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My experiences as an Architect, Consultant, Administrator and Developer with SharePoint and its related products. As sandbox solutions are deprecated, SharePoint 2013 brings the new capability called "Apps" to extend SharePoint with client side code. As SharePoint 2013 apps works on its own domain, we need to have a new domain created in DNS sever. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service  - which takes care of multi-tenancy feature for apps.
Subscription service application can be created only with PowerShell and there is no Central Admin UI!

Once installed, you can add that app to your SharePoint sites, by clicking "Add an app" from site settings menu. Although the conventional SharePoint solution approach (Full Trust) is still there, Microsoft encourages the usage of Apps.
In other words, Its actually is a site collection on the web application that hosts the apps.
Please go back to the SharePoint Store to get this app again and you won't be charged for it. Use communities to categorize and cultivate discussions among a broad group of people across organizations in a company.

Communities promote open communication and information exchange by enabling people to share their expertise and seek help from others with knowledge in specific areas of interest.

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