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A B2B company recently approached us with a problem: a confusing list of several dozen products, each with its own made-up name and without any sense of organization.
The chaotic roster itself was not the only branding and business challenge this company faced.
Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common scenario with many engineering- or technology-driven organizations. Brands are expensive to maintain. Individual brands, each with their own stories to tell, should be supported on their own and often require significant budgets. The corporate brand does not get credit for successful sub-brands. In some cases, a very successful product, service or divisional brand can overshadow the corporate brand.
Employees lose sight of what the corporate brand is really about. In a worst case scenario, when the internal focus is on building up individual products or services, employees can forget to support the corporate brand.
With our recent client, it became apparent that a simplified brand architecture was a necessity to build the corporate brand and move the company forward. At the heart of a brand building process is a brand experience built on the interactions between a company and its customers.
Expect to see other American brands that we know and love up for sale to the highest international bidder. The Money Machine is a leader in business promotions, event marketing, trade shows, casino promotions, grand openings, and crowds! Rent the Cash Cube Money Machine Money Booth for Grand Openings, Promotions, Giveaways, Contest Prizes, Nightclubs, Trade Shows. Promotion vouchers or a promotion coupon can also replace the a€?fun moneya€™ that is supplied with the machine.
A quick review of some branding fundamentals is helpful before we talk about how to come up with that killer product name. Brand Architecture, which I'll refer to as "Naming Architecture" for this blog, describes how a family of brands relate to one another.
From this diagram, we see that businesses like Google have a "Masterbrand" Naming Architecture in which product names are generic appendages to the corporate entity, which is where all the brand's value accrues. In the "Individual" Naming Architecture, sometimes referred to as the Procter & Gamble model, the corporate entity is more of a holding company and the individual product brand stands on its own and can have a unique name, identity and marketing.
By first identifying the brand model of your business, you will establish a structure to your naming conventions. As Fiat announced its grand return to the United States in 2009, Fiat’s old nickname also made a comeback. Automakers brand names have long been the objects of puns and backronyms: AUDI- Another Useless Deutsche Invention, BMW-Broke My Wallet, Ford-Fix Or Repair Daily, Lotus-Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious, etc.
Though it is understandable that Fiat is doing its best to get rid of the name and wouldn’t want to use “Fix it again, Tony!” as a communication tool, some brands promote their nickname as part of their identity and marketing strategy.
However, in 2010, Chevrolet tried to get rid of its beloved nickname: in a note addressed to all employees, It was asked that whether they be talking with colleagues or family, employees didn’t refer to Chevrolet as Chevy anymore, arguing that it made the brand look “cheap”. All in all, it appears that whether they be positive or negative, “pet” names can be pretty powerful where brands are concerned. A etiqueta de "organico" em um produto, especialmente um alimento, converteu-se em uma formula magica que faz com que algumas pessoas se sintam bem ao mesmo tempo em que gastam dinheiro extra para obter um bem-estar prometido.
Assim buscam alimentacao saudavel e rompem com a cadeia alimenticia controlada pelas grandes corporacoes, regressam aos pequenos produtores e lhes outorgam esse valioso coeficiente, perdido no processo industrial, de fazer os alimentos com uma intencao de nutrir -"feito com amor" e o slogan favorito-, parece algo nao somente positivo senao inclusive parte da evolucao humana. No entanto, seja pelos invasivos e malignos tentaculos das grandes corporacoes ou pela ingenuidade do consumidor que geralmente compra ilusoes que satisfacam sua producao de dopamina e reafirmam comodamente a sua realidade, em muitos casos esta moda de se alimentar de produtos organicos nao e mais que um placido e frivolo -ainda que bem-intencionado- engano. O New York Times publicou um interessante artigo sobre a realidade por tras da grande industria dos alimentos organicos, com um valor anual de ate 30 bilhoes de dolares na gringolandia. Muitos dos grandes nomes dos alimentos organicos foram adquiridos pelas grandes corporacoes de alimentos sem que isto chegasse ao conhecimento do consumidor. A junta diretora do National Organic Standards Board permite o uso de ingredientes aditivos como a carragenina, um polissacarideo linear derivado das algas que inclusive ja foi vinculado ao cancer, ou do inositol sintetico, que, como seu nome indica, e manufaturado usando processos quimicos. Na medida em que as grandes corporacoes comecaram a dominar a junta diretiva, que decide os padroes dos alimentos organicos, aumentaram os ingredientes aprovados por dita industria.
