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Whether you are hosting a webinar, giving away a special report, selling a program, or presenting a video series, a landing page is what’s needed to get visitors to participate. This is a very effective means to capturing leads for your business and if done correctly, you should see a high conversion rate. Next add a subheadline that provides additional information that makes your headline even more juicy and tempting. Kick it up with pictures – Adding images will make your landing page more eye-catching. Present your solution – Introduce what you are offering that will cure their pain or alleviate their struggle.
How it relieves their pain – The next step is to show how their need will be satisfied if they try your solution. Take advantage of these tips to help you to create a high-converting landing page.  A few simple adjustments can make a dramatic difference in boosting your conversion rate. Susan Friesen is the founder of eVision Media, a boutique web development and Digital Marketing firm of over 15 years that specializes in designing, building and marketing professional, unique websites for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. Indeed Ling – how a page is laid out and worded is very important to avoid your visitors from getting confused and leaving the page. About Our TeamLocated in the lower mainland of BC Canada., we have been in the web development business since 1999. According to MarketingSherpa the number one reason markers do not use landing pages to help drive new leads for their business is because they do not know how to set them up.
There are many reliable landing page software on the market today to help marketers easily create highly converting landing pages, without having to know a piece of coding.
The landing page has one purpose, for you to tell the visitor exactly what it is they can expect to receive and a reminder of the benefits of why they need it. Use the same logo and color scheme as the rest of your website ( except for the call to action) so that people know they are still on your website. If you have an offer that has been recieved well by your audience, then show some social proof with screen shots or a number ticker.
It is good practice to keep testing and optimizing your landing page layout, but once you find something that is working, keep the format consistent. Looking at the landing page example above, you can see the 7 on page landing page tips you should incorporate to get the highest conversions you can. Download work from home landing page design templates examples to capture leads and convert your traffic into sale with profit.
On our custom web design and landing page design you will get exclusive right to use, store, sale and re-sell right.

To start a custom web design and landing page design project you need to pay 50% upfront as deposit and rest 50% before send you final file. Below are some example of custom landing page design and web design project that we done for our client, those are not for sale. Have you ever wondered why your landing pages aren’t converting well like your competitors landing page? Start split test with your landing pages and see which landing page is converting well for you. One of the main reasons why many new affiliates fail is because they don’t split test. Your landing page should provide your visitors clear message on what deal you are offering them, so you need to be very clear and specific.
Are you getting high traffic but no sale, use our high converting video landing page design to convert your traffic into sale. On our video landing page you can publish your product video in details with 360 degree rotation, making process, how to use it, benefits of your product, each and everything you like to promote audio visuals. If you are offering work from home opportunity then our high converting work from home video landing page design template will give your option to show visitor how it works and it’s benefits, so visitor can watch the video and subscribe the job option you are offering. A landing page with balanced “white space” makes it easier for visitors to focus on the message, which will boost conversion. The basic emotional pain points to consider involve the core human needs for survival, belonging, achievement, and helping others.
It’s important to describe the value of your offering and what is does so that it’s clear on what they’ll get. It’s important not to have extra links, visuals, or wording that distracts from your goal – getting them to sign up.
Little differences like colour, headlines, and images can make a huge difference in conversion rates. Share below what your biggest takeaway was from this article, we’d love to hear your thoughts!
If you want to learn more about marketing strategies, consider joining our live monthly Social Blast group coaching program where I cover these topics and other Social Media strategies to help build your business.
I create landing pages for my clients all the time and the tips you offer is exactly what I tell them to think about when writing content for it. Split testing is a great means to continually tweak until you get maximum conversion rates.
I have been working with Susan Friesen and Daniel Simmons for many years now and have always found them responsive, knowledgeable and driven to get me the results I am looking for. We're a talented group of individuals comprised of highly skilled Programmers, SEO, Social Media and Marketing Specialists as well as Copywriters and Graphic Designers that specialize in brand identity, web and print media.

Without a dedicated landing page to convert visitors to leads, you are headed up creek without a paddle. Draw peoples attention to your call to action and tell them exactly what you want them to do. Using the right titles, headlines and sub headlines helps you get across the right message in an easily readable format. If your numbers are that impressive then make sure you add your social icons to enable that visitor to share the offer with their network. Visitors like to see a common format across their journey on your site so make sure they know they know the difference between your landing pages and a blog post. It clearly states in 2-3 sentences what the offer is and why it is valuable to the visitor. Come follow along as I build this site from scratch and help you navigate the MASS amount of software, tools and plugins you can choose from. After complete the project we will keep the file for next 1 year for your project future backup, mean if you need your project file after one year we will send it to you without any extra cost.
At the time of project on going we will stay in touch with you for any update we done or you required. Through our video landing page design you can promote your product and service through a video and visitor will stay on your landing page to watch your brand message for your product and services. Having a “stand alone” landing page that doesn’t include your website’s complete navigation or other distractions can keep viewers focused on the message and the offer. Very few people will read your copy word for word, so make sure they get the big picture clearly with just a quick glance through effective formatting.
I especially like the idea of split testing two different pages to see what the conversion rates are from each one. If it is filling out a form or clicking on a button make it stand out and obvious what you want the visitor to do. Most importantly it includes a short form for the visitor to fill out with a relevant image that shows what they will receive.
It’s converts very well as it is a nice and clean landing page design with high quality graphic, opt-in-box in above the fold and attractive color combination. We do design according to your custom requirement and do the update until you satisfied on our web and landing page design.

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