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The following guest blog post was written by our friend, Mary, who discusses how a hotel can generate more bookings with an enhanced business plan.
Even if your hotel has the luxury of close proximity to a beach, mountains or tourist destinations, you could benefit from having fewer vacant rooms each evening. An executive summary represents the brass tacks of a company’s business plan and can often seem simple. The economy has, by and large, recovered from the recession and more and more people are willing to open up their pocketbooks to pay for vacations and lodging. Do you know how many workers it take to strip every bed in your hotel or how many cooks you should hire for an in-house restaurant? A five-star luxury resort can depend upon investment bankers, brain surgeons, CEOs, and oil tycoons to provide them with a steady stream of customers. Mary Villaneuva has been a CPA for 15 years and shares her expertise on a number of websites. Listed below are some professionally designed Gantt chart templates available in the Creately diagramming community. Notify me of replies to my commentThis blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 9 approved comments. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. A SWOT analysis is an essential part of any business or marketing plan.A It allows you to create a plan of action based not on what youa€™re interested in doing or on your gut-feel, but what you need to do given the situation in the marketplace. As youa€™ll know ita€™s a 2 X 2 matrix summarising the internal Strengths and Weaknesses against external Opportunities and Threats. When I develop SWOT, I find the so-called TOWs matrix approach invaluable - wish there was a more sensible name for it. The example below shows how the TOWS matrix reviews not only the situation in internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats around the edge, but also shows 4 box for creating strategies to succeed in the marketplace. The Internet and other digital technology offer new opportunities and threats, so creating a SWOT specific to the Internet is important to help meet this challenge. But your Internet SWOT shouldn't consider online channels in isolation - customers have a choice of multiple channels, so the SWOT should consider how the Internet presence of a company integrates with the offline world - customers often need and want to contact a company by phone, callback and companies still need to use offline communications like print, direct mail and TV in many cases. Here is an example from my Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice book showing some of the typical activities that need to be managed such as visibility on partner sites, how to target new customers or improve their experience on your own site.
The Internet-specific SWOT can be reviewed in the main areas of online marketing activity, namely areas of customer acquisition, conversion, retention and growth. As a piece of advice, I'd say breaking the SWOT down further maybe useful for very large companies. In short the scope of the project is: The paper is a guide for a new entrant in a digital marketing agency industry. For example if there is some one want to start a digital marketing agency, they should come to know what all digital IT products they can put together and sell, like website designing- domain registration and hosting, SEO, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc services focusing on SMEs. I wish that I explained to the most what I could and I love if you could understand and revert me your ideas and suggestions. You can have the best product or service available, but if you are not marketing it correctly, you are not going to have the revenue and customer base that you want. While we have listed our top learning resources for creating a marketing plan in no particular order, we have included a table of contents to make it easier for you to jump to the resources categories that are of most interest to you. BusinessNewsDaily is geared toward people who are in the planning stages of starting a business or who already are in the startup process.
The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) advises creating a marketing plan to grow your business.
A powerhouse in social media, Hootsuite offers tips for creating a social media marketing plan in this resource for creating a marketing plan. Assistant professor of clinical marketing at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California and president of Kalb & Associates, Ira Kalb details the importance of creating and following a marketing plan in Failing To Have a Great Marketing Plan Is Planning To Fail. Rife with research and a new infographic, this resource for creating a marketing plan is written by Kevan Lee, content crafter for Buffer. The founder of Linkfluencer, a leading online community for LinkedIn training, Alex Pirouz shares his five steps for creating an effective content marketing strategy in this HuffPost Business article.
Beginning with a marketing plan is the first step toward marketing success, according to this marketing plan resource from South African magazine, Entrepreneur.
Instructed by Jon Turino, author, consultant, marketer, and business and networking resource, Strategic Marketing Plan: How to Write a Marketing Plan is an online course offered by Udemy.
Marcia Yudkin, creative marketing expert and marketing coach, instructs this online course in creating a practical company marketing plan. Matt Bailey is a 15-year marketing veteran, author, adjunct professor, and founder and president of SiteLogic Marketing Consultants. Provided by StartupSmart in conjunction with Business Victoria, Mastering the Marketing Basics is a short course that delivers the basics on implementing marketing strategies to promote products and services.
Infusionsoft offers this marketing plan eBook free, with email request, to help small businesses learn how to grow their business with a structured marketing plan. The Nevada Small Business Development Center (NSBDC) offers its Guide to Writing a Killer Marketing Plan as part of its grow smart business eBook series. Info Entrepreneurs, a team of business information experts from the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal and a member of the Canada Business Network, offers this guide for creating a marketing plan and strategy.
