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Furthermore not only can you make your own character but ourWorld is a very sociable game where you can meet other young people online, chat and make loads of friends. Just register above for free and start creating your own cartoon character right away and pick your own name.
You can change these features any time you wish in the game and there is no restriction to how many times you change the appearance of your cool cartoon character. So one day you can be tall, slim and blond and the next day you can be petit with black spiky hair and tanned.
There are of course many more different features that you can change about your character other than the physical attributes mentioned above.
With an endless supply of trendy and unique clothing styles and fashions ourWorld represents the trendiest and coolest free game to play for girls and boys. Each fashion store has a unique line of trendy clothing where you can buy and wear just about any item imaginable.
As you can see from the list above ourWorld offers the best free cartoon character customisation for any free online game and arguably any virtual world online.
The first list of character customisations I mentioned can be done totally free in game and at any time relating to your character's natural features. All these images show the wow factor ourWorld has for fashion and there's no surprise why ourWorld is the most popular browser based free online create your own character on the internet. To put the icing on the cake ourWorld has a photo album and camera feature where you can take and save pictures of yourself and friends anywhere you like in the world. Other players can then view your profile and checkout your cool stylish clothes in your photo album.
Then there is the photo studio on top where you can have your photo taken alone or with friends in front of many different backdrops. Unlike many other virtual character worlds ourWorld has flawless vectorised artwork which adds to the quality experience of the game.
I have yet to come across another virtual cartoon character game that rivals ourWorld with the amount of free features it offers players.
Enough gassing, it's time for you to play OurWorld for free and create your own character to show off to your friends! If you're as excited as we are for the next BioWare game, then perhaps you can't even wait a few weeks before creating your character.
Bioware has done nothings but awesome games, I would have bought the game regardless, but its always nice to get headstart teaser. I read the PC Only statements and got confused considering videogame news is by and large taken as PC only. Downloaded it and it gives allot of customization of the character but only three races to choose from and not many classes either.
When're they gonna make a character creation system that can generate some realistic long hair? If you are new to the gaming world, choosing to become a mage is never an easy choice –technically. If you are a new player with a soft spot in your heart for magic, do not let your clumsy newbie fingers discourage you. Now that we have pretty much underlined the fact that mages need excellent control, we can now address what all that effort earns you in return.
Learning to cast and use this spell effectively will teach novice mages how to properly cast more specialized spells. Online games grant you the choice of teaming up with friends or complete strangers in order to venture into dangerous lands or to defeat powerful foes. Of course, a mage is able to shine brightest when they are working with a team that complements their battle strategies.
Only a veteran player would be in their right mind to decide on a final build when they are still in the stages of actually creating a new character.
A mage will turn into a Wiz Mage by level 20, and Enchanter at 60 and by level 100, you will be allowed to choose a specialization (you can become a warlock or a wizard). Preferring combat or cooperation – this is actually going to help you determine what kinds of skills you should focus on. Prioritizing certain stats – your stat points should be distributed according to your priorities.
The dimensions required for an avatar are normally low, so the poor quality of your screen shot won't be a negative point.
The picture below seems confusing but it's basically the one i've marked before but now with the directions needed to achieve the effect i've described. On the lips apply a soft light pink and brush it on the center leaving the corners out (on a new layer too). You should have something like this:Step 13Now the highlight, i'll mark the zones i've highlighted so it's easier. On the Curver layer tho i've erased the right bottom part because i didn't want that part to get any lighter, just use the Eraser tool (E) over it. And that's what you get:Step 17As you can see my character has large lines glowing around her but that's fine!
First i started by blurring most of the pieces carefully, with a very small brush, specially on the skin and on the cloth, on the platers i decided to smudge some to do not lose the shapes and forms, just to make it less rough - use the Blur and Smudge Tools to do this. I've also decreased the armpit size with liquify, you can do it with the Smudge Tool easily as well, just push it up.Step 18I added some basic highlight all over the image, i'll mark them all in red again so it's easier for you. But this time you're going to apply really thin line on the edge of her body, around 3-5 pixels, zoom in a lot to create perfect lines. I gave more enforce to the zones totally exposed to the light source, face and arm on the right. On the picture below the lines i made are not perfect and are way too large, i made it this way so you can see the zones well.Step 19Before heading to the last hight lights and shadows i did a quick modifications on her chin, arm plate and neck.