Assim as coisas nos Estados Unidos, mas seguramente tambem em muitas partes do mundo nas quais se adota o modelo comercial deste pais -Brasil incluso-. De forma que se quiser comer produtos "organicos" o melhor que pode fazer e plantar seu proprio alimento ou compra-lo de pessoas conhecidas que tenham hortas em casa ou em um sitio. Percebam uma coisa, quando as grandes industrias comecam a se meter em alguma ideia dita alternativa, natureba, verde, ecologica e tal, boa coisa nao vem. And with a series of acquisitions and ongoing internal product development, the list was growing longer and more confusing every year. Since marketing and sales had focused on building those product names, customers tended to have more affinity with individual products than with the corporate parent. Whether it’s five or 50 different brand names, product-level branding diffuses the equity of the parent brand and encourages customers and even internal sales to think of your company as a point-solution provider. When a company’s products or divisions operate completely independently of each other, it may be useful to maintain separate brands with their own value propositions. Each brand needs a separate marketing and communications plan to ensure that key audiences understand the differentiating factors and benefits of doing business with that product, service or division. And although customers may be very loyal to that successful sub-brand, the company is probably missing out on significant cross-selling opportunities.

Although the process is never easy — for this company it will mean retiring a few dozen brands over several years — a streamlined architecture will definitely result in a stronger master brand. Guests step into a whirlwind of flying money and grab as much as possible within 15 seconds!
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The term "brand architecture" while sounding a bit self-important, is in fact the key concept underlying successful product naming. There are essentially three architectural naming models to which businesses subscribe, Masterbrand, Endorsed Brand and Individual Brand.
With Individual brands, the brand value accrues to the product (brand) rather than corporate brand. Masterbrands like Google, Virgin or BMW focus on extensability in their naming convention and tend to use generic, descriptive terms or as in BMW's case, numbers as product names. Here we address "what's in a name," by considering product vision, short and long-term goals, customer profiles, competitor names, positioning opportunities, industry trends, desired image attributes and stylistic preferences. At the time, it wasn’t yet known as “Fix it again, Tony!”; the nickname was actually crafted some 60 years later in the 1970s and 1980s when some Fiat owners reportedly encountered problems with their cars.
However “Fix it again, Tony!”, is the only one that really gained popularity to the point that it is extensively used and recognized as an alternative name for Fiat.
In fact, people barely ever use the name “Chevrolet”, for Chevy is shorter, easier to pronounce, cuter, etc.
Around the same time, they also changed their slogan from “Chevy runs deep” to “Find new roads” and removed most mentions of “Chevy” from their website. No entanto esta industria, a dos alimentos organicos, ao menos em sua versao de supermercado, converteu-se em uma enorme fantasia cooptada pelas grandes corporacoes das quais supostamente fogem as pessoas que compram produtos organicos.
Primeiro as grandes corporacoes, do chamado Big Food, enchem os alimentos de aditivos, conservantes e demais quimicos que contaminam a saude dos consumidores; cria-se um movimento de consciencia em torno destes alimentos e gera-se uma industria que busca salvaguardar o bem-estar do consumidor produzindo alimentos da maneira antiga, mantendo um padrao de qualidade. Porque agora sao as proprias companhias, que produzem ou produziam alimentos quase venenosos, as que promovem os alimentos organicos, hasteando um novo mito de comunhao edenico a partir do poder imaculado dos alimentos nao alterados pelos processos industriais da modernidade: um regresso a natureza, um revival do bicho-grilo consumidor. O fato de que os consumidores estejam dispostos a pagar mais por um produto organico nao passou desapercebido para as grandes corporacoes de alimentos que, recorrendo a sua varinha magica, o marketing, conseguiram -sem que o consumidor percebesse– tomar o controle do mercado e influir em como e em que etiquetam "organico".
