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If you open an animated GIF in Mac OS X’s Preview application, the default application for viewing images and PDFs, you may know that you can see individual frames of the animation, but did you know you can also create animated GIFs with Preview? For this example, we will create an animated GIF of us typing some text into a text editor. The first thing you might notice between the screenshot above and the animated GIF at the beginning is that the shadow looks better on this screenshot.
Select all of these new screenshots on the desktop, and drag them to the Preview window as shown below so that you tell Preview to add the images to the sequence you began (as opposed to simply opening more files, which it will do if you drag too low on the sidebar). If you want to control the interframe delay, GIFBuilder is a free and easy to use tool for OS X. For that matter, you probably could have done screen captures direct to file and then used ImageMagick to build the gif directly.
When you have the sidebar open, Preview shows you all the frames within the GIF (initially just one frame). Even though I have all the frames, when I go to save the image as a GIF, it saves only 1 frame (usually the first one selected when selecting all of them). How would one modify this so that one could run an Automator script or an AppleScript to automatically both record and then combine this stuff on-the-fly? Anteneh, if you’re still reading this, can you tell us what exactly you did on Lion after you got all your gifs into Preview? Open an existing GIF in Preview, duplicate it, then replace its contents with the to get around the save as GIF limitation. These 10 hilarious pictures, from CollegeHumor, show that it might not be too different then your college experience.

Although, My Christmas Card (Animated) is free, it only offers 2 Santa Christmas video template for free.
My Christmas Cards (Animated) is a great face in hole app to create some funny and Christmas video cards with your iPhone or iPad. Our new iPad app, Create Explore Learn, which showcases the well known artwork of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has been launched today to critical acclaim.
Australian artists Alexander Knox, who created the hospital’s 14-metre tall sculpture Creature, and Jade Oakley, who designed the whimsical mobiles Sky Garden, were on hand today to explore the new Create Explore Learn app with RCH patients. Create Explore Learn shares the hospital’s unique art and design with children in homes and schools all around the world.  The stunning app features videos, artist interviews and interactive activities to inspire children and adults alike. The iPhone and iPad app has been created by the RCH Education Institute and Media Saints, with the generous support of Amalgamated Holdings Limited. Glenda Strong, Executive Director of the RCH Education Institute said the app will appeal to families as well as educators around the world. PicGIF for Mac allows you to easily convert continuous snapshots and short videos into animated GIFs in a matter of minutes. The overall app seemed to have a clean design and the preview in the app for my GIF looked cool.
If you like to make videos then I would reccomend that you check this out and see about getting the app. Preview sets the interframe delay to 0.1 seconds, and I have not seen a way to change that. After each character that we type in the text editor, we’ll type Command-Shift-4, Space, and click on the text editor window, creating many screenshots saved to the desktop.

When I drag the second image to the drawer, it can only go above or below the first image, not over the top of it.
But the guys at Apple sure are trying to make life as difficult as possible for their customers, hiding away more and more options that used to be in the open.
There are an additional 10 video templates that can be purchased inside the application for $1.99. However, we will not review nor demonstrate any app that does not meet a benchmark of at least 3 CrazyMikesappsa€™ Heads, based on our CrazyMikesapps Rating System. Mike is a regular guy who has a tech side, specifically a love for mobile apps and touch gaming.
The video to GIF converter allows you to quickly and easily transfer any video clip to smooth and animated GIFs. All the features are easy to find and most everything you need to do is as easy as clicking a button.
It moves with the air currents within the space, and can be experienced in new ways from different viewpoints within the hospital,” Jade said. You can now delete the original screen capture image so you don’t accidentally duplicate it during the next steps.

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