Same methods and tools for the plate, just make it a little more straight, there were some weird dune shape part on it. Now the neck, i recreated it, i couldn't remove the intense highlight on the left so i decided to make a new one.
The highlights should at on Overlay at 100% and the shadows on normal blending at around 30%. On the extreme left you may want to create another layer and re-do the same idea with the same details but the opacity around 15%. Nose - Increased the shadow on the left side with a black brush sized of 3 pixels, opacity of 15% and blending on Soft Light. Face and eyes - Here it was just a minor light adjust, in her eyes i increased the glowing by 10%. Created a shadow coming from the left on all the armor, just brush a medium black line use Gaussian Blur at 15 and change it to Soft Light at 60%.Step 25You're going to merge everything now and duplicate that layer, set it to Overlay at 20%. Text - Use the Horizontal Type Tool (T) and write a name you wish, I've written the character's name "Senyra" with the Arial font at a size of 32. Did exactly the same thing with dots (around the name), except i only duplicated them twice. To finalize I've create a rectangular form with the Rectangular Marquee Tool - Overlay, 50%.
I know it's not the quickest way to create an avatar but this way you can transform any character you wish and you don't have to worry about copyright issues.
Filed Under: About Scott GrillScott is one of those “weird” over 30 gamers who’s been around since before the days of the Atari 2600 and has been pounding on controllers and keyboards ever since. Bruce Wayne's alter ego is often given many nicknames: the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the Bat, or even our personal favorite (and likely the least often heard) World's Greatest Detective. Before we even begin with the basic stuffs, here's the catch with DCUO's character creation system: there is simply no way to properly emulate Batman's iconic cowl.
If you have already played DCUO and have had experienced character creation several times, then feel free to skip this part. The typical DC superhero uses the "Striker Large" option for build (which is the size and shape of the body).
The power ability will have to be gadgets since Batman has no meta-human or alien abilities, but instead relies only on his gear, fists, and wits.
Lastly, most folks would recommend Brawler as a good weapon choice for Batman, and that is actually fine since he actually uses his fists and feet a lot. Despite the full body costume that Batman dons, do spend a few seconds to pick out the Liverpool hair style for your male striker large.
For the face, put on the Valiant mask which looks lot like a male version of Huntress' mask.

The emblem is the next item on our list, most folks would go with the Wings option as it does look like a bat -kinda. As with most costume recreations, the Slimline series of costumes do well for Batman so the chest naturally gets this. For the back, go for the cape -specifically, scroll the selections all the way down to Tattered.
Now that you have a very Batman-inspired hero, it is time to put in the right colors to match the caped crusader's.
Fans of the movies and Arkham Asylum should just go with coloring everything in black from head to toe (same rule for the Batman Beyond outfit).
Coloring the emblem is a simple matter of making sure it slightly contrasts that of the actual costume.
Remember that when changing the colors, you should first jump straight to the general color palette in order to do costume-wide changes (and ensure that you use the same shade of color for parts that should match).
While your Batman inspired character certainly does not look exactly like Batman, there are several items that you can get in the game later on that will help complete the look. If your looking to create your own game world in which to play in, this futuristic game is as near as it comes to making a virtual world your own. From sparkly head pieces and sun glasses to knee high boots, jewellery and tattoos ourWorld has the whole wardrobe to give you ultimate control of how your character's looks. However when it comes to looking funky with the latest fashionable clothes you need to use gems and coins to buy clothes at the clothing stores although many clothes can be obtained for free. You can either buy them online or you can earn them by participating in different offers they constantly have going on. The studio offers a zoomed in view of your character with the top half showing against a backdrop to make the perfect Polaroid photograph! When you customise and dress your character in cool fashions you can continuously zoom in to see the full detail of your avatar without compromising the smooth resolution. Simply right click on your cool cartoon character and then click zoom, you will see a closer up version of your character whilst maintain the flawless visuals.
