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What better way to brand your blog beautifully, than to create awesome blog header graphics to make your blog and your brand POP! TIP: Use the Facebook DEBUGGER TOOL to scrape the right info from your blog URL, so the correct image and description shows up when shared on Facebook! There’s nothing more unique to your creative talent than a series of your own doodles and sketches. The design we’ll be building calls upon some random ideas for the topic of your doodles. Illustrator has kindly positioned a red guide to let you know where your bleed boundaries are, as well as the black outline showing where the final card boundaries will be. Repeat the process for the top and right guides, but this time enter -5mm so they are moved negatively.
A typical background you might find behind a doodle would be the ruled pattern from a notepad. Select the two objects and group together, then drag them into the swatches palette to create a new pattern swatch. No business card would be complete without contact details, so we’ll add these first. Finish off entering your contact details and adjust the line-height to match the height of the ruled lines.
Fill up any empty space with a random doodle, soon you’ll be left with the coolest business card design on the planet.
All the elements should now have been clipped down to size and fit neatly within the business card bleed dimensions.
Illustrator will then export a print ready PDF file that’s ready to send off to your printer of choice. Before sending off your file, you might want to double check your ink coverage and number of plates your design will use. A few days later your freshly printed cards will be in your hands and you’ll be the coolest designer on the planet. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. If you double click either the brush or pencil tools in Illustrator there’s some options that may help.
I also use a Bamboo Fun, it’s a great entry level tablet but it only has half the sensitivity of say the Intuos 3. Also try creating a rectangle or circle, then right clicking and selecting Make Guides – Another a handy trick.
I simply loved this tutorial, being a web designer I have rather little experience with the proper preparation of a design for print.
Great wee tutorial Chris, I was actually going to make business cars with a similar theme, so this helps me a little.
I’m a designer and not a developer, so I hope I can answer your questions in an understandable way. Lighting Designer Seth Jackson made history in 2010, becoming the first designer to produce an all green lighting solution. Keeping with the Van Halen analogy, Jackson used Bandit 36 Lamp Pods full of hundreds of GRN PAR 3-36's and Versa Tubes for a very heavy metal look.
As there is currently not a satisfactory LED spot solution, Seth used VL 3000 Spots and Coemar Infinities for his hard edge lights. The Toby system operates on 80 amps, 3 phase of electricity, while the same system out of conventional equipment would required a 1,200 amps 3 phase electric supply! Toby Keith, Manager TK Kimbrell, assistant Mark Sissel, Tour Manager David Milam, PM Mickey Mulcahy, stage manager Ashley Swann and Jackson all took a large leap of faith to use an all LED solution for a major tour by a leading artist, but it has paid off in spades. This bold step by Toby, Seth and Bandit is but the start of what is truly the future of the lighting industry. Are YOU ready to “up” your interior design and decorating game with 3D interior design presentations? Creating good interior design presentations for clients has always been one of the most important and time consuming tasks that designers do.
The first step in preparing an interior design presentation is to create drawings and images of your design proposals. Along with preparing floor and furniture plans, a selection of finish samples, fixtures catalogs and furniture images are laid out for clients to choose from. In addition, new technologies such as 3D CAD software, movies, computer games, and even children’s cartoons have dramatically changed the visual landscape as well as our visual expectations. The majority of interior designers and decorators are small businesses with limited resources and project budgets. With RoomSketcher, you can create sophisticated 3D interior design presentations – quickly, easily and affordably.
Present your interior design and decorating ideas with clear high-quality 3D Floor Plans either on-screen or download a high-resolution image to print out. An easy-to-use camera tool lets you take 3D Snapshots of any part of your design as if you were standing in the room.

