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The office design for the corporate office for India Glycols embodies the issues concerning the workplace today, and explores the paradigm of the office space as a social activity. As is the nature of most custom designed corporate developments, the building had to exemplify the identity and corporate ideology of equity and transparency in the workplace as an integral part of the architectural vocabulary. Energy Consciousness dictates the internal spatial and programmatic composition through a series of open and semi-open spaces. Those people who support the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility say that it is positive step in the sense that it helps the company make long term profits while doing some social good as well. When we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it is understood that it is executed after a lot of planning and strategising. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs leads the Department’s engagement with U.S.
Promote a holistic approach to CSR to complement the EB Bureau’s mission of building economic security and fostering sustainable development at home and abroad. Provide guidance and support for American companies engaging in socially responsible, forward-thinking corporate activities that complement U.S.
The CSR strategy is built upon guidelines and principles laid down by the United Global Compact, United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ISO 26000 Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
France, Denmark, South Africa and China have a mandatory reporting obligation on the amount spent on CSR activities. All the major countries take CSR with a lot of seriousness, may be out of conscience or because the laws that are being formulated. Amartya Bag works as a researcher and content developer for iPleaders and goes by the designation of "Content Scientist". Addressing the media, Kurshid said that the performance in terms of CSR was easily measurable with regard to public sector units, as they had been directed to spend a specific portion of their profit towards CSR. CauseBecause had reported last month that the ministry of corporate affairs was revising the guidelines on corporate social responsibility (CSR) issued last year and would be adding detailed norms on environmental sustainability. The present norms only urged companies to be environmentally conscious and left it for them to take steps in that direction. The participants at the event included Sudha Raghunathan, founder and chairperson of Samudaya Foundation and an eminent Carnatic musician. MB Nirmal, founder-chairman, Exnora International, talked about environment-related worrying issues and also stressed on conservation of farmland. Office interiors Kolkata are a most important name for providing corporate interior designing to a large number of customers in the production. Magnaa Corporate Interior India is Turnkey Interior Systema€™ make sure you a single point contact to do several size Office or Home Interiors anywhere in south India.
We all stay various Corporate Interior chennai and with our first feeling of front small table we tend to examine many things about the Corporate Interior India we are visiting.
We undertake Corporate interiors Kolkata which includes designing, Procuring, Air-conditioning, Painting, Flooring, Civil, Telephones, Furniture and electrical works too. Any day contemporary made wooden partitions Interior India are going to guarantee you more stability, security, and economy than modular partitions. In the modern world the painting technology was improved by lot of inventions and innovations.
Sited in a non-contextual suburban area of Delhi, the setting, led to the development of an introverted scheme that would address environmental and socio-economic issues from first principles. Conceived as a solid perimeter scheme with a more fluid interior, the morphology blurs the interface between the inside and outside. Instead of an overlay of an environmental layer, Passive design techniques are employed throughout the scheme and takes into consideration the importance and relevance of energy conscious design within the modern work culture.
The IGL campus makes a cultural statement through the importance and relevance of energy conscious design within the contemporary Indian work culture paradigm. This statement is rebutted by saying that too much work would just distract the company from achieving its main aim of profit making.