You don't even have to be a paid member (resident) to acquire a lot of the cool items but instead can work for it for free in game. The Canadian-based developer's next RPG, which will also be released for consoles, is Dragon Age: Origins hitting store shelves on November 3. Those of you planning on getting the PC version can today download the character creator (for PC only) so that you can make your avatar and save it to your disk until he or she will be usable on November 3. Well, for one, character creation is a fun process (at least for some of us) that could take a long period of time to tweak everything just as how we want it. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred. The ability to cast giant elemental balls of pain on singular targets or to unleash a torrent of destruction over a specified area of effect is something that many video game fans have always attributed to one class: magic casters.
Mages tend to be heavily reliant on skills; this means that players are required to be good with hand eye coordination in order to use them efficiently. Fiesta’s control scheme is not impossible to master, and you will have plenty of time to get into the hang of things before you reach the more complex parts of the game (basically, it will be a while before you have to deal with the tougher enemy spawns). As stated at the start: mages cause damage, and when you deal with powerful elemental magic, you certainly expect nothing less than that. You learn this skill the moment you start out with a mage and it is automatically added to your spell list. Speaking of which, the fire, lightning, and ice bolt spells will be learned shortly after earning a few levels. If you can deal plenty of damage fast, mana recovery items will help see you through the day. Basically, having a team with tanks (fighters or clerics with high defensive builds) to hold off foes and archers to take down small enemies will give a mage that much needed breathing room to set up attacks and powerful spells. First time players on the other hand, should focus on having fun –simply deciding to have the highest MDEF or MATK stats is hardly a reason to make a final decision on what build you will be doing. Those things are not for you to consider right now, the important thing is to know what you would want to specialize in before you hit level 20. Abilities like life tap, dispel, mana burn, and purge are utilized in PVP (player versus player) combat (though life tap and dispel can also be useful in the field).
By decent i mean it should have some quality (even tho it's normally low) and the pose should be proper for an avatar, for example your character's back may not the best idea for an image. I decided to make a rectangular one but once again it depends on the medium you wish to use it, some forums only accept squared avatars, some sites only upload rectangular ones and so on. I had to do this procedure several times, doing it all at once may have a different result.
Use the Forward Tool following the arrows and the Bloat Tool on the + marks.Step 6In the meanwhile you can start blurring out the edges, the background's blurry already so it's fine if you blur it as well. Change this layer's opacity to 20% and blending to Overlay.Step 9Using a light pale cyan you'll brush her eye zone to create a bluish make up.
In a new layer and using a light orange i did the same method explained above, creating dots and blurring them with Gaussian Blur. Step 14So the first step: get a brush of around 30 pixels with the color below, a very light orange (check the image below), and trace her face and body, then blur it out and set the blending to Overlay at 75% Opacity. In the first paint in true black the left edge of her arm to cover the highlights (figure 1 on the image below). Note that the method is the same, a very light orange brush on new layers, the opacity and brush size differ from area to area and the blending is most likely to be on Overlay.
And the parts that also should glow like the plate edges, the ear and some parts of her hair. Also created a full continuity of light reflection on her nose and mouth, there was a break before (using the light orange on Overlay, 100% opacity).
Increased the shadows in the middle and on the left with a true black on Overlay as well, opacity of 10%. With pixel 1 on black delimited her eyes a little more, specially on the parts that it was lacking more. In the very top i created another layer at 60% Overlay so it gets really shiny there.Step 24Then I've added some shading on nearly all the plate with a very thin black brush (2-3 pixels) at 50% on Soft Light. Sharing his passion of gaming with his two kids and friends put him on a writing kick that he hasn’t been able to shake off. But regardless of how you call him, Batman is a very iconic and familiar looking figure for anyone who knows the basic concept of comic book heroes. Otherwise, if you are new to the game, pay attention because everything from here on out is crucial.
In DCUO gameplay mechanics, gadgets are a controller-style ability that focuses on dealing with enemy mobs and using stealth in order to gain an advantage.
However, players should also consider the martial arts weapon class (which uses hand-blade, katar type weapons) since it actually mimics the speed and flow of Batman's refined combat techniques.
