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The benefits of creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google is not difficult and will optimize your website in several ways. 1) Once you create a sitemap Google and users will easily be able to find pages that would otherwise be hidden within the content of your website. 2) If your site is new and Google hasn’t crawled it yet (this process could takes months) submitting your sitemap to Google will get your website Indexed and crawled much quicker (usually within a few days). 3) If your site has interactive and dynamic content or is frequently updated than a sitemap will let Google know that your website has been updated.
4) If your site has a lot of separate web pages that are not well linked together (inbound links I will talk about this in another post) then a sitemap, will make navigating your site simple for search engines and visitors. To create a Sitemap you should have already have a Google Webmaster Tools (click here to create one) account first. All you need to do is have a gmail account to sign up and then be able to verify your website by creating an html file or inserting a new meta tag. Once your webmasters tools is verified go to Audit my PC to automatically create a sitemap for you. When you finish creating your sitemap login to your Webmaster Tools account and click on the Sitemap tab. With the sitemap created and submitted directly to Google you will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to index your website as well as decrease the risk of having hidden web pages. Code sitemaps look like normal XML sitemaps, but have some extra xml sitemap tags and requirements. Note: Depending on the website and its usage of file extensions, it may not always be possible to generate code sitemaps.
One of the best ways to do this is to create a sitemap, a sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website(sort of like a directory) and is designed to help search engines discover and better understand your content; as well as improve future crawl campaign.
You can create a sitemap by hand(not recommended) or use a 3rd party generator to create your sitemap file. In my opinion, this is not the ideal way to create a sitemap, because you need to manually re-generate and upload it every time, but it is much better than having no sitemap at all. As you have probably noticed by now, I’m an avid WordPress user, and sitemaps are just another reason WordPress is a fantastic CMS platform. Keywords in your page URLs will be better indexed and will improve your ability to tell Google what search terms (keywords) are most relevant to your site. Once you have created your sitemap, you want to test and make sure that it is functioning properly. The traditional way to create sitemap is to do it manually: open a plain-text editor or Dream Weaver, then use XML tags defined by Sitemap protocol and follow the Sitemap example (you can find more on Sitemap for Google) to edit your sitemap.
However, this manual way may be very tedious and time-consuming if your site contains larger than 10 URLs.
There are many sitemap generators out there, which can automatically crawl your site and generate sitemaps in minutes. SiteMap X is a free trustworthy sitemap generator which can instantly generate sitemap of high quality.
The Fastest Sitemap Crawler which can thoroughly crawl your site and discover all URLs on it in up to one minute, no matter how large your site is, and how complex its hierarchy would be.
Just give SiteMap X a start URL, and fill the required fields, you can create a sitemap according to your demands with ease!
Xml sitemap generator software for your website creation of sitemaps with millions of urls; the fastest sitemap crawler in the net. Build your site map online (xml, ror, text, html) this website is to let you: create an xml sitemap that can be submitted to google, bing, yahoo and other search.