Ou seja, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Nestle, Kraft e outras mega-corporaccoes devoraram a maioria da industria de alimentos organicos nos Estados Unidos. Potter, fundador da companhia pioneira de alimentos organicos Eden Foods, nega-se a colocar a etiqueta de organico em seus produtos, ja que considera isto uma grande "fraude". Mas na realidade e necessario acrescentar uma companhia como a General Mills que tem tanto interesse em promover a engenharia genetica, promover a nanotecnologia e varias outras coisas que sao a antitese dos principios organicos para supostamente garantir a diversidade?".
Especialmente nos grandes supermercados, onde as vezes o mesmo produto, so com a etiqueta magica de "organico", custa quase o dobro.
Ainda que, claro esta, pode seguir comprando alimentos organicos no supermercado para sentir-se parte integrante do seleto grupo de consumidores "do bem" ecologicamente corretos e, sob o efeito placebo, sentir que sua saude esta cada vez melhor; desde que seu cerebro nao perceba que esta caindo em um velho truque de marketing e que esta pagando doze por meia duzia. Finalmente entendi o que levou Pedro Paulo Diniz, ex-piloto de Formula 1, playboy internacional e herdeiro do poderoso Grupo Pao de Acucar, a "abandonar tudo", se enfiar no meio do mato e tocar uma fazenda de alimentos organicos. For instance, this works for Adobe, which maintains several successful product brands – such as Illustrator and Photoshop – in addition to their unbranded service lines. If a company has a very broad portfolio with many different products, the cost of maintaining that large number of sub-brands is unrealistic. In essence, because customers connect their positive experience to the product rather than to the company they are doing business with, they are probably unaware of the company’s other offerings.
The cash cube or money booth is perfect for promotional advertising, promotional ideas, grand openings, employee incentive programs, trade shows, casinos, car and truck dealerships, banks, radio stations, fund raisers, trade shows, and lots more. There is no better advertisement for your company or product, than seeing your guests or passers-by trying to grab your personalized vouchers and coupons. Whatever you decide to do, the cash cube machine will certainly make your next event, or exhibition stand to be a memorable one.
Bigger bills can be mixed within the cash blowing machine to increase perceived value and excitement of playing. I'll devote less space on this as our audience is companies with either a Masterbrand or Individual brands. A key benefit of Masterbrands is that they don't require extensive and expensive unique branding campaigns for different products as all value accrues to the one brand.
Criteria for name developmentWhile naming can be a creative process, the ability to trademark a name is exponentially more difficult the more descriptive a name is.
In fact, this nickname was so widely popularized in the US that although it is mainly derogatory, nowadays it is also tinged with a touch of nostalgia and affection (when people remember the “Fix it again, Tony!” car they owned back in the days…). For a long time, Chevrolet didn’t mind the nickname, they even used it in their commercials promoting “Chevy Runs Deep” or on their website(they have a “Chevy Culture” page). Though it was intended as part of a global strategy – Chevrolet was expending abroad and they needed a slogan that could be used as a global advertising catch-phrase, whereas the term Chevy is mostly only used in the States – this decision caused uproar amongst Chevy lovers and the general American population. Some are afraid of the damages a negative nickname can stir up, most just don’t really see what’s the point in having a nickname.

Entao popularizam o termo organico, um tanto difuso, para significar aqueles produtos que nao envolvem metodos de producao moderna qualificados no uso de pesticidas, fertilizantes quimicos e modificacao genetica em geral que nao custam danos aos animais e ao meio no qual e produzido.