In addition, you can enabled floor plans with Live 3D to allow your clients to take a virtual tour of their home design, as if they are actually there. Use the Project Presentation to present a professional and interactive visualization of your design proposal.
A recent 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) of close to 200 landscape architects revealed that more and more clients are looking to extend their living spaces outside.
RoomSketcher Home Designer is an easy-to-use home design and floor plan tool that you can use to plan and visualize how to transform your property – all online. The RoomSketcher Product Library includes hundreds of exterior finishes, furnishings and planting materials. To ring in summer, we’ve added several additional water features including swimming pools and freestanding jacuzzis! You can access RoomSketcher Home Designer easily online – there is nothing to download. I’m on a mission to empower women to believe in themselves and create their dream lifestyle, while connecting with their passion. Read this Before you Embed Another YouTube Video into your Blog!Bloggers: Stop going it alone! Let’s use the good old doodle to represent our design services by combining quick and fun doodles with a print ready business card design. How about a stick-man battle or a cow abducting UFO for the focal point of your business card? Version CS4 took a step forward with its ability to easily create print documents, with new In-Design esque features for setting up bleed automatically. We’ll recreate that pattern recreate a similar lined background to our business card. You might want to use a variation of type sizes, but remember to avoid point sizes less than 6 to maintain legibility on the printed card. Just like the Expand Appearance menu converted strokes to shapes, Create Outlines converts text to solid shapes, this will prevent any font related issues with your print file.
Select Adobe PDF from the Print drop down, select Custom for the Media Size, then select the Marks and Bleed option and add all printer’s marks.
The cross hairs and circles are used by the press operators as targets to make sure that their color passes are in registration. Other than doodling old-school style on paper and scanning in the results, maybe play around with the pressure settings if you have a Wacom tablet?
Even though the example was for a designer, which made sense to have a fun card, these days you see creative cards in every industry. Jackson, long a visionary in the field, had the confidence in the new GRNLite products to produce a Van Halen sized lighting system using all LED equipment.
In most cases the old style technology would required a dual pack generator be rented and delivered to the show. Bandit VP Michael Golden has handled the Toby account from day one and was an integral part of this move into environmentally friendly lighting.
We will all look back in a few years and remember this time when a few bold people pushed forward and led the way into the next generation of entertainment lighting, Green Technology! From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. She’s worked around the globe for some of the top design firms in the world and now she brings her expertise to you. Clearly illustrating your design ideas is critical to enable your clients to visualize the space, the design, and their options. While many clients are able to select finishes and items they like, they struggle to visualize them in the space. Design customers have come to expect 3D visualizations for their home design projects without realizing the time and cost involved in producing them. How can you stay competitive and still create design presentations that will impress your clients in a time and cost-effective way? RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans allow your clients to easily visualize the space, options and the potential of your designs. The RoomSketcher interactive viewing technology also brings your designs and presentations to life with Panoramic Home360 views. The Project Presentation is generated instantly- no need to download images or spend extensive amounts of time formatting.
Activate Share Live 3D Floor Plans on the project to instantly make Live 3D and Home Designer part of your presentation. Click the Start Home Designer button to open the project to make changes and view different options dynamically. They are hiring professional landscape designers to create outdoor “rooms” or they are turning to garden centers and DIY home improvement stores to reshape their properties themselves. The business card size I’m familiar with is 88x55mm, but this may vary depending on your printer of choice.
Draw a square with a white fill, then select the upper most edge with the Direct Selection tool.

Align the text up with both the ruled background pattern and the left guide that identifies the safe-area.
Choose a typical ink-like colour such as c45,m35,y0,k0 for the stroke colour and begin doodling on your card design. Select all the doodle lines that extend beyond the edges of the bleed area along with the temporary rectangle.
In the following options panel you can toggle each of the CMYK plates to ensure your colours have exported as expected.
I have been trying to make use of my Bamboo Fun and somehow I do not end up making perfect illustrations or doodles ( it is not a flaw in my drawing since I am good at sketching and drawing).
Perhaps the most unique feature of this world's largest green show was the fact that Jackson used a Grand MA Media Server to control every individual LED in the rear wall of PARs, treating every LED as a pixel. Long time Toby Lighting Director Eddie “Bones” Connell works the nightly magic and runs the show as only a person with his skills and 10 years of experience with Toby can. With offices in Knoxville, Nashville, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Bandit's global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you. When done effectively, clients are then better able to see the value of the design and make the decisions necessary to make the design a reality. Creating additional perspective drawings or sketches help to illustrate the room design in 3D but, creating good perspective drawings is both a challenge and time consuming. Then start adding your fixtures, finishes and furniture from the RoomSketcher product library, which contains more than 5,000 brand-name and generic items. Upgrade key snapshots at the click of a button to create stunning realistic 3D Photos that “Wow” clients with a true visualization of their interior design. The Project Presentation allows you to have your floor plans and images readily available and accessible online. Therefore it’s important that your design presentations are engaging, dynamic and productive. Then update your project presentation at the click of a button with RoomSketcher instant correction and fast premium rendering. Just send your clients the Project Presentation link so you can review it together over the phone or allow them to review the presentation on their own when time allows.
Whether it’s a new deck, a backyard re-design, a garden plan or just time to update your “curb appeal” – RoomSketcher Home Designer can help you to design, create and visualize outdoor areas in 3D! The top outdoor trends for 2014 include design elements such as outdoor kitchens, dining areas and lounges with built-in seating. Press CMD+C to copy and CMD+F to paste in place, then move the path downwards towards the center of the square.
Make sure any sketch lines that extend beyond the edges of the card also span across the bleed area. GRN 6 Lamp Bars carry all the PARs, eliminating 80% of the cable a standard system would require. He then pixel mapped them and throughout the night you will see a large variety of illumination and motion effects normally reserved for LED screens! The biggest benefit to Toby and the musicians is the fact there is no heat on stage, meaning they are very comfortable and their instruments are not going out of tune every song or two.
Adding some color, texture or shadowing to the floor plan can help but, hand-rendering adds an extra step to preparation time. Improve your design communication with RoomSketcher high-quality 3D visualization and interactivity. The Free subscription lets you try out RoomSketcher Home Designer and create up to five projects – at no cost. The more plates a colour swatch uses, the higher the risk of mis-registration and blurred lines. GRN 8 Lite units illuminate the audience while GRN Moving Wash 3-120's and GRN Wash 3-36 provide continuous onstage visual arrays. The most important up side for Seth and the creative team is that they have virtually every color in the rainbow at their fingertips from every fixture, and the intensity and saturation of the hues are second to none. To generate high quality floor plans and use more powerful 3D features, simply upgrade your subscription – it’s that easy! It’s also worth noting that folks from the USA will more than likely want to switch to the more common metrics of inches, as opposed to Millimeters. In the screenshot notice how all the doodles use the Cyan plate, but the text is invisible, this is because the text only uses the Black (K) plate.
The unique Coemar Stagelite Cycs are also a part of the green initiative at work on Toby and provide a look and a motion unlike any other fixture.

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