversions. For this reason, you should carefully evaluate your focus to see if you wrongly expect to increase conversions solely through website design. Significant results can be achieved only through a systematic approach that is rooted in data, not by relying on off-the-cuff remarks that are widely available on the Internet as best practices and ‘how to’ articles.
Let’s say you come across an article that outlines 20 conversion rate optimization best practices. But if you back yourself up with data and have a well-developed process to follow, in the very early stages of CRO you will be able to set your priorities and invest time in that what matters. They will purchase or subscribe once, figure out they didn’t get what they were expecting and then they’ll make sure everybody knows about their negative experience with your business. At Stratenet, we use client’s data to create, correct and improve eMarketing strategy and therefore increase our customers’ sales.
Allocate enough space on the web page according to the popularity (and value) of these categories. And with more people becoming more and more tech savvy with smartphones and laptops,  chances are your customers are on these social networks.
Or because they can’t find your contact information to get in touch before making the purchase or subscribing to your content or service.
And your customers and the customers of the company you’ve copied the web design from are probably very very different. You might need to dive deep below the surface, to the core values and objectives of your business, and reassess whether they’re aligned with the needs of your customers.
So, it’s important to always stay true and constantly seek ways to improve your message so that it inspires prospects to take one step at a time. Visitors who come through paid sources such as ads will be in a very different mindset from those who come through free sources like social media. You might also need to re-think the ways you position your products and promote your brand. Even though they’ve worked for somebody else, how can you know whether they’re going to work for you?
The first is more likely to be interested in the offer that was advertised while the second might just want to check out what your business is all about and have no real interest in making a purchase.
You also might want to check how often people come back to your website and how much time elapses between their visits.

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