Ingredientes puros, produzidos localmente em pequenas propriedades rurais familiares como, por exemplo, suco de arando organico, sao produzidos na fabrica da Coca-Cola, escreve Stephanie Storm no New York Times.
Em dezembro passado estiveram a ponto de aprovar a utilizacao da amonia nonanoate, um herbicida. Among them: It hindered the marketer’s ability to create customer loyalty and made cross-selling difficult. However, there is a trend in the B2B world toward consolidating sub-brands in favor of a “master brand” brand architecture strategy. Many of those sub-brands will suffer from lack of support and become meaningless in their respective markets. Companies in this category are accustomed to hearing customers say, “I didn’t realize you also provide X, Y and Z. Are our product and service offerings supporting the master brand, or is the brand story rewritten for each product sale?
Being solid and clear, the money booth and cash cube machine are perfect for advertising with corporate names and company logos. You can set your own rules, some clients set rules that do not allow players to pick up bills below their knees or to trap money with their body against the machine wall. Another benefit is that product names under a Masterbrand are relatively easy to trademark, which is no small deal as we'll discuss Individual brands.
The nickname “Fix it again, Tony!” was coined as an acronym for Fiat and intended as a joke. Indeed, throughout the years, Chevy had become some kind of a reference in the popular culture, with the name being used in songs or movies. Those who do however, have learned to cherish those nicknames because they speak of a true bond between a brand and its consumers – who won’t respond lightly to any threat to this name, as Chevy discovered at its expense. Eu penso, um dia, em largar tudo e morar em uma cidade pequena, principalmente em nome da sanidade mental, pois cidade grande faz muito mal, muito agito, muito estresse, pressao vindo de tudo quanto e lado. When these questions begin to crop up, the corporate brand is in serious jeopardy of becoming obsolete.
Winnings are controlled by time in machine, denomination of cash, and amount of cash in the Money Machine. Contestants are only allowed to catch bills in the air, that are "in play" (not on the floor). A downside of a Masterbrand is that if one product area in a Masterbrand's suite is performing poorly, the entire Masterbrand may take a hit, especially if the Masterbrand only contains a small number of product sub-brands.
However it stuck, to the point that some people actually wondered whether it was Fiat’s real name. Player handicaps such as wearing obscuring glasses (you provide), using only one hand, or having to stuff winnings in a pouch or pocket can alter the amount of winnings and excitement. The stronger the name, the harder it is to show infringement.FancifulA Fanciful name is one that is made up to designate a product or service. Fiat’s nickname, though initially a joke, really damaged the brand image by maintaining the cars’ bad reputation to the point that it hindered Fiat development in the US and impacted the sales (though other factors can also be held responsible for Fiat failure in the American market).
Even though this little crisis is history now, it did cause Chevrolet to face a few months of negative reactions, criticisms and overall bad publicity. Eventually, Fiat left the American market without having managed to fix its damaged reputation. Nowadays, Chevrolet is back to promoting Chevy, and people are still as much attached to the nickname. The balance is that because they are not intuitive or recognizable, one has to build a successful marketing strategy and campaign to introduce and establish these names. Our name AirWingA® for medical device client GI Supply does not exist in the real world and is a hybrid of two unrelated words. It works because the GI surgical device opens a patient's airways and it looks like a wing.ArbitraryAn arbitrary name is next in strength. These names suggest, without exactly describing the product they designate or some attribute of the product.
Suggestive names are often easier for clients to get comfortable with because they are somewhat grounded in reality. There is sometimes a fine line between Suggestive, which is okay to trademark and Descriptive, which is not. If for example, one used AppleA® for a business that sold apples, that mark would not be protected.Naming, as it turns out, is a lot more complicated than all of those office competitions might have you believe! Like most creative endeavors, sometimes great names come quickly in a brainstorm, and most often it is fairly painstaking, but if built on a solid naming architecture foundation and utilizing names that avoid being too descriptive, a great name can be both an emotional triumph and a great value to your business.

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