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All the images on this page are clickable, so do click on them for bigger images and card making steps. An easy method is to simply cut out the cartoon character from the children’s magazines, paste on the character sticker, or trim out the character from the toy box packaging. Sometimes they might not have a favorite cartoon character but a love for a category of something like robots or dinosaurs. Keep a lookout for patterned paper that features interesting prints that could be cut out and turn into the central picture for your card.
But there might be times when you can’t find the appropriate images from patterned paper. I’ve hand drawn and doodled a cute paperdoll, a drink, a donut and a cupcake, and cut all these out to be used on a handmade card. So try putting together your own when you can’t find your perfect image out there, or you just wanna have some fun piecing together your own image. Other times you might just want to make homemade cards that show off some cute stuff or idea you’ve found. If you like the idea of using birthday printables to help you in your card making fun, be sure to check out the below cards I’ve made using my own printables which you too can print out, cut out and adhere to your cards to dress them up.
The Secret to Making Beautiful Cards Every time you sit down to make cards, a card sketch can be time-saving, help you see the big picture, and let you make nicer cards! DisclosurePlease note that if you click on links on this website and purchase items, in most cases, the owner of this site will receive a small commission through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question.
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If you’d like to make a similar project in a class with your friends, just contact me to schedule a time.
I’d be interested to know what everyone thinks.  Did I over-embellish?  Would you like me to make a video showing how to create a birthday card like this?
Disclosure of Material Connection: I have an “affiliate link” with a few various supportive companies.
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In the meantime, please use an alternate browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) to print your project.
A Smurf Party is so much fun.  Remember to buy lots and lots of blue food coloring and berries.  Make sure there is toadstools and you’ve got a Winning Smurf Party! You may think that the birthday greetings included when you buy a birthday card are awesome enough, but trust me…nothing beats a message that you made yourself and cannot be found elsewhere!
Whether girls or boys, cute handmade cards would put a smile on their bright, little faces.
Right below are two birthday cards for boys I’ve made for my twin nephews who were big on robots at one point of their young lives. I’ve found a patterned paper that contains the robot prints so I was able to trim them out and use them on the cards shown here.
One card features a patterned paper that contains birdie prints which captured my little niece’s heart back then. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

I have 5 nieces and nephews, so I had several opportunities to gift them my homemade cards.
The other would be great for a boy or girl who adores pet dogs, and yes I’ve trimmed out the dog from a doggy patterned paper. One shows off a strawberry paper-piecing, and the other displays three little squares trimmed out from a piece of very cute fabric!
On these important days, it’s especially nice to say some warm and pleasant happy birthday poems that will be cherished forever.
Just concentrate on personal and emotional characteristics of the birthday owner…that’s the key trick! If using staples to bind coupons and cover together, staple coupons and cover along the left side of the pile. If using string to bind coupons and cover together, punch a hole in the upper left corner of the pile, and thread and tie string or yarn through the hole. Tips: Print your project on scrap paper first to check the alignment, spelling, and overall look of the project.

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