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1 – You may skip this step if you already have the font you want, installed on your computer.
Visit and download GIMP, a free graphic editing program, and the arguably best alternative to Photoshop. Select the ‘text tool’ in the Toolbox panel, and click cursor anywhere within the white image. Now that you are happy with your text, right click on the ‘text layer’ (the panel to the right of your image) and select ‘merge down’. What we are going to do next is make your text transparent, to reveal the background image underneath. When you are satisfied with how the text is coloured, you can now crop the image to tidy it up. Thank you so much for your feedback, I was terrified it would be difficult to follow because GIMP can be complicated at times. This is great, so often they are for photoshop and I use GIMP too and trying to figure out how to swap it from photoshop instructions to GIMP is mind boggling!
When I first started out, and even now, I find it so difficult to find good tutorials for free photo editing software.
All the GIMP tutorials I have found are very useful, but it can be difficult to apply that to my blogging needs as there are no real examples. Thank you so much for this, I have added the post to favourites so I can do it all in one go when you post the rest. Aww thanks so much for sharing, I really love how your post image turned out, the effect on the font looks great! You have no idea how long it’s taken me to find a tutorial on how to customize my header like this. Someone once said to me photoshop is only as good as the person using it so that’s proof your photography is great!
The point of The Weekly Round-Up is to focus on other people instead of just another post about ourselves.
This week I am showing you (in a video!!) how to turn those dimensions into a real life header. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Blog TipsDo you have a blogging or social media tip you’d like to share? I’ve been thinking about re doing my blog header…maybe Thanks for the tutorial! Now play around and design your header!  There are all kinds of fun things in PicMonkey so have fun.

I hope you found this helpful and I’d love to see your new blog headers so leave me a link in my comments below.
Be sure to check out my Where I Party tab in my Blog Header and follow along to some fun Craft, Recipe and DIY link ups!  I will be pinning today and I’d love for you to follow my boards! Megin, I tried this and made several headers, but when I use the proportions you suggested the header doesn't stretch across the entire width of the page. I’ve chosen some professional headers I love, and recreated them in Canva to show how you can get a similar look.
I made the lines at an angle by turning one, then adding a second, flipping it – and turning it. Grab some colored shapes if you want and place them behind the frames for a more layered look. I’ve moved away from the giant header for my business site (this is dynamic text on the Genesis framework).
There’s a thousand different ways to create that special header just for you, and this is just one step by step guide.
You don’t want to start out with poor quality images which can distort and look pixellated later on. This is where using your own images comes in handy, you are free to utilise them however you choose. Sometimes when editing text in this way, you need to reposition the text to get the best colour. I’ve made a promise to myself that what I know in Photoshop I will do my best to convert into GIMP tutorials. And I know exactly what you mean, it’s so difficult knowing exactly what you want but not having an idea as to how to translate it into an actual image. I am new to GIMP, and this was a great way for me to learn more about GIMP’s layers functions. Love the clear and concise pictures and directions ?? Thanks so much for sharing with us at Weekend Wonder! It won’t be exact of course, since Photoshop is usually the instrument of choice for professional designers, but if you are tight on cash, doing it in Canva is a great option. Then, to hide the parts of the line that were sticking out above the banner, I used a white square to cover it. If you can use subtle textures, that is better than a flat color (usually- there are no hard and fast rules).
In some cases they can look nice, but it’s very easy to go from classy to too cutesy and “scrapbooky”.

It’s designed for beginner to experienced bloggers who are on a budget but still want something unique.
Remember, we can always reduce file size when we are finished putting the whole header together if needed. Do not worry about where it is on the page, so long as all your text is still within the image. The process is a little slower as you have to create the watercolor splatters yourself, but its definitely do-able!
I studied photography in college a couple of years back which I loved, I was a lot better at the editing than actually taking the photos though so I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of your awesome skills! As a photographer I’m armed with both Lightroom and PS Elements but PicMonkey does serve its purpose. I have done everything on my site myself and I know it shows but it's hard to justify paying someone to help me make my hobby look better! But there are some tried and true principles to help guide you on your quest for header that looks well done. This award-winning photography blogger has combined both the elements of simplicity (in her text logo), plus a symbol (the heart), and then adds a beautiful photo collage. I run this site as an extension of my full-time digital marketing business-- which includes branding, social strategy, WordPress training, sales funnels, design, website maintenance, and blog migrations. She’s got a brand logo on the left, with a traditional blog-like header on the right.
The bottom portion is white, and when it butts up against the content background, it looks more 3D.
I was a complete novice when I first created mine after all! I love sharing what I have learned, so I hope this helps you create something you absolutely love.
I’ve tried a load of sites and found kind of similar photos but nothing quite like yours which is pretty awesome. How do you do a blog title that has a white background like yours and it not have a shady gray tint?

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