In fact, you could even do the whole cowl-less look (which Batman actually does when he is among people who already know his secret identity), especially if the lack of pointy-ears feels like a deal breaker for the cowled look.
For the head, pick out the V Devil since it has the most prominent shape of a scowl on the mask. This is done so that players can simulate having two pointy tips on their head -even if the position is not the same as Batman's cowl-ears. Actually, the wings are better looking for the Beyond outfit where the bat wings at pitched upward.
The Reverse version of the Slimline is also okay; do try to avoid using the Highcollar which seems to get recommended by other players. Most folks would simply go for the classic cape but that has a straight edge on the bottom.
Simple Utility is an often selected choice by players, but the Paramilitary Belt comes closer to the innovative look that Frank Miller did (which later influenced how Batman's utility pouches was used by other comic artists).
This is the only set of legs that has the underpants on the outside and has no complex designs (which, as many comic fans know, is a staple for many hero costumes). Though a good tip would be not going for pitch black -leave it one or two notches shy of absolute black and make it an extremely dark gray. The Beyond's Wings should be bright red (which also applies to the techno belt's main buckle). For one, the lack of a good cowl can be overcome by purchasing the Cowl-Model Batsuit Tachelm from Batgirl in the techwing or you can try the Vengeful Cowl of Adversarius instead.
Apart from the character customisation options I will cover below you can also create a condo that includes a garden, living room, kitchen, bathroom, games room and garage.

Simply click the gem button in the top right hand corner of your screen when playing the game to find out more. These make fantastic screenshots that you can copy and paste into basic programs such as windows paint or if your good with graphic design software, you can edit the screenshots in Adobe Photoshop.
Now instead of spending the first hour of your playing time on November 3 making a character, you can start on the quest right away. MMOs really suffer when it comes to combat in my opinion and its in severe need of improvement.However, the voice acting is has some pretty good quality in this game and can pull you in.
I had do make do with the "chin length braids down the sides of the face," get up, not a horrible look, but really? I like to make my character look like myself, so it's weird not having more choices than "the bob" or "poorly washed bob". In Fiesta online, this archetype is played true to the role once again as you create a mage, with powerful single hit spells, excellent crowd control powers and of course, the expected limitations of having a limited mana pool and an extremely weak physical defense stat. Also, they tend to gobble up resources fast (particularly mana potions), and you can expect that their equipment tends to be quite costly as well. Focus on learning where the hot keys are and always set your shortcuts into a combination that feels most natural to you.
This ability allows you to shoot a magical arrow at an enemy and it will deal a modest amount of magic damage. By the time you get these spells, you will be so used to the application of the magic missile that the new abilities will be easy to adapt to.
And while mages are not really known to be able to take much damage, they can still hold out against waves of enemies. If you have longer cast times and a tendency to let enemies get near you, then a few health potions will serve you much better.
This is most effective when your opponent is a melee based foe and you are using a projectile attack. Playing with tanks is a safer and more conventional approach while teaming up with an archer or another mage means being able to dish out damage fast enough to stop any enemy from getting near you. The key is in knowing how to play with any given group; if your team lacks crowd control capabilities, the Magic Burst becomes an important skill in its area of effect. If you are the type who prefers to engage other players in matches, then this should be the skills you invest in.
I've used brush density 50 and brush pressure 100 for everything, what changes is the size of the brush, in smaller zones you need to decrease it. Normal brush with hardness at 0% Opacity and Flow at 100%, the size should be around 15 pixels. The brush size in here varies a lot, around (15 for the face) and around 30 pixels for the body. It's exactly the effect we desire, if not i would have told you to carefully underline her edges without coming to the background. Now you should have the arm's glowing totally covered by shadows, it creates a sensation of depth in that area, no light goes there since her arm and cape are covering the light source. I'll leave the robe for the next step since you need to highlight and shadow at the same time, it's way easier. In a new layer copy the neck part just close to the edge, the dark skin, but not the highlighted part. Gotham's dark avenger is as famous as Superman and in many circumstances, more loved by fans.
