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As a disclaimer, this tutorial is in no way an endorsement of Kai Vodka, or any other alcoholic beverage brand, and the product is used merely in an illustrative fashion.
To start off you will need to create a new Photoshop document and set the dimensions up as mine are in the below screenshot.  To create a new document simply press ‘CTRL N’ on your keyboard or go to the file tab and select new. Next we can head over and grab our liquor bottle stock; for this quick manipulation we will be using a shot of a Kai vodka bottle. Once you have the stock just drop it into your new document; once its in your new document just simply move the stock around until its in the center of your canvas. Now we can apply a Gaussian blur to feather everything up nicely, it will also help to blend the orange and yellow blobs to the red. After you apply your Gaussian blur your image should appear feathered and the blobs should have almost a gradient quality about them. Now if you like the way your bottle looks you can stop here, however I didn’t so I went ahead and duplicated these layers and moved them around to the other side of the bottle like in the below screenshot.
Once you have copied this stock into your canvas we need to desaturate and auto level the stock. Now we need to move the stock (the move tool is ‘V’ on your keyboard) so that it appears as if the splash on the far right hand side is wrapping around our bottle. Now just erase everything on the left hand side of the bottle as well as everything beneath the bottle leaving nothing but the far right splash.
Now we can add some color to our water by pressing ‘CTRL U’ on our keyboards this will bring up the hue editor.With the hue editor open we can set up the hue editor like it is in the below screenshot. Now we need to add something to the document to fill it up some; I will be using a martini glass. Since my martini was shot with a black background I can just drag it into my document and set it up as a screen like we did with the water layer.
Now you need to add more splashes to your bottle and background.  I have compiled a small list of splash stocks that you can use to finish your ad below. This step is essential to creating an atmosphere for your piece as well as setting the tone for the final piece. Once you have dropped the stock into your document just go ahead and press ‘W’ on your keyboard to enable the magic wand tool. Now that your cherry is isolated we can go ahead and duplicate this layer and set its blending mode as ‘Overlay’. Now just free transform your cherry (to enable the free transform tool press ‘CTRL T’ on your keyboard) to a appropriate size and place it!  I think its best to place your cherry about halfway down in your layer stack. Next we will head over to SXC once again, this time however we will be grabbing some chile stocks. Once you have grabbed the chile stocks grab them and paste them into your canvas the same way we did all of the other stocks. Now that its in our document we can go ahead and isolate these the same way we isolated our cherries. And finally for the last bit of stock we will head out yet again but this time we will grab a paper lantern stock.
Isolation for the paper lantern stock is essentially the same as before, however this time it will be more complex; In my version I removed the caps to my lantern to make things look better and to ease my workflow, but this is not required. My result came out looking like the below screenshot, but if yours looks different it is no big deal as long as you had fun and learned a thing or two!
I think that’s the main thing that makes the final image look catchy & interesting! Most of the tutorials in this site are similar to this one, not in type but in presenting details. I love the tutorials you post but I;d be grateful if they could be more easily followed by majority of photoshop users!!
The reason for it is primarily because the process for extracting and placing the water splashes is the same for every splash, and the tutorial would get rather tedious and lengthy covering the same process multiple times. I want to know how you got the bottle and cup on just one page because when I did the cup and the bottle they both are like on there own page. Printable Word's Templates, Resumes Templates, Certificate Templates, Rental Agreements and Legal Forms. A reference list usually attached with CV or resume for showing the interviewer about the References.
Thus, truly in point of view of content writing the reference list may be regarded as plagiarism.
Contact List Template A contact list can be used for different business or personal needs. Here is a Price List Template that can help any shopkeeper or small scale businessman to prepare and present a comprehensive product price list to its customers.

I have used my favorite of dark reverse theme to design this template and I am sure it will please everyone visiting this website. Besides Experience Maps, different names are used to refer to similar representations, some of them are: Customer Journey, User Journey and some time Blueprint or Service Ecology, although there are some nuances in the latter two, I prefer to include them in the group of the multidimensional maps.
If you search the internet you will see that there are many different examples of experience map, with some common elements between them.
Content and complexity are the two most important factors to consider when choosing between a layout or another. And the wheel layout where interaction phases are more relevant than touch points, used mainly for reflecting a product or service overall experience. Some Experience Maps focus on user emotions,  others on interaction phases  and system actions. Also depending on how broadly before and after moments outside our system interaction are detailed or the detail degree of the different components will contribute to the resulting complexity.
Summarizing, a basic Experience Map just follow one path -one user, one goal, one scenario and one path- even when you know the system allows multiple path variations. Timeline is the most common layout, probably because it is also a traditional narrative model, easier to understand and follow for all types of people.