Free online xml sitemap generator specifically designed to create search engine compatible sitemaps..
Get a1 sitemap generator and start building html and xml sitemaps for your website this includes google image and video site map files.
Above you can read our explanation about Create Google Sitemap With Sitemap Generator Sitemap .
Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Sitemap feature is recently added to WordPress SEO by yoast plugin, so if you are using SEO by Yoast, you should rather use sitemap feature of that plugin.
If you are not using Yoast SEO, You should use Google XML sitemaps plugin, which is a free plugin and let you optimise your sitemap file.
Do let me know if you still have any query regarding sitemap creation of your WordPress blog. Pardon me if i am wrong , but i can see that you are using The yoast default xml sitemap ?? I am using this one for sitemap submission in google search console instead of the one by yoast!
Now from the name of the xml file, you can judge it has some data for year 2013 and 4th month. In the latest version, you can find setting for Google Xml site map plugin at Settings> XML-Sitemap.
Harsh, mine does not automatically generate when I publish a new post, I have to click on manually generate new sitemap.
That’s great tutorial, my problems now is how to turn the sitemap generated with this plugin into html and make it appear on a sitemap page of my blog for readers to see and not only xml which is for search engines. A sitemap is basically a plain text hyperlink that displays all the web pages on your website.
A sitemap is basically a plain text hyperlink map that displays all the web pages on your website. They help Google and other Search Engines(Bing, Yahoo, Ask) better understand where your content lives and what it’s about, so they can start serving the content to users for relevant searches. I use and recommend using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it is very intuitive and user-friendly – and has nearly 8 Million downloads.
This becomes very important when you want to ensure certain pages are given more weight (link juice) and want other pages and categories to be given less weight. After your sitemap has been generated and uploaded, or you have installed and run the plugin; visit the page where the sitemap should be located, it should look similar to my sitemap located here. Moreover, it is very likely that you will make mistakes when dealing with so many URLs, XML tags, and metadata about each URL, which can lead to an incomplete or invalid sitemap.
And it is not only a sitemap generator, but also a URL examiner, sitemap uploader and search engine pinger. Usually, you can find two types of sitemap generator: a free one with limited functions and a fully functional one asking for dozens of dollars. SiteMap X can simultaneously generate four types of sitemaps (including XML, GZ, TXT and HTML Sitemaps), and as to XML sitemap, four choices of style are available to you.
No matter how many pages your website has, Sitemap X is capable of including all URLs in the sitemap, and if necessary (according to the guideline of Google, a sitemap file can contain no more than 50,000 URLs and must be no larger than 50MB when uncompressed), it can automatically split a big sitemap file into several smaller ones. While Sitemap X is crawling your site, it also scans all the problems of your site, such as dead links. Every time there is any change of your site, Sitemap X would automatically notify search engines with an updated sitemap.

You can just set a schedule and let Sitemap X automatically generate sitemaps, upload the files to your server, and ping search engines with the updated sitemaps. How such a free html sitemap generator should possess so many valuable functions and provide so perfect performance! I have been long tired of the trail cycle: downloading a new sitemap generator, using it to build sitemaps for my site, finding it unsatisfactory, uninstalling it, and trying a new one. I hope Sitemap generator to make xml sitemaps for google bing and optimize your website online completely free!.
Sitemap file helps search engine bots to find links on your blog, and that’s how they crawl and index it.
To make the most of sitemap, you should point one link from your footer to your sitemap page this ensure the proper indexing of all your links. If you find this article useful, do subscribe to my Email newsletter for more such updates.
I recently start new wordpress blog and also using yoat seo plugin but i think yoast sitemap feature is not good than google xml site map so shoud i use both plugin or not .? Don’t install the plugin by searching from wordpress dashboard instead download the plugin using above given link in zip format and then upload it to wordpress and then install and activate. You can entrust it with the whole process of sitemap building, and then wait for the indexing problem of your site being solved once for all.
You really set me free from the annoying work of sitemap building and sitemap examination. With SiteMap X, I can instantly create sitemap with high quality, and even need not do the work of uploading and pinging myself. But in this post i will explain Get a1 sitemap generator and start building html and xml sitemaps for your website.
In WordPress, there are many plugins which will help you to do it and I will be talking about one simple to sue plugin which you can use to create sitemap for your WordPress blog. I am unable to remove those links from such auto generated sitemaps and I am totally helpless. Search engines are constantly working to build out what information you can give them in a sitemap. This will ensure that each crawl will have your most relevant and recent content indexed.  Image and Video sitemaps are also very useful if you have a lot of images or videos on your website.
And what is more important, it excellently solved the indexing problem of my sitea€”the function of scheduled pinging really helps me a lot. To stay up to date with what exactly you can put in this file check out the resources in the help center. Once you have created the sitemap, you will need to login to your FTP client, and upload the .XML file to the root folder of your domain.
I do have a lot of images on my website, but not very many videos, so I also use a image sitemap; specifically the Google XML Sitemap for Images plugin.
If you do not all the pages you included in your sitemap displayed here, then you will need to go back and review your sitemap and re-generate it.

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