The closest one can do is to put on an additional Huntress-style face mask with tips that extend well past the scalp; in various lighting conditions or in silhouettes, this look manages to pass, but once you view the character from the side, it is obvious that the signature "ears" are not in the right place (the mask, is after all, located on the face). Dual wield is also an interesting option as well, particularly since it is reminiscent of Nightwing's dual-stick weapons. Do know that at this point, the colors look a little goofy -ignore it, dealing with the colors is easy and it is more efficient to do so once you have finished the whole costume. The emblem that fits the more contemporary Batman logo would be the Ram since the head part looks like the main body of a bat while the curved horns look like wings. The issue with the Highcollar is the large vertical lines on the chest that are going to be prominent. Those who have been lucky enough to have played prior to 2011 will also have received a Batman-Inspired Mask as a bonus item from the developers.
I get it, fighting with long hair would be a pain in the ass, gives an enemy something to hold on to, but I mean, really? While it will not be your main boss-killing tool, it certainly works well for dealing with regular enemies. If you are the one tasked with pulling aggro, Magic Blast is quick firing, hard hitting, and most importantly, allows you to move while casting. This is because the strength stat adds to your base melee damage and the mage has none of that (stave and wands have a magical attack property). The first tool gives you the best management of the parts you wish to alter so for example to make the eyebrows more thick you just need to use the Foward Tool around it. Now reduce the layer's opacity to 65% and it's blending to Overlay,Step 8Make a new layer and using true white brush the white part of her eyes, you can use the same brush details i described in the last step. Once you have it, place it on the neck, you'll make it a little larger but it looks fine all the same, smudge the right edges to match the existent neck's skin.
Maybe it is the fact that he is just a regular man in suit (who also happens to be incredibly rich, intelligent, and well versed in almost every form of combat), or that he is just so much more cool than the goody-two-shoes boy scout that Superman tends to be, Batman is a total fan favorite.
We will get more into this later, but knowing this beforehand is important in terms of managing expectations. The thing to remember is that brawlers tend to use gauntlet and glove type weapons which may clash with your costume, though at the same time, Brawler attacks are pretty powerful. Some folks would recommend the Half Domino mask though that one actually goes better with a Batman Beyond style suit (and in that case, just do the Full Domino instead).
Currently, there is no way to emulate the logo with an oval surrounding it (like the one in the Michael Keaton versions). Alternatively, those who are planning to do the Beyond outfit should do without any back gear at all. Depending on which one you go for, remember that the Simple Utility is better off in yellow while the Paramilitary should get a military brown shade once you reach the color editing part.
While everything follows a predominant shade of black, keep the body and leg tights colored a little lighter than everything else. There are also iconic battlesuits such as the Trigon and the Dark Specter which will make players look like armored versions of Batman. Providing dispel against status ailments is a welcome feat, but most players will prefer to turn to the cleric for any health related issues. On the bottom you'll need to use a sharp cut to match the robe, i've used the Rectangle marquee tool to differentiate the zone i want to keep and the one i don't.Step 20So now to the robe as i referred before. So for those of you with an extra character slot for DCUO (or are just starting out) and would like to play the game while emulating Batman as best as possible, this is where you start. Now, as for the personality, this option determines how your character stands, poses, and just basically moves his arms and legs (since we are doing Batman, we are going with a male character).
Regardless of which of these three options you choose, your basic foundation for Batman should be set.
For those who did chose the Liverpool hair as we suggested, they can also go completely cowl-less. The thing to remember is that most of these content are late-game DLC related items so you will have to do a lot of grinding if you are just starting out in the game.
And the option that fits best here would be serious as it mimics many of the poses that Batman takes. How'm I supposed to properly immerse myself in a Tolkien-esque fantasy if my alter ego's hair (an Elf, for Chrissake) is shorter than my own?
Some believe that it helps; thanks to the increase it provides in the accuracy and evasion stats. Others believe that the dexterity boosts are too low to provide a significant return for the use of a stat point.
Yeah, someone has to be the hot female poster child, but that doesn't mean you should rebuke the long hair because "it's not sensible."Mass effect is understandable, you're technically enrolled in the Marines, so you do have standards when it comes to hair. Spirit raises your mana pool and also increases a character’s chance to deal critical hits.

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