Alyssa Gregory, founder of Small Business Bonfire and small business expert, includes the ten questions that need to be answered when creating a small business marketing plan in her guide. In this guide for creating a marketing plan, Leslie Truex of Demand Media details six steps small businesses should follow for effectively marketing a new product. Business Victoria offers free resources, tools, and information to aid in starting, running, and growing businesses. David Meerman Scott is a marketing and sales strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of ten books. Influencer marketing is becoming more important to successful marketers and successful companies. In her article for Contently, lead writer Amanda Walgrove explores the accuracy of their 10 content marketing predictions fro 2015.

Nonprofits need to create marketing plans, too, and this infographic from Nonprofit Hub explains the importance of having specific components of the marketing strategy fit together to be successful.
Digital strategies, marketing consultant, public speaker, and digital brand manager for USC, Juntae DeLane shares his take on creating a five-minute LinkedIn marketing plan, following an infographic from Bluewire. With all the choices on the Internet it’s easy to jump right in and start using the first online marketing techniques presented to you, but there are some very good reasons why you should create a yearly marketing plan.  Having a business in cyberspace can be hectic, so you need to grab control over any aspects you can. Following along that train of thought, one of the other great reasons why you should create a yearly marketing plan is knowing the numbers will help you to pick the methods best suited to your goals.
ReferLinks Full Circle Marketing provides digital online marketing and web design services that allows businesses to stand out all over Canada.
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There’s no better time than now to be in the hotel business, with the American Hotel and Lodging Association reporting industry revenue climbed from $128 billion to $138 billion in the past year, making it the largest growth over the past decade.
The US Small Business Association recommends that you write your executive summary last, but feature it at the beginning of your plan (2). The situation isn’t all wine and roses, however — the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the hiring of hospitality-related employes will slow to below the national average. Spare no detail documenting the number of workers you need during all times of the year and how much you can afford to pay them to remain competitive.
Your hotel, however, may make the majority of its revenue from a very diverse customer base.
This is useful for complex project where many people are involved and there are many dependencies between tasks.
As shown below, The marketing plan can be present in a Gantt chart to communicate with marketing team. And to the ones still deciding on having a Gantt chart to plan the tasks and projects, You can read the use of Gantt charts with pros and cons in this post.
He provides customer support at Creately including writing blog posts and handling social media accounts. It considers your capabilities for marketing against competitors plus looks at opportunities created as new technologies are introduced. These external opportunities and threats are available to all competitors in the marketplace.
I think ita€™s sometimes seen as an academic exercise and therea€™s the feeling that the time should be spent on improving the execution of the tactics like email or search marketing or improving the site, but the SWOT analysis will give you the strategic view of the main opportunities and challenges available from online marketing. The power of the TOWs matrix format is in the way it not only gives a review, but also helps you create and summarise strategies to improve the market.
You can create a separate SWOT for each of these, particularly relevant if youa€™re in charge of one area. Let me know any tips you have found in creating a SWOT or if you don't use them what you do instead! So the paper should have thorough research which includes the above point and competitor analysis and competitive pricing and last but not the least suggestive bundled packages.
When you have an effective marketing strategy, you reach people well enough to attract new customers and retain repeat customers. We also realize that there are multiple strategies for creating a marketing plan and that it can be daunting for first-timers and tedious for those who have been in the business for an extended period of time.
Their article, How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan, offers contributor Katherine Arline’s best advice for creating a marketing plan, along with tips from marketing experts and thought leaders. Their article outlines the benefits of creating a marketing plan, including understanding your target market and how to reach that market, as well as the key components of a marketing plan, including the costs and marketing budget.
Kalb guides readers through the top considerations for creating an effective marketing plan in this marketing plan resource. He likens writing a social media marketing plan to going rock climbing for the first time, but explains that creating a plan is the best way to go about starting the process.
Pirouz explains how content marketing strategy is attracting positive attention for companies plus opening doors for small businesses. Creating the plan is the most challenging part of marketing, but once a solid plan is in place, organizations can focus on executing it properly.
McGill points out that a Content Marketing Institute study shows that 70% of marketers are creating more content than they did a year ago, so it’s critical to create a content marketing plan to beat the competition. Participants will gain the knowledge necessary for developing a comprehensive, effective marketing plan to grow their business. Course participants will learn how to create a one-year marketing plan for a company, nonprofit, or professional practice. The course is for beginners and includes 45 lectures and 13 hours of video so that participants can learn the basics of online marketing, including social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and going viral. Their marketing plan course, How to Write a Marketing Plan, is an advanced course authored by H.
The short course materials arrive daily in your inbox, giving you the knowledge you need to create a marketing plan and plan your marketing strategy. This marketing plan eBook, suited for start-ups, covers inbound marketing, outbound marketing, marketing and sales offers, and more.
The eBook stresses the importance of targeted communication and smarter lead management with the structured plan. Written by Steven Fisher, the eBook shares his experiences in writing marketing plans and the knowledge of what has worked for him. In this case, their resource for creating a marketing plan is a guide that provides a general overview of writing a marketing plan, along with four steps to follow to create the plan. The checklist provides a step-by-step guide for developing a marketing plan and includes cardinal rules to follow and not to follow.
