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Infographics and interactive content engage readers while also communicating a lot of information. Timetoast lets users create interactive timelines complete with history blurbs, pictures and dates with an intuitive interface. Just by uploading photos, adding dates, and even links to outside sources, users can create polished timelines that can then be embedded into sites and blog posts or shared across Twitter and Facebook. Former lonelybrander Janelle is now the Web and Social Media Coordinator for Chicago’s own Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. This interactive floor plan is created using image editor that everyone, even those programming beginners, could create dynamic images without coding. Updated version v6.10 has just released, you can now create responsive image map using iiCreator with responsive options. Last time, we introduced how to insert interactive infobox to a photo, and this time we have prepared another video about creating interactive floor plan with mouseover boxes. Have you ever paid attention to emergency evacuation maps in your housing estates, offices, shopping malls, hotels, airplanes? Are you looking forward to create or renew your office floor plan with interactive feature but have no idea about it?
Last month, we have share an interactive exhibition floor plan, and here we have prepared a video tutorial about creating the maps in minutes. We have introduced creating various interactive maps by using HTML5 map templates or Google Maps before, and there are continuous inquiries about creating editable image maps by using own images recently. Mapping software supports importing JPG, PNG, and GIF images, and you can easily start adding overlays on the image after importing it into the mapping tool. There is HTML5 custom map builder can create custom HTML5 image maps, and we are going to launch the video tutorial for it very soon. Meth, a blue collar drug, is rural and consumed by white working-class Americans in the Mid and Southwest, and the average age of new methamphetamine users in 2012 was 19.7 years old.
Have you ever thought of how many people living in America are native residents in United States? From the above map image, you can see that people in Florida, Nevada, and Arizona mainly came from somewhere elase while people in Texas, Louisiana, and the upper-Midwest are mainly original inhabitants. Dramatically increased numbers of new drivers and vehicles on the road is the main course for the high road fatalities rate in Russia. In Egypt, people died in road traffic crashes every year exceed the toll of those who died in the revolution.
In Liberia, 66% road fatalities were among pedestrians, which was the worst record among African countries.

The Dominican Republic is the most dangerous place to drive in the Americas, with nearly 42 fatalities per 100,000 in population. The Islamic Republic of Iran has the worst driving record in the Middle East, with 34 deaths per 100,000 in population. In the past, people in Nigeria can buy a driving license even you have not taken driving lessons and passed a test, so it is not surprising with the high roads kill percentage.
Philippines has just passed a new drunk driving law earlier in 2013, but fails to establish a legal blood alcohol content level for intoxication, and let’s see if roads kill can be reduced. According to the post in the New York Times last week, Deborah Blum claimed that arsenic seeps into groundwater could be poisoning to those who drink it.
Now, researchers are taking more attention to drinking water, from Southwestern states (e.g.
According to the map, the most hardworking countries are Mexico, South Korea, and Chile; while countries with more relaxed attitudes toward working are France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium.
Click the play button in the time line to see the estimate peak foliage heat map from September to November. This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and let’s take a quick reviews about the phenomenon in New Jersey, which is focusing prevention efforts on youth. According to statistics from Centers for Disease Control’s CDC Wonder database, proportion of the population who died by suicide in New Jersey rose in 2010. The New Jersey Department of Children and Families found the opposite trend in looking at youth suicide (ages 10-24) in its latest 2012 Adolescent Suicide Report, which was released last November.
We have to take note that suicide issue is still concerning and figure out if any youth education or prevention campaigns are needed or have to be enforced. From the heat map, you can see that Wyoming had the highest number of ultra-rich people per capita of any state in 2012.
A custom Google Maps for New Jersey has been created for displaying districts that being controlled by various parties (i.e. Interactive infographics (like NowThisNews’ recent motion instagraphic) can keep readers on page for longer, and even help boost traffic to your site.
Brands can use Timetoast to trace their company history, a product launch or a look back at the highlights of the year their company launched. Check out our resources to help to do just that (even if you’re not artistically inclined). Also we enhanced the social network button in shared map with custom title, description and image.
And here are some examples for creating custom image maps with the assistance of mapping software.

You can pin markers or draw clickable regions on the image, and then insert info box for adding description. We provide a set of digital math manipulatives that educators can use to create custom interactive lessons.
Here is an interactive heat map shows meth labs in various county that highlights Tulsa County contains the most meth labs of any county in the nation. Nevada) to upper Midwest and New England. Water in parts of the Central Valley of California has been be found to be tainted with arsenic as well. Here is an interactive heat map for estimate the peak foliage throughout New England, United States, this year.
Here is an interactive heat map that displays which state has the most murders that cause by firearms in 2012. According to the report, the suicide rate for youth in 2011 was lower than the rate in 2010, and was also below the national rate.
Here is a heat map for showcasing states that you are most likely to meet those rich person.
Of course, if you don’t have an established creative team at your disposal, it might seem difficult to create something like an interactive timeline from scratch. Here we have prepared an interactive but simple emergency evacuation map that map users can select specific route by mouse hovering the item in the legend box, and then related information will be displayed on the map.
Here is a sample floor plan for car exhibition that you can mouseover colored rectangles for additional information in the pop up infobox and you will find that it is never complicated to create once by yourself with the assistant of image editor. Custom image maps are mostly used for creating floor plan for office, convention map, campus map and more. Finally, you can create heat map with map legend to indicate the road kills percentage in various countries.
Here we find a heat map that showcasing which countries are the most hardworking and relaxing based on the average annual working hour, average effective retirement ages, and average life expectancy. Thanks to a little tool called Timetoast, though, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. According to the theme or usage of the image maps, you can import custom marker icons for indicating different locations, for example icon for churches, hospitals or colleagues. Categories map legends can be added for indicating the markers and you can filter specific markers according to your needs.

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