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FairPlay is a digital rights management (DRM) technology created by Apple to particularly control the use of its digital contents sold in iTunes Store. Although Apple has already dropped DRM from the iTunes music files in 2009, that didn't help much with songs purchased before.
What if you are using Mac system and also need to convert FairPlay-ed iTunes music files and audio books? All these DRM removal freeware for iTunes mentioned above perform in different ways to help you get DRM cracked from your iTunes movies, TV shows, songs or audiobooks. DVD to iPod Converter for Mac can rip DVD movie to iPod straight with high video quality. DRM Media converter is the latest DRM removal which focus on removing DRM protection from movies and music bought from iTunes 10, Microsoft Media Center, Napster, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Amazon video on Demand and other DRM protected media center legally. Take iTunes as an example, as the biggest online music retailer, or even the biggest music retailer in the world, is still selling 90% of the media files as DRM protected.
Integrated with music converter and video converter, but also extract audio tracks from video and save as song for portable player and phone. Distinct from the other DRM removal solutions just cracking down DRM directly, Media Converter features out the record-by-play method to copy and save the original files as common standard formats, which free your music and video files from DRM protect legally.
Convert Protected iTunes music to non-protected file for editing in iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc.
Powerful function, easy-to-use, and clear-cut interface, which is Media Convertera€™s permanent pursuit.

Based on customersa€™ common requirement, Media Converter is created with the unique function that supports dragging & dropping target files to the main conversion window, which is also attached with batch conversion mode.
Note: If you want to convert iTunes DRM protected file, please pay attention to the notice below. Generally speaking, all media files, including songs, audio books, movies, and TV shows downloaded from iTunes are encoded with FairPlay. It decrypts the audio and video data in your iTunes files by authenticating with the DRM library using the secret credentials used by iTunes itself.
Fortunately, if you still have those locked music files stored in your library, you can easily kill the DRM with the free iTunes DRM music removing software listed below. It comes with a user-friendly interface and converts the DRM-ed M4P music files to DRM-free MP3 format easily. After testing, all formats to iPod conversion works well, the output audio and image quality is excellent! Just download the latest Mac DVD to iPod Suite or Mac iPod Video Converter, load your video files and convert by pushing several buttons.
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In other words, the videos and audios, even purchased, are restricted to be played on up to five authorized computers simultaneously and not allowed to be used on any non-Apple software or hardware. The converted movies and music are allowed to be played on non-Apple-approved devices like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Xbox 360, PSP, Zune, and so on. And if you dona€™t know the formats, there is also guide info to show you the match hardware with the formats.
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And you don't need to worry about the output media quality at all for the DRM removal is a lossless process which is merely decrypting the file, not decoding and re-encoding it. However, what if you accidently bought some other mp3 player, such as: a€?creative Zena€™, a€?irivera€™, a€?PSPa€™ or a€?zunea€™?
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