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Download and open Wood Grain Texture 5 in Photoshop, place it into the new Photoshop document and then scale it down to fit the canvas.
Zoom in using the Zoom Tool (Z) so that we can focus on the edges of the poster’s background. Repeat the above process one more time, but this time, use a Radius of 5px for the Gaussian Blur filter on the new layer and set the layer Opacity to 20%. Add another text block below the first text block (settings of this new text block shown below).
Double-click on the new layer to access the Layer Style dialog window, and then give the layer a 1px Stroke layer effect (color of the stroke shown below). I have used a Wild Bunch photo found on Wikimedia Commons, but feel free to use your preferred photo. With the Horizontal Type Tool (T), add names of the Wild Bunch members just below their photo. First, add a dollar sign using the Horizontal Type Tool (T) with the font Cooper Black sized at 120px.
Download and open the Concrete Texture 02 texture (or your preferred texture from the Rough Concrete: Texture Pack freebie). Grab the Custom Shape Tool (U) and, in the Shape dropdown menu up in the Options Bar, choose the 5 Point Star shape. First, we need to add a drop shadow below the poster, so create a new layer just below the poster background layer for the drop shadow.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you have learned some useful techniques that you can use in your design work. Here in my job, there is one internet (TV) around which can only read video formats in Mp4. However in newer version of ffmpeg support for this is removed, and to make video from images, there is other tool avconv.
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Use case diagrams are UML diagrams describing units of useful functionality (use cases) performed by a system in collaboration with external users (actors). You will learn how to roughen and burn edges, how to create realistic nail heads (for pinning up the poster), how to mix different textures to reproduce aged paper and more. Switch to the Lasso Tool (L) and then make an irregularly shaped selection at the top edge of the poster’s background. Grab the Burn Tool (O) and, with a round, soft brush, brush over the poster background’s edges to give it a burnt look. Also, set the Vertically scale and Horizontally scale options to 70% and 180% respectively. In the Character Panel, set the Vertically scale option to 110% and the text color to the dark brown we have been using (#231d14). Switch to the Brush Tool (B), select the Chalk brush, set your Foreground color to white (#ffffff) and then click once over the nail head to apply your brush stroke. Nikola is the founder of a small design blog called webexpedition18 that publishes graphic design and web development tutorials, articles about inspiration and posts on graphic design, web design and photography.
I am a graphic designer myself:) I made a new site about photoshop tutorials and posted a tut about wanted poster. Easy to navigate and i managed to make the poster (but used a different picture and gang name :P) awesome job man!
My one critique is that your photo could have a bit of distressing at the edges so that it doesn’t look so superimposed. Using this option you can select a directory with fles with common prefix name lets say IMG*.png and create Video based on the photos inside. Inseparables et enjouees, elles vivent leurs conditions d'adolescentes paisiblement jusqu'au jour ou Mae tombe follement amoureuse de Jaden, le garcon le plus populaire de l'ecole, deja engage par ailleurs.
Note that we load a selection around the poster’s background so that we only burn within the selection.

Up in the Options Bar, under the Shape dropdown menu, choose the Point Right shape and then draw it on the upper left corner of the poster. In the Character Panel, set Tracking to 50 (to give the letters more space in between them), Vertically scale to 120% and Horizontally scale to 150%. Create a new layer below the text layer and, on the new layer, fill the selection with a light beige color (#f2e7cb).
Create a new layer below it and, on the newly created layer, fill the expanded selection with #231d14.
Afterwards, select the first letter of each word and then set the Vertically scale option to 100%. Zoom in to the upper right corner of the poster using the Zoom Tool (Z) so we can focus on the details of our nail head. In the Options Bar, choose the Radial Gradient option and click on the Gradient Editor in order to be able to set the gradient to the Foreground to Background gradient preset. I still consider myself a novice in Photoshop but I was able to keep up with the instructions quite easily. In my situation I needed to make video out of pictures and script it as this was required to be later pushed via FTP protocol to the Internet TV. Afterwards, switch to the Move Tool (V) and use your Arrow keys to move the layer 4px down and 2px to the right. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) from the Tools Panel, hold Shift to create a perfect circle and then make the marquee selection.
To top it all off, we used a Photo Filter adjustment layer to adjust the overall color scheme of our piece. Ater doing some research I figured out this is possible to build video out of pictures by using together ImageMagick and avconv.

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