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PowerPoint 2010 now enables users to embed videos to a presentation.  To insert a video, please make sure that the slideshow is in ASF, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, QT, SWF, and WMV format. Before inserting a slideshow, you’d better create a new folder to put your PowerPoint and slideshow video. Click to choose the inserted video, under Playback menu, you can set the video height and width, tell the PowerPoint to play it in full screen, and do other settings. This entry was posted in DVD Photo Slideshow, Tips and tagged create a slideshow and insert into powerpoint presentation, create a slideshow for powerpoint, embed slideshow to powerpoint, insert a slideshow video into powerpoint 2010 on January 31, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. Reduce the size of the shape, make copies and place them along the top edge of the calendar.
If you are a business presenter, it is definitely worth your while to take a look at our PowerPoint diagram templates pack. To start have your pictures (if you need them) and your timeline with pivotal events written out. The first is Text Picture Accented List—which can be found in All, List, and Picture categories.
You will need to add pictures if needed and you can copy and paste the available shapes for more months, dates, etc.
By moving your mouse over them you’ll see an example of how your timeline would look in the Page view without clicking and confirming the layout.
The next layout for your PowerPoint timeline is the Table Hierarchy layout—which can be found in the All, List, Hierarchy, and Relationship categories. Once the layout has been selected and text and pictures have been added, just edit the colors and font style as desired.

Most layouts available in SmartArt will be restructured to accommodate your timeline and some will need some tweaking.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. TweetScoop.itProfessionals are constantly working on projects that need to be presented to staff, management and customers. Office Timeline is a free plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 that quickly makes your timeline and project slides.
As soon as you install, an Office Timeline ribbon in PowerPoint becomes available and you can start creating your project plan by clicking the New button. The first step is to select the style of timeline you want to build.  Choose between a Metro, Gantt, Phases or Interval style and then hit the Next arrow to begin entering your project data. The free version doesn’t let you save manual changes and the task timeline does not display accurately. A perfect background adds a quite bit contrast to your presentation’s content, and designing your own background may seem a time taking but if you know basics its quite easy. It enables you to create a slideshow from your images with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and more effects.
This can ensure PowerPoint will find the video when you copy or move the presentation to another computer or place. It might be one of the most useful investments you would ever make to improve the impact of your critical presentations. Before start it should be noted that this follows the same format as the flowchart only the date of each part of the chart is the main focus.

We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.
Whether it’s something as simple as coordinating travel or more complex such as rolling out infrastructure, being able to see key milestones and tasks on a slide, in an easy to understand way is significantly more valuable than looking at excel data tables or project tables. The General Tab is focused on the time band, and it enables you to change colors, turn on the Elapsed Time display and position a Today Marker.  There is more you can do using the Style Wizard’s other tabs. In today’s edition we are going to explore how to create quick backgrounds for PowerPoint using Photoshop.
Then you can export a slideshow video of AVI, MPG, MP4 or SWF format compatible with PowerPoint.
PowerPoint does not save the video, it  only creates a link to the video’s current location. Since you are creating this from scratch, you can customize the dates, colors, look and feel etc. All you need is to copy our diagrams to your slides and replace the sample text with your own text. This means there’s nothing particularly complex to creating your timeline using this method. You can makeover a boring PowerPoint slide deck into a stunningly professional presentation in a matter of minutes.

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