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The Mad Video could be a great tool for students to use to enhance videos that they create and or find on YouTube. Matt Campbell shows how JavaScript and a few image layers can create video-quality animations you can enhance with interactive elements. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Between Pharrell’s “Happy” music video and the video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” interactive video ) is undoubtedly hot this year. But with interactive videos like Pharrell’s and Dylan’s setting the bar high, it’s easy to assume that only rockstar creative teams with monster budgets and months upon months of planning can create an interactive video, leaving those new to interactive video wondering where to even begin.
As one of the first companies in the interactive video industry, we’ve seen interactive videos of all types created – some with deep budgets and large production crews, and others with leaner budgets and just a few smart team members – and we know that with the right knowledge and tools, any company can create a powerful interactive video quickly and easily. Sit down and list out all of your objectives before you even begin creating the idea so that your creative vision will achieve those goals. That said, during this phase, it’s important to remember that interactivity, first and foremost, should add value for your viewer.
Is it more important that your interactive video can be distributed in a Flash ad-network, or do you need to reach your audience on every device, including mobile? Today, over 20 percent of video views are happening on mobile devices, and that trend is growing quickly. To put that into context, that means more than 70 percent of all digital video viewers will be watching on a tablet four years from now.
But the mobile environment is fragmented, and not all mobile-compatible solutions are the same. Ask the technology provider for a few examples of mobile interactive video, and test those experiences yourself on a few different devices to see if the technology will meet your needs.
Certain platforms make it easy to iterate on your interactive video projects, quickly making changes by uploading new videos, switching out the old ones, and publishing to the live site. Put your first choice point early in the video to entice viewers – somewhere between five seconds and 45 seconds is ideal.
In our experience, once a viewer interacts the first time, he or she is likely to stick around for the whole experience, even watching the video more than once. With your first choice point in place, it’s time to position the remaining choice points throughout your video. Once you’ve built your interactive video project using the editor of your choice, the next step is to test it.
It might be something as simple as changing the position of your first choice point, or changing the language on the buttons to further entice people to click. Having a video that’s accessible on all devices, including mobile, is a huge asset, but make sure it’ll play well in less-than-ideal conditions.

Plan for poor WiFi and poor cellular data environments by keeping the entire page light and easy to load.
Take advantage of our social tendencies on both mobile and desktop by including social sharing buttons. Rapt Media is the fastest and easiest way to create world-class, interactive videos and is fundamentally changing how companies engage with their customers online.
After creating your account paste in the URL of the video that you want to make interactive. You might have students create short videos about a topic and include interactive tags to direct viewers to the sources of their information, to additional video clips, or to additional reading about the subject of their videos. With some fairly simple methods, you can replicate video-like effects without needing to transcode large files or fight autoplay restrictions on mobile devices.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. From choosing an interactive video platform that’s right for you, to figuring out where to put your first choice point, here are our 11 top tips to keep in mind when creating interactive video that is both successful and engaging. Interactive Video is like a guided tour for your viewer where they get to choose what sites to visit, but it’s still a curated experience and must be informed by the outcome you want to achieve. It’s a good idea to scope out what technical requirements matter to you early in the process so that you can pick a technology solution and then produce your content to work within the functionalities available on that platform. According to a recent eMarketer study, more than 77 percent of all tablet users will watch video programming on their devices at least monthly, and that penetration rate will grow to 87 percent by 2018, totaling 149 million tablet video viewers.
Some interactive video technologies are limited to downloadable apps, while others work natively in the mobile web and can be distributed with a URL. For example, a clothing brand using interactive video to engage customers could simply replace its video files each time a new line comes out, enabling the company to keep the same video format (if they so choose), and update the content on the fly – meaning all that initial effort invested in interactive video pays off over many, many videos. Interactive video is redefining how viewers engage with video content, and one of its clear advantages over linear video is the ability to control the experience. Go through the video to make sure there are no errors, like rogue video branches that lead you to a dead-end in the storyline.
One of interactive video’s best features it that you can easily update your video if you’re not seeing the results you want.
Embed social sharing right into the video content both at choice transition points in the project and always at the end.
These 11 tips will help you create an interactive video that’s not only engaging, but will help you meet your goals for online video interaction. Using The Mad Video you can take a video that is hosted on YouTube and insert interactive tags.
The Mad Video will provide you with a timeline editor for placing each of your interactive tags. This guide will step through some simple techniques to create dynamic lighting effects by progressively adjusting the opacity of three image layers.

Are you looking to increase viewing time, amount of subscriptions, shopping cart completion rates? Others still have simplified versions for mobile playback, directing viewers to watch the video on a desktop at a later time. Providing the viewer with value first rewards you with engaged viewers and better business outcomes. We'll also show some ways to enhance these animations with a few fun opportunities for user interactions.
When I tested The Mad Video this evening it worked for some, but not all videos that I tried. The first image should show the initial state of the effect, the second will be the middle transition, and the third one will be the final state. The absolute positioning will enable the images to stack on top of each other while the container's relative style prevents the images from escaping to the top of the page.
In fact the bottom image is never faded at all – it is just what the user sees first.
As the animation progresses, we gradually fade in the images from bottom to top, so the user will see the middle image fade in first, followed by the top image a few moments later. We can do this by tracking the progress of the animation from 0 to 1 (0% to 100%, if you like). This will delay the fading of that image until the animation progress is beyond 66% (the only time progress - 0.66 would be positive). In the update function, the first opacity line instructs the middle image to fade in between 33% and 66% of the animation. Tweening Now that our animation is able to react to a progress variable, it's time to animate that variable. Applying the current time to a sine wave is an easy way to do this, providing a natural bounce from 0 to 1. Laptop users can actually move the laptop instead of their head, making it appear more like a gyroscope-powered effect. But in this case we didn't need a new shiny library or browser update to solve a problem, just a few pre-existing, dependable techniques. The code involved is neither new nor complex, although hopefully you will agree that the end result is pretty neat. It's always fun to apply things you already know to newer challenges, and it's especially cool to mix newer web technology (headtracking) with old.

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