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Slow it downYou’ve already written the perfect script for your online promotional video (or if you’ve not then you need to read our post here) but one of the key execution tips we can give you is to slow your script right down. Assuming a single video stream with 30 frames per second (fps), by viewing a 30-second promotional video could paint 900,000 words! No wonder videos are considered to be the most compelling avenue to tell story – also the most convincing way to deliver a business advertisement. Here are million reasons why you must promote the use of online video marketing for business online advertisement campaigns! Videos are the fastest growing media platform, and they will continue to grow at an accelerated rate in the next few years.
Marketers get the best results through using online videos because their target demographic is most likely on the internet and already viewing videos. Video marketing is a rapidly-growing technique for increasing brand recognition and loyalty. Individuals are likely to buy products from a video demonstration than from a merely “read text” website.
Video marketing lets your audience see and hear you in ways other advertising methods just cannot match. Videos for websites can quickly become viral and create huge exposure for your website or product. With social media consuming large amounts of people’s spare time, video marketing fits this trend perfectly. Now that you have all the reasons and motivations to include online video marketing as one of your business ads, you need to know the 4 aspects of creating an effective online video marketing campaign. A video is also another form of content – the same way as articles, blogs, press release, and infographics. Regardless of where it will be hosted, as every video has a story, it should also have a magnetic title – attracting target audience to click and watch the video. Video promotion is a process of maximizing the reach of your video – which will be reflected on the number of views. If your website draws a constant number of visitors, with returning visitors as your most avid fans, then make sure to include your videos on your blog posts. If you have a number of satisfied and loyal customers, sending them your video story won’t really annoy them.
There can be a number of ways to promote your video online – paid or free, SEO or social media.
In business sense, “viral”-ness can then be relatively defined as the considerable number of views from your target customers. Balancing both work and play, James is a full time online marketing specialist from Monday to Friday and an adventurer on the weekends. Of course you can use YouTube, but embedding your video from YouTube on your website may not be the best idea. Using YouTube for your videos opens up the possibility of a competitor advertising their service or products on your website, and Youtube do a great job of drawing your customers away by enticing your potential customers with the possibilities of watching sneezing pandas and people falling over. Well you can avoid all of the above, and make sure that your video is working hard to generate leads, traffic, sales and branding by using Videojuicer to host your videos. Hope this gives your readers a bit more advice when it comes to using videos for your business.
How to create an effective online marketing plan for your website?You are here: Home - Conversion Rate Optimizer - How to create an effective online marketing plan for your website? Having a website may or may not create a return on your investment right away but it will definitely cost you a lot for not having an online presence. Reciprocally, it is vital to have an online marketing plan intact in order to make your voice heard- to acknowledge the presence of your site and make it work for you.
Creating a comprehensive marketing plan might require lot of specifics but there are few areas that are considered mandatory to create a basic impactful marketing strategy. Online marketing is a little distinct from the standard marketing plan, which is directed more towards business administration. Online Brand ID- URL name, Branding and Image: Whether you have goods, services, concept, place or any other tangible or intangible commodity- you have to represent it in the best form for recurring mileage and returns. Likewise, the brand name and logo must also emulate a unity of thought and command while corresponding well with the entire online corporate ID.

Pricing- the return on investment factor: Not every website is a pure conversion tool for a designated business.
Keeping this in perspective- websites can cost anything from couple of hundred dollars to millions. SWOT Analysis- Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat: This is a major aspect of any marketing analysis and evaluation. This is a very detailed area but once dealt with careful consideration can definitely define the success of marketing plan. Online promotion: Google Adwords, You Tube, linkedin and Facebook are top four of many other available online advertising options apart from Craigslist, Yahoo banners and various other cross promotion blogging options. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, online marketing plan and strategy is a very product specific tool and therefore all the above-mentioned can be applied as a standard formula to kick start an effective marketing plan.
This is easier with an animated video, but if your video has a voice-over, or you are speaking directly on it, make sure the speech is very slow. The good thing about video is that you can combine both text and images in your video story while your viewers are sitting back. If it will be hosted in your business website, add a rich snippet on what the video is all about.