The guide includes key elements of a successful marketing strategy and tips and pitfalls of writing an effective marketing plan.
She explains that marketing plans are essential marketing tools for every small business and includes a guide to help small businesses answer the ten questions. Ward likens a marketing plan to a map for a trip and explains that the more detailed information collected and the more planning done ahead of time, the more effective your marketing plan will be.

She suggests focusing on your customers’ desires and understanding your market to create the most effective marketing plan.
Their guide offers six steps to help marketers develop a marketing plan that leads to a better understanding of how campaigns are performing. Their guide to creating a marketing plan provides a general overview of marketing plans and offers various tips for creating a marketing plan. Their guide to creating a marketing plan includes a marketing plan template and easy-to-follow tips for creating your marketing plan. His Marketing Strategy Planning Template is a valuable online learning resource for anyone looking to create a marketing plan because it breaks the marketing plan into questions relating to two possible buyer personas and focuses answers in an at-a-glance format. She recommends using a marketing plan template to get started and include all essential information. That’s why creating a marketing plan for influencer marketing may be right for your company. She references the infographic, which visualizes stats from marketers and tips for boosting content strategy. Here you’ll need to define your business in terms of your identity and your customer base or niche market before moving ahead. When you need to ensure that your hotel stays in the black, how can you create a business plan to better draw customers? Highlight the strengths of your property, such as its proximity to tourist destinations, and what goals you seek to achieve in the near future and the long-term. Spend time in your business plan to examine strengths and weaknesses of the industry that your hotel can benefit from. The Small Business Accelerator suggests breaking down your plan into no less than seven steps, defining prospects, changes over time, ways to attract the competition’s customer base, and market niches to be exploited. This is great to get yourself familiarized ( and impressed ?? ) with how Creately Gantt charts work. It also highlights our grid view which you can switch on and off to get a better understand of the time spent and the work required.
As you can see the below Gantt chart template, adding milestone to each task helps to focus on the project and achieve them effectively.
Click on the template image below to start planning the tasks and to complete them without a failure.
The high-level view will help you see the most important issues which need to be managed for your online success. As Malcolm MacDonald has recommended this should ideally not be too generic, but should focus on a particular market or customer segment.
Oftentimes SWOT are put in the appendix of a report or on the shelf and do not drive action, but the TOWs approach integrates the SWOT into the whole strategy process to help create a plan. But what I recommend is just coding up the findings so you can see which activities they refer to. The first step toward an effective marketing strategy is creating to and sticking with an effective marketing plan. The marketing plan (be it a digital marketing plan or a B2B marketing plan) is your roadmap for reaching your marketing goals, as stated in your marketing strategy.
This article, an edited excerpt from the book, offers five steps for creating a marketing plan for a new business. The article also links to a free content marketing planning template from Hubspot to get you started. Yudkin’s four-step process is intuitive and ensures that participants create a plan tailored to their situations.
Doug Stayman, associated dean of the Johnson Graduate School of Management, that is comprised of seven two-week courses. The eBook includes topics such as product and purpose, analysis and competition, strategy and action, and financials in easy to understand language. One reminder included in the guide is that marketing plans vary in length, but they are crucial for successful businesses.
His guide for creating a marketing plan includes links to other resources, steps for creating an effective marketing plan, and explanations for each step in the process of writing a marketing plan.
Links to two marketing plans are available in this online learning resource for creating a marketing plan. Traackr and Lewis PR teamed up to create a five-step action plan for influencer marketing, and we think their infographic is an especially helpful online learning resource for creating a marketing plan. The information contained in the infographic should be useful for those creating marketing plans because it shows top goals for marketers and steps they are taking to achieve their marketing strategy. Remember that any number you start the year off with is only a guideline and can change as the months progress.
However, the metric becomes easier when you know how much you started with and can gauge that number against some end results. When you show this document to financiers, creditors, accountants, and all other professionals you rely upon, they should immediately have the capacity to either offer solutions to help or explain to you why and how you should change your company outlook. How will your hotel overcome issues like seasonal fluctuation in numbers or too many customers for your staff to handle?
Our learning resources come from experienced business leaders, top marketers, marketing experts, and other marketing thought leaders, so you can rest assured that their tips, tricks, and advice for creating a marketing plan are among the best available. One important point the staffers make is that marketing plans are just as critical as business plans, because they focus on attracting and retaining customers. Deciding how effective these campaigns are is one of the top priorities when you’re looking at why you should create a yearly marketing plan. This ensures that your hotel stays in the black when calculating how much you owe Uncle Sam.
In 1 simple click you can instantly start creating your own timelines using our Gantt chart software.

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