The Companies Act 2006 has now added to those pressures by requiring directors to have regard to community and environmental issues when considering their duty to promote the success of their company and by the disclosures to be included in the Business Review.
And in keeping with the Indian tradition, it was an activity that was performed but not deliberated.
Some countries are governed by various boards in this matter whereas for some countries, strict laws are made. Never miss a post from India's most widely read blog on legal issues that affect the common person.
It is like an obligation and we owe it to the next generation,' said Union Minister of State for Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Minority Affairs Salman Khurshid while inaugurating a seminar 'Corporate sustainability: the driver of innovation' in Chennai.
He said corporates should realize that they have a responsibility towards the next generation.
He also confirmed that certain voluntary guidelines would be introduced with the launch of the new companies' bill.
The new rules will primarily prevent wasteful use of natural resources and ensure scientific treatment of industrial waste. They failed to provide a clear framework for compliance, leading to companies not taking adequate measures. He insisted that as part of their CSR, corporates may grow paddy in place of landscaping as it can help in curbing the food problem. We disburse attention to good lighting & ventilation and remain in mind that they make sensible use of breathing space and thus our Corporate office interiors provides the most good-looking look. As we perform both Design and implementation of project ,we can easily set scheme cost as it fits of laughter to your budget. Extra the design of an Corporate reception specialized and good-looking, more positive power it will generate on a guest. The interior design manufacturing revolves approximately creativity and the use of numerous ideas of corporate interior decoration India.
In India We make structural in aluminum and claded with plywood, pasted with a choice of laminates, and fitted with high quality fixtures and doors.
The site surroundings and context along with an optimum enclosed square volume enabled a built form with minimum exposed surface area. Solar exclusion is achieved by means of a solid external perimeter, which only permits diffused daylight into the office environs. Studies have proved that when a model for corporate social responsibility is properly executed, it has a neutral effect on the financial outcome. If we take the example of India, Aptech, a leading education player with a global presence that has played a broad and continued role in encouraging and nurturing education throughout the country since its inception. What is common is that all the countries use the LBG model to assess the real value and impact of their community invest­ment to both, the business and society.
In 2014, India became the first country in the world to have a mandatory CSR contribution legislation. By and large, what we can say for sure is that though the methods are be different, the end result is quite encouraging.
M Rafeeq Ahmed, chairman, FICCI, Tamil Nadu State Council, said any business should be 'societally and economically responsible,' emphasising that 'people, planet and profit' are the three pillars of corporate sustainability. As we everyone know that first feeling is the last consciousness, we all tend to make the best Corporate Interior India reception. It hides the cables, AC ducting, Plumbing, fire protection ductings and gives the office premises a neat look.
The built form configured of 8m wide office bays optimizes the natural day lighting and helps to define the programmatic requirements of the office. The reliance on artificial Lighting is substantially reduced as courtyards are created to increase natural light levels on the floor plates.
So, if I give a simple example, an industry might be making the best of leather, but, what is the use when that causes a lot of pollution?

As a global player with complete solutions-providing capabilities, Aptech has a long history of participating in community activities. In India, the concept of CSR is governed by clause 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, which was passed by both Houses of the Parliament, and had received the assent of the President of India on 29 August 2013. Some other reasons for embracing CSR are that it is an innovation that is a huge benefit to a company and society. Earlier, he said, it was just a concern for environment, which is gradually expanding to other serious issues as well.
It is so simple since this place cover Corporate makeovers, Corporate lighting, Corporate interior India construction, interior design and Interior decoration tips and much more. Then one coat of primer and applications of putty for smooth surface and two coats of desired paint applied to make the surface presentable and durable.
A stacking system is used to generate a variety of open spaces; courtyards, verandahs, terraces, green roofs etc.
The courtyards help to keep the solar ingress out and control the temperatures of a multitude of spaces throughout the building while also allowing for sufficient day lighting into the workspaces.
Nowadays, people are thinking not just about the industry or company and its motives; the models of business are no longer revolving around the monetary aim.
It has, in association with leading NGOs, provided computers at schools, education to the deprived, and training and awareness-camps. The CSR provisions within the Act is applicable to companies with an annual turnover of 1,000 crore INR and more, or a net worth of 500 crore INR and more, or a net profit of five crore INR and more. Highlighting the government's efforts, Kurshid said that despite the economic recession and inflation, the government had not restricted the allocation for the social welfare sector. One wants to make sure that the design of the Corporate reception India should send the correct the communication to the visitor to continue the right brandling value. But the son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya and his first wife, Sameera, chose to stay back in England and work with international liquor major Diageo as assistant brand manager for Guinness beer.
External Spaces are tempered using courtyards and terrace gardens that facilitate thermal insulation. The new rules, which will be applicable from the fiscal year 2014-15 onwards, also require companies to set-up a CSR committee consisting of their board members, including at least one independent director. CSR is more than fulfilling a duty to the society; it should also bring competitive advantage.
A central spine traversing the built volume serves as the common activity zone, with other departments branching out. Shaded Outer facade with air cavity construction, very small slit windows on the outside, courtyards with microclimate controls (shading and mist gardens, water bodies and plantations) all aid in reducing the solar ingress. It is a positive step that is taken by doing social good that is beyond the interest of the company. The Act encourages companies to spend at least 2% of their average net profit in the previous three years on CSR activities. The design’s conceptual strength comes from the spatial organization which creates overlaps between the exterior and the interior and between the various programmatic requirements, hence creating a vibrant and creative work environment. The models made for implementation of CSR should be made with more planning and skill so that the effect is deeper and wider. Water bodies aid in evaporative cooling thereby reducing dependence on artificial means of cooling and also create a microcosm of the civic environment rich with the potential for social transactions. This term became really popular in the 1960s which, unfortunately, has been construed very narrowly.

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