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2  Now select rectangle marquee tool from tool palette, and now select over water area as shown below image. 3  Drag this selected rectangle into other new page, for align same image three times in axis as shown image. 4  Now drag this image again from main document file and arrange it exactly over that place and name it flowing animation in the layer palette, Your wish name it any name as you like and apply mask wherever bring better feeling. 5  After choose animation, for that go to window> choose Animation and then you can see the animation frame dialogue table. Now we have to arrange that flowing animation image frame by frame with slightly left movement with different layers then after we will get require animation, here there is no more time to align all the frames show you step by step movement, so just here I reveal you just basic how to animate water flowing.
6  Now start the animation to create with three frames animation, but you will try to give more than 20 frames then after you will get better water flowing animation. Next tutorial same flowing water animation i will show you as a realistic how to make in flash, most of the people this water animation effect to creating they are using flash only, because flash can give more graphic than Photoshop, and it has proper timeline keyframe and also has movie clip, so that flash gives more better than PSD. With this template you can not only create animated presentations abut also make use of the given sample slides for making static slides. You can manipulate these sample slides by simply adding text in the given bubbles to create funny, attention grabbing presentations in just a few minutes. With this template you can not only create animated presentations and present them as regular slideshows but even convert your presentations into video format to share them online (e.g. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
The sample slides come with a variety of different designs with various types of business oriented layouts.
This template also comes with a clipart page which provides editable clipart which can be copied, moved, resized or changed in color. Also check Photoshop backgrounds for designers,and don’t forget to share it on social media to help other Photoshop lovers.

See following images I did arranged with three frames slightly left movement and now arrange time 0.1 sec and then play animation then after you can get following animation very well.
In just  thinking many ways comes to create this water effect, whatever i get in mind to make in diffedrent ways then just i will create and post in our site as well.
However, there are even easier methods of making such videos using PowerPoint; with the help of an animated template known as the Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template.
The sample slides are available in animated form and you can make use of the given animations by simply adding your own text (and optionally images). This includes slides showing two stick figures texting, a protest, a fight between two people, as well as clipart for making your own scenes. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging.
It provides various sample slides, clipart images and editable business charts that can be used for quickly creating presentations to display growth, progress, business forecasts, financial plans, etc. You can add your own label to this sample slide to add your presentation title, company logo and labels for the given bars. You can manipulate this clipart using basic formatting options and move them between sample slides, new slides or even new PowerPoint presentations which you may have made from scratch. But the fact is that if you know Photoshop and illustrator you can design your own cartoon characters. I love to share useful information with the people and prove my level best to provide quality stuff on my website. By using flash we can create real water flowing animation, but here simple water effect animation can create in Photoshop, that is I disclose in this tutorial, next tutorial same water effect I show you in flash how to make real water flowing effect animation.
He loves so much to create all type of designing and has excellent knowledge in all kind of design roots. This can help you generate sales demos, video presentations and advertisements that can be shared across famous video streaming websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

All sample slides are fully editable and require no extra add-ins, as you can make required changes to sample slides using anything from PowerPoint Chart, Picture and Drawing Tools and other basic formatting options.
This can help you create a mix of animated and static slides to create a presentation which may be eye-catching, informative and interesting enough to keep your audience engaged. The point is you can use the given clipart to fashion a presentation with the help of relevant business related images in the form of stick figures, which can be quite useful in adding a touch of novelty to your presentations.
I shared how to design minion,old man,mushroom,plane,cat,robot,koala mascot head,ninja,yeti,emo,panda icon,hippo,rabbit ,mascot man,car ,cartoon magician,Sampson,monster,business man mascot,panda ,penguin,red-haired boy,pirate,owl and fish.
Some time we can create this water animation by using some plugins, especially those  can see in adobe after effect, iclone, 3d max and maya.
To find out how to convert a PowerPoint file to video format, see this post: How To Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Video Format. Making cartoons that are already been design is easy then making your own new cartoon characters. If you create a GIF image after registration, the GIF images will have a better quality and watermarks will not be shown on GIF image. Later  i will  create same effect tutorial in all the software and publish in our site as soon.
If you do not want to register with this website, then there is another website to convert YouTube videos in animated GIF images. In Photoshop we can’t make as realistic,  but i will try my best, just follow our steps as showing below. These characters are mostly used in animated cartoons that are loved my not only children’s but also youngsters.

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