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Besides its wide body this C7 feautures Aston Martin blue paint job and, of cource, huge Forgiato rims – 21-inch front and 22-inch rear Maglia-ECL in black and blue gloss finish. My eyes may be deceiving me, but are there any mods on that cherudim besides its color and decals? Yea, its just a model with a smooth and clean paint job along with some decals, nothing else. The color chart is nothing close to what the paints look like in person, but its a good start. Also, would anyone be able to suggest the closest red tamiya spray paint to use on astraea type f?

Sorry if the lacquer question is asked before, I know it eats away at any other kind of paint underneath, so I just want to make sure before I start doing the panel lines underneath.
Suzuki Philippines, the premiere provider of motorcycles and compact vehicles in the country, recently unveiled three new motorcycles in its Raider line. So yeah your right about finding a store that might sell them too because the caps are a lot closer to the real thing but they always look different on the model itself. But when I go to the forums I be tryin to see what stuff looks like with out versus with paint because I plan on not painting mines.
CanaDream has a wide selection of ex-rental Pleasure-Way Class B van conversions at unbeatable prices.

Fisker Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports have teased their Ford Mustang based "ultimate American muscle car" - […]Carroll Shelby passes away at 89 It is very sad.

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