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Fatpaint is the worlds most advanced online graphic design software and photo editor, and the best online, free graphic editor for working with page layout and creating 3D text and logos.
Our graphic designers can create a wide range of graphic design solutions for your next project including, but not limited to, logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, letter heads, envelopes, pens, signs, posters, window decals, postcards, labels and more. There are many factors that determine the cost for a graphic design project, but you can rest assured that you are receiving a great value from MJM Design. Our graphic designers are based in-house at MJM Design offices in Columbus, Ohio which enables us to keep our overhead low enough to provide competitive industry pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Before we begin each project, we thoroughly discuss the client’s requirements and define the scope of work. In most cases, we can help you right away for rush services depending on how full our production schedule is. Request a free, no-obligation price quote today for your website or call us at (614) 432-8811.
About UsColumbus Website Design provides website design, web development and SEO services in Columbus, Ohio.
It has more graphic tools and resources incorporated into it than any other online graphics program, while still being super lightweight. Just drag and drop your design using the smart layer, then pick your own t-shirt color and finally adjust the contrast intensity to fit your needs.
The most popular requests come from clients needing custom logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, product packaging, letter heads and envelopes. During this time, we encourage our clients to show us samples, colors, and any ideas they may have on hand for the project.

Founded in 2005, Columbus Website Design is one of the leading web development and Internet marketing agencies serving businesses, non-profit organizations and startups in Central Ohio.
It contains a vector image editor, a photo editor and advanced page layout functionality that glues everything together. However, no matter what your graphic design needs are, we are confident that we can create a custom solution catered specifically to your needs.
During the design process, the client will be asked for approval of our work at each milestone before work continues to the next milestone. It is possible to create stunning logo graphics, pages, banner images and drawings with Fatpaint. All projects include revisions in the project scope and additional revision cycles can be purchased at the normal established hourly rate. It comes with almost thousand built-in fonts and several thousand built-in vector cliparts, giving you lots of options to be creative and make professional graphics for your business, website or just for fun.
However, if you are in need of a minor change to a graphic file that we know will take 15 minutes or less, we will not charge you for this work. We always submit a final proof for the customer’s approval before submitting files to a printer. We can put things in perspective and offer solutions that you may not have considered previously.
We encourage prospective clients to compare MJM Design with agencies producing the same level of work.
We only have a small group of professionals paying the $9 subscription, so if you are using Fatpaint commercially, please support us by becoming a Pro subscriber.What our users like the most about our online image editor, is the ability to create stunning 3D text graphics.

You can also adjust a bunch of settings if you wish to, such as camera position, extrusion depth, and various light options.
As with anything else at Fatpaint, we give you many powerful controls.Many graphic design students and beginners use our online graphic design tool to practice their abilities.
So, if you just want to do basic photo editing, such as image cropping or image resizing, then perhaps Fatpaint is a bit overkill and you are better off using one of the many other image editors available on the Internet.But if you want to do advanced photo editing, vector drawing or work with multiple layers and pages, using an object oriented design, or if you want to create great looking logo with 3D text graphics, then Fatpaint is the best online image editor available. You will have to watch a few of our tutorial videos and spend some time learning how things work, but it will pay of in the end. But still, creating a logo yourself is not easy and it takes time to get a great result.Perhaps you want to check another great tool we have developed?
We host the video and we also provide a video player so it's very easy to put the video on your website.
Online video marketing works, and now it's easier than ever before to produce a professional business video that will help you increase sales and make your visitors stay longer on your website.
Visit our web video production website today and make a promotional video for your business website. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing video when you can get the same professional video quality for less than $100.

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