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Advertising represents a significant expense for many small business owners in the economy today.
In today’s economy, that 6% gap can represent the difference between failure and success, growth and stagnation, but the cost of that much advertising can also represent the difference between solvency and insolvency. Many small business owners have responded to this situation by focusing almost exclusively on online marketing, which is more affordable and easier to manage than traditional forms of mass advertising. Unfortunately, this approach is often akin to firing blanks, and sacrifices quality for quantity if not managed properly. Quality web design and SEO services are available for an affordable price, and PPC advertising like Google AdWords is slightly more pricy at first but spectacularly successful in the grand scheme of things.
And for those who think its too late to get positioned online, who stand a generation apart, know that the explosion of mobile devices presents a window of opportunity that has not been seen since the dot-com boom of the late 90?s. About GSMGolden State Marketing was founded in April, 2014 as a full-service online marketing company, providing search engine optimization, social media management and professional web design services to Bay Area businesses. Since then, GSM has become one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the Bay Area and has been able to successfully increase wen traffic and revenue for numerous companies. You’ve probably come across services that promise to deliver fans for just pennies each. If you see a self-checkout right on the page where you can send a PayPal payment or order fans in bulk, run. These charlatans will try to sell you an ebook or software, promising the “secrets” to making millions. In the end, there’s just no substitute for a clear marketing strategy for fan acquisition and valuation.
The hucksters described above present you with a simple shopping cart check out to sell fans — select how many fans you want and then pay.
The idea of spending money on Facebook ads just because the CEO said to do it or because your competitor has more fans is ludicrous.
Imagine your fan page now has a bunch of 13-year-olds from Indonesia and Turkey (no offense, folks). Whether you’re evaluating your page, the agency you’re considering, or the clients they put forth as examples, just look at their wall. Your cost per fan depends upon the industry your company is in, how well you can capitalize on your brand’s real-world awareness, and how effectively you run your Facebook campaigns. When we executed the first idea from Glynns we immediately saw a 20% lift in sales for our franchise. Using keywords and phrases to describe your website and products becomes the method of attracting traffic to your business. Knowing what other websites are using the keywords will allow you to select keyword a low competition keyword for your selection.
If you do not want to use a keyword tool analyzer, you can still find the low keywords by typing keywords into a search engine and manually counting the number of times the word appears in the search results and advertisements. Using keywords effectively with pay per click advertising will increase your profits and internet traffic.
The reality is that there are dozens of different costs throughout the hiring process, all of which can add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars. The cost to put a job advertisement on one of the bigger job boards starts at around $400 each. Even if we take a conservative $1000 estimate (much lower than the likely cost), this does not include the additional employee hours it takes to review all of the applicants and find the one that is the best fit for the open position. If the cost of professional recruiting was $10,000 or even $5,000, it may make sense to spend that much money out of pocket. 5 Challenges that Franchises Face When HiringApril 28, 2016 - 3:01 pmStaffing your new franchise can be one of the most challenging parts of running a successful business. Small Business Administration recommends that small businesses spend at least 7-8% of their gross revenues on online marketing, most such businesses can only afford to spend 2-3%.