But it can be a hell of a job since your video should be present in every channel where your target audience is found. Sharing your video link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn allows you to achieve the goals of your video marketing campaign. You can also add social media sharing buttons for them to readily share your video on their social media profiles. But what matters the most is that your video has reached to your target customers, and that they’re happy to have your video posted. But getting a million views can be so easy these days now that video views can be purchased. In measuring ROI for your online video marketing, you can certainly evaluate its success rate. It’s clear that video marketing is becoming more and more effective (and affordable) these days, and I end up reading a lot of blogs that just cover the basics.
Even if you site is only serving as a showcase or info portal for your business, you still have to magnify its scope in the light of your competition. People spend more time online, then they do in front of Tv, Radio, Billboards or even in markets physically. Today the scope of branding has outreached to online arena and leading brands such as Nike, Pepsi and American Express- carefully consider online aspects before chalking out their corporate brand equity. The bottom line remains- you need to have a very unique marketing message with an ultra original market positioning. There are many corporate sites that are just a showcase or a presentation of market offering and presence. Rushed, garbed speech results in nobody hearing what you have to say, which kind of defeats the purpose of a marketing video.Keep the production super simpleIf your video features you talking about your product or business, shoot it in one place.
The challenging part of creating a video is to capture audience attention starting from the intriguing title and catchy introduction.
There are lots of press release networks available online so your story could reach straight to your customer’s email or search. So, viral videos can be modified as something like having 5 million views in a span of 3-5 days. It should start with an interesting story with catchy title (to maximize the click-through rate or CTR).
But I love that you included some notes about analyzing your video to see where your views are coming from, who’s sharing your video, etc.
Without analyzing the demographics of your viewers, you will end up not knowing the impact of your efforts in making great videos.
The allocative efficiency of time in this information sharing age is such that whether your enterprise is purely online or purely offline- it always pays to keep your online marketing strategy in perspective and make sure it is working for your advantage. Few years back, the local businesses excluded the scope of online search for their businesses and instead, they concentrated more towards directly integrated marketing activities.
So all the three URL name, branding and Image- must create forward and backward integration, harmony and symmetry to overlap and represent each other.

In other words, the price-plans that you offer or expect out of your site must reciprocate the amount you have spent or rather invested in it. Firstly, Google Adwords triggers your Search Engine ranks by creating PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign on Google through keywords. If your video is animated, use one program and don’t let the design distract from your message.
If the video is uploaded via video-sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo, there are important fields to fill in order to fully optimize the video for search and social media purposes. Number is just an indicator, analyzing these numbers can help you understand if your online video marketing is a success or a fail. Does this number of customers more than enough to cover up the cost in producing your video?
This synergy will let you derive the maximum impact and momentum out of your online activities. But somehow the cost-benefit ratio is always considered and rationalized in order to ascertain the viability of your website investment.
Today online marketing is not expenditure anymore; it is rather an investment with very cost effective returns. While Opportunity, Threats are areas dealing with the uncontrollable market environment factors that externally influence the overall business activity in conjunction with the product specifics- particularly in terms of features (intrinsic) transcending into benefits (extrinsic). While on Facebook common interests and other audience targeting options can be a wonderful combination to create a systematic momentum for your site’s presence.
Animated videos are a great idea for technology companies who want to keep their video professional, but might not be the perfect fit for a small B2C local enterprise. Since you’re keeping your online marketing video as short as possible you simply don’t have the time to go crazy with fancy production effects or location changes. Optimizing your video (on-site or off-site) and promoting your video via SEO, social media or paid ads sum up of the rest 50%. Therefore, it is wise to stay abreast with all the dynamics that can create more awareness for your business and its cohesive promotion. Corporations that spend online have the whole world at their disposal and your offering could an option, out of multiple.
It is therefore; wise to establish the exact target market and analyze the competition you have for your particular segment. If you decide to go down the animated video route then take a look at our blog post here on 5 great tools for creating animated videos. Keep it simple, let your message do the talking.Show it to your test audience, and be prepared to make changesAs marketers you are used to testing, optimizing and testing again. The success of your online video marketing still simply lies on the number of customers it has drawn for your business.
So it is advised to carefully establish a price and add maximum value possible against that. This is an often-overlooked aspect but really this is the core of the entire marketing exercise. After we’ve watched the same 30 second video clip one hundred times over we tend to miss flaws that a fresh set of eyes would see immediately. Test your video for a fresh perspective, make any necessary changes, and only then start using it to spread your message.Produced a great online marketing video?
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