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To redeem our exclusive discount coupon, use promotion code save20pss in your shopping cart. Total Training has released Total Training For Photoshop Elements 5, a new 6 hour DVD video series designed to help users master the extensive, sometimes hidden capabilities of Photoshop Elements 5. The series starts with an overview of how to use the Quick Fix mode, correct colors, and import the raw image data from a digital camera. Other highlights include discovering how to sort and organize large quantities of images using Photoshop Elements, learning how to create beautiful digital paintings from scratch, and learning how to create a digital scrapbook and then how to post it online. Total Training For Photoshop Elements 5 is priced at $49.99, but you can use our special discount link for an immediate 20% discount. The presenter, Chad Perkins, is a professional software educator and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CS2. Get the most from your digital camera to produce high-end results that casual users only dreamed of. Mark Galer is a senior lecturer in digital imaging at RMIT, Australia, is a Photoshop Elements Ambassador and is the author of 7 best-selling digital imaging books. Our friends at Alien Skin Software have set us up with an exclusive special offer discount link that will give you some sweet savings at their online store. Just follow this link and you'll see 10% and 20% price drops on their products when you get to the Alien Skin Online Store area (excludes the Eye Candy Bundle, which is already discounted at $199). There often seems to be a strict division of labor within the world of web design and development. Essentially, Photoshop is a no-holds-barred design studio, offering the artist a seemingly endless array of creative options. By generating web pages directly from Photoshop, you'll be able to spend much more time on the creative end of the spectrum, since you'll know right off the bat how well particular designs will translate to the web.
Mac OS X and Windows versions of the SiteGrinder unlockable demo are available now via download. Certainly, the first thing that catches your eye when buying discs are the CD DVD box covers, and in particular bright, modern designs and high quality. Therefore, when creating a DVD cover, you may face a lack of CD DVD cover templates with the desired size for you.
Run the RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker by clicking on the icon on your Desktop or in the Start menu. To change the height of the custom size CD DVD disc cover, enter your value in the 'Size A' field. First of all you need to choose the desired image for the background image of your DVD cover.
To change the picture settings, click 'Edit' in the same 'Properties' window of custom size disc cover creator. To delete a text object from the CD DVD cover, select this object and click the 'Del' button on your keyboard.
To insert the text into a custom size disc cover, click the text item in the 'Insert' menu or on the 'Objects' toolbar.

To insert the image into the custom disc cover click the image item in the 'Insert' menu or on the 'Objects' toolbar. To edit the image objects, left-click on this image and configure the appropriate settings in the 'Placement' and 'Blending' sections on the 'Properties' window of custom size disc cover creator. To save a custom size CD DVD cover, select the 'Save asa€¦' command in the 'File' menu or on the 'General' toolbar. Gosh I thought it was the one from Snowwhite, The original picture had a strange feel to it. Wow, this thread is amazing, totally wonderful to read through, just sat here reading it all and seeing the covers, they're awesome. I've always loved the idea of working for Disney in Marketing or Product Design or Business, or one of those areas, and basically I'd love to have a say in what DVDs are released, what goes on them, how they are promoted etc. I made a crappy version of "Beauty and the Beast" in some seconds of free time, so here it is.
I'm one of the few people who don't like the 2009 Platinum cover art Disney has released for Snow White, so I decided to make my own.
It's been a while (nearly a year) since I've been around - it's cool that someone actually used my tutorial, Vermin Friends! I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
The lessons teach practical and real-world techniques for editing photos and creating impressive designs, and are for levels beginner to advanced. You'll also learn how to fix defects in an image, sharpen the focus, and add high-resolution text. Before becoming a freelance consultant, educator, and designer, Chad was a Digital 3D and Animation Specialist, and produced work for many Fortune 500 and Hollywood-based companies.
Your photos will look like a pro shot them as imaging guru Mark Galer shows you how to use critical but little-known techniques for professional quality editing. This is training for real-world situations and includes additional tips and techniques used by the pros. Creative professionals tend to stick to the Photoshop domain, while those well-versed in scripting are left to the task of implementing their work.
On the other hand, HTML, CSS, Java and the like follow strict rules of engagement, requiring the developer to take any number of esoteric concerns into consideration in order to ensure that designs are properly displayed on the web.
Basically, this program turns Photoshop into an easy-to-use and fully functional web design tool. No more going back to the Photoshop drawing board after getting a phone call from your development team, telling you that what you had envisioned doesn't have a chance of being displayed on the web. You can easily and quickly set up your required size with an embedded template generator, without spending a lot of time searching for the required template on the Internet.
If you want to create a custom size CD DVD cover for your nonstandard cases, handmade boxes, envelopes or other discs, select 'Start with the Template Generator' in the 'Startup Wizard' dialog box.

To change the background image of a DVD cover template, click the 'Load' in the 'Properties' window on the right side of the screen. Text properties are presented in the following sections (Text, Font, Alignment, Placement, Blending). To apply text formatting for all text forms, select all previous objects by holding down the 'Shift' button on your keyboard. To place an image or geometric shapes, drag the cursor across the document area to specify the right bottom point of the object.
Here you can select the printer, print range, number of copies and options for paper types. Adjust the position, choose the orientation of the paper, set additional options if you need, and then click the 'OK' button to start printing a custom size disc cover.
Apart from the applied objects and settings, you can also use other great features of RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker. I know obviously Photoshop is used, and screencaps and stuff, but I want a list of everything that people use, like these tablet things (what are they?!), so I can try them all out and be making covers just like Disney soon. I was inspired by the layout of the original theatrical poster with the castle in the background, Snow White in the center, The Prince to the left, the Queen to the right, and the 7 dwarfs crowded in front. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Indeed, the two realms are quite different from each other, to which any of us even vaguely familiar with either can easily attest.
You can immediately visually and interactively test your designs, which permits you to then make changes to either esthetics or functions while it's still relatively early on in the design process. To change the display area of the image, left-click the mouse button and drag the mouse cursor to change the size of area as necessary.
I also really like the Destino cover except the bottom banner, and well, the lack of a good background.Did you make your sketches colored with the Photoshop tutorial steve gave? If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. I would have liked to have bordered it, but I don't know how to do that and it would have covered the castle.
Destino would be really great if it had an actual background, but as with similar colors and as simple as the one you gave it.

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