As a result, many business owners feel hopelessly trapped by the present situation; unable to advertise their services effectively to compensate for a shrinking customer base without spending money they can’t really afford.
Other businesses have chosen to diversify their marketing efforts by dabbling a bit in every field: Internet, print, radio, telemarketing and TV.
There is no point spending money on advertising if you are not generating quality leads and converting them into business. Social media, newsletters, email campaigns, blogs, and simple website design can generate revenue and are free avenues of advertising available to anyone. When crafting a multi-media marketing strategy, I usually view the relative values of each approach based upon a sliding scale that correlates directly to ROI. Make no mistake, content marketing will be the dominant form of advertising going forward, and it is important to get in on it as early as possible. We have gotten this question a lot over the last couple of years, so let this article be your guide. Whatever you decide, make sure the ads are being run in your own account, no matter what excuse they give you.
You’re getting bot traffic, international traffic, traffic rings and other so-called fans that will never result in engagement or sales of any kind.
Often there’s a credit system in place where it’s not a one-to-one trade, as you find on Twitter. On Facebook, three things are key when appealing to customers: Decide what your best customers look like, write ads that appeal to them, and send them to a landing page that makes good on that compelling value proposition. Yet how could they possibly deliver on that promise if you don’t inform them of your unique selling proposition, which particular audiences to go after, and how you will engage or convert them? You might be inviting derelicts to loiter in the lobby of your high-end hotel, which will discourage the very customers you want to serve.
These could be people who clicked Like on your page because they wanted to earn some FarmVille dollars for a Facebook game. Using sites such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to bid on keywords increases the profits for the website. When you know your niche, you can utilize the pay per click advertising techniques to increase the earning potential of your business. A basic list of keywords detailing your niche in the market can be compiled by using search engines to search for expanded examples you can use. This gives you a lower word you can bid on that will fit your budget while still providing you traffic to your website. Selecting low keywords prolongs the time you can use the words for optimal internet exposure. Many people believe that in-house is free, and that recruitment companies are expensive, ergo it makes more sense to use human resources to hire your next great employee.
You’ll also have to pay for the time it takes an employee to post on these boards, as well as the time it takes to find the best specialized sites to market on.
But you can find affordable recruitment in Australia for a onetime guaranteed fee of $995 – less than the lowest possible cost of advertising your job on job board sites. It’s not as simple as looking at the best CV and hiring the person that looks best on paper. Although a good advertising strategy will vary naturally based upon the industry and the target audience, content marketing stands alone as the most cost-effective approach to consumer advertising for the foreseeable future. How much revenue will this form of advertising yield compared to the amount of money I put into it?
In this series, industry expert Dennis Yu outlines the mix of strategy and analytics that’s required. It’s no different than SEO vendors that promise links and yet have no Google PageRank or inbound links to show for themselves.
Now if you just want to be able to say you have 100,000 fans but don’t care beyond a single boasting metric, then go for it.

Are you trusting them to write whatever ad copy they want, buy traffic from underdeveloped countries, or make misleading promises about your brand to encourage users to click Like?
You must be able to measure fan quality so that you can use this as a basis to optimize your campaigns. Your real fans will notice who is in your community and decide whether they want to spend time with you there. Count up the number of Likes and comments for the most recent post, which is the number of interactions.
But that averages out entertainment categories that are half that cost, versus healthcare and financial companies that might be five times the cost. When the internet user enters the specific keyword, the ads pops up on the search results listing the sponsored advertisement.
The best method to find the low competition keyword is keyword analyzer software that can be purchased or found free on the internet. Bid on low keywords that are uncharted so you can have more number of months of access without having to alter the keywords within your site, which also saves you money in the long run. Be serious about the effectiveness of the right keywords and you will experience higher amounts of traffic and sales.
Then you’ll want to advertise on specialized job boards for a few hundred extra dollars. It simply doesn’t make sense to hire in house, when companies like Recruit Shop Marketing in Australia can find you a great new employee for one low fixed rate, guaranteed.
It’s not as simple calling someone up to the interview and seeing which person is the most social. Those costs are expected to go up through the end of the year, reflecting a pattern that represents a serious problem for many cash-strapped businesses. Viewed in this straightforward manner of investment return, online advertising is the best approach, far and away.
Most of them can’t deliver, and most of the ones that do are offering you what’s effectively poison.
Not only is this against the Facebook Terms of Service, but these firms require you to give them administrative access to your page. Know what your fan costs and what a fan is worth — hopefully, the former is greater than the latter. We’ve seen some firms place a dozen Like buttons on a page and offer an incentive to users who click on all of them. Just like in regular Pay Per Click marketing or even direct marketing as a whole, the cost to acquire a customer varies dramatically. Some reputable social advertising agencies like Epic Social can deliver you quality, but they are rare. And their fan page looks like something pulled out of an infomercial selling dietary supplements. Those users who are clicking on the Like buttons machine gun style — have they had a chance to learn about your brand? Some tools not only provide the list of keywords but they also list the number of campaigns using the keyword phrases you are thinking about using. And how do you identify and reward your most loyal fans — the people who love your product or service in real life?

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