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How can you make highly effective online courses that capture the imagination of your learners? 4 tips to choose the right text for your eLearning  Psychology tells us that first impressions are powerful for forming lasting impressions. Allow me to take this opportunity to add two potentially new terms, an acronym and a concept, to your vocabulary: Mobile Assisted Language Learning (aka. Last year I facilitated a number of elearning workshops with about 1800 participants who are either considering elearning as a career or are active in. By Jenny Thompson As eLearning continues to grow, more and more people within organizations find themselves in the role of eLearning designer without the experience.

By Christopher Pappas Google may be well known for its search engine and email service, Gmail,  but its apps for education are quickly becoming popular. The team will use this blog to give you an insight into the work that goes into developing an online programme, and  hopefully teach you a thing or two about instructional design and development along the way! The team is made up of project managers, instructional designers, learning technologists, cinematographers, graphic designers and multimedia developers. Contributions and guest posts are made by members of the Instructional Design and Development team in King's Online. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

To create an account on the Instructional Architect, click on the link "Register" on the frontpage of the Instructional Architect website. Utah State University offers an online masters degree program (MS & MEd) in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. Then fill out the form "Account Info" by following the instructions on the left side of that page.

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