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First, here’s the Action Movie Recipe that I created, which has buddy cops saving the day from zombies and becoming celebrities. It's a bit like how audiences and Murray fans might feel waiting for the opening credits once the film is released on October 10. He may not be a familiar name to moviegoers, but Melfi has been directing commercials for eight years—and he directed and produced independent films before that. We have a few other versions as well from another website, so check them all out after the break. Vincent, Bill Murray's new film that premiered to strong reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actor is awakened by what he thinks is a telemarketer calling.

Vincent possible, why he'll always be directing ads, and pro tips for directing Bill Murray. Melfi launched a new commercial production company called brother this year to keep his hands in advertising, features, TV, and branded content. Vincent, you get the feeling that Melfi knows exactly when and how to create emotional momentum.
And it wasn't an easy task to get the infamously hard-to-reach actor to even read the script. Here's his pro tips to any other directors lucky enough to have their phone calls finally returned.

With brother, I wanted our own place to nurture a collective idea where I could be a real hands-on executive producer and help these other directors make the transition from features to commercials because they need that workout. It takes so long to get a feature out of the gates that you need to learn, practice, and polish your craft.

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