Finally, another important aspect to be consider is how to integrate different elements on the final design in order to achieve a harmonious, easy to read map. No one has commented on this (for some reason), but this is an outstanding overview of experience maps. Hi this is a great overview of how to layout a user journey but is there a clearer image of this as its very blurry? I have been researching Experience Maps for work and among all the examples and articles out there found this one the most educational. This term I’m using your examples and explanations as a supplement to a lecture on understanding journey frameworks. In my opinion a customer journey and a user journey are the same thing, and they focus on a persona only, but they can still get complex if they refer to a multichannel experience. An experience map is different since it is not following the perspective of a singular persona, but helps in describing all the possible paths. I think what you say has all the sense, but I not quite sure everybody is using it those expressions in that way.
BTW I never understood how Starbucks managed to succeed seeing the complexity of their user journey… The waiter actually has to note down your name on the cup for future reference in the process!
To add in the color we need to make a new layer which is ‘CTRL SHIFT N’ on your keyboard, so that we don’t mess up our stock.  Once your new layer has been created we can grab the brush tool by pressing ‘B’ on your keyboard and right click.
You don’t need to make any major shapes or anything just follow the outside lines of the bottle. So once you are satisfied with your doodles go to your filter drop down, select blur and finally Gaussian blur.
Don’t worry if the blobs go off the sides of the bottle since our layer styles wont affect pure black. This should add some color to the midtones of our bottle, do note that this will not color the 1005 whites in the scene though. This should create a stronger contrast between your hues and help the over all saturation of the color. To enable the move tool just simply press ‘V’ on your keyboard and then click and drag the layer of your choosing. This will cause only the white and greys in the image to become visible, everything that was once black will now be invisible.
However if your martini glass (or whatever you choose to use) Is not on a black back drop you can simply use the magic wand tool and a layer mask to remove all of the white.
With the magic wand tool enabled just click the white that surrounds the cherry and press delete on your keyboard.
This will make our blacks darker, add contrast and just enhance the lighting over all for our cherry. This way it will be beneath some of your splashes but not all of them, thus creating a sense of depth and this will add to the illusion that the berry is flying in the water. I decided to duplicate mine twice and draw a thin white line (I used the standard 3px brush for this) connecting all of them, I then just placed them like all of our other stocks to finish off this piece. Leader in its market and not having a site running before 1 full year or even more… Looking at your tut I am can only laugh!
But you stop there with one example of doing so & then show only the steps after you applied other splashes!
This list may consist of websites links, books with publishers’ name and writer’s name, journals etc.

Basically, a reference list will include the names of people who will be responsible for your future failures or achievements. No doubt, a smart reference list attached with your content will note as a mean of acknowledgement that will further serve as a part of your work which truly based on the written material of others.
One experience map is basically a visual representation that illustrate users’ flow (within a product or service) their needs, wants, expectations  and the overall experience for a particular goal. After reviewing many of them, investigate the existing methodology and design one for the company I work for, I have reached the conclusion that there are some design patterns, more or less clear, here I will share with you some insights about them. The success and clarity of your Experience Map will depend largely on choosing the right layout and graphic elements.
For example Customer Journey Map through Red & White grocery store or Journey Map from effective UI bellow. Add multiples reading dimensions, or reflecting different personas path on the same flow, adds complexity to the experience map.
I use letters to level each point and easily add reference on the bottom of the experience map. I use a different background to mark interactions that take place outside the system I’m modelling. I think your blog is very educative and supports any professional who wants to learn more or better how to use these tools. Customer journey, user journey, experience map… to me these are names of similar tools.
Once you right click a brush settings dialog should open; set your brush up as mine is in the below screenshot. Once I applied the Gaussian blur and changed the layer style my result came out looking like the below screenshot. This will turn our image into a black and white image and then adjust the levels automatically (the white %,black % and midtone %).
Once you have enabled the eraser tool we need to right click on the canvas and set our brush up as  we did previously with the brush tool. But you can choose any color combos you like for this as long as they don’t cause to much contrast amongst one another.
This should remove all the white that surrounds your cherry, however if it does not then just grab your eraser tool (which is ‘E’ on your keyboard) and clear out any remnants that were left. Once you have clicked the small F, simply click drop shadow and set yours up as mine is in the below screenshot. You need to duplicate the water layers, flip them, then apply a gradient layer mask to the duplicated layers get a shadow effect going on at the base of the picture. I just think it’d be just very wonderful if you could just menion the steps a more bit detailed!! Format of writing references on a reference list will be different for the references used. Apart of this, a properly designed references list will somehow show your reader the range and nature of your source materials. Check my post DIY Experience Maps were I explain how to make an Experience Map from scratch based on the layout I’m using at work .
A reference list format can also be prepared for general business needs and the information for each reference will include reference name, address with city, state, zip code, email address, phone number etc. In case, if you layout your reference list with poor standard then for sure you may lose the quality marks of your written content. In term of assignments & work the reference list will accurately provide a detailed description of your sources. Title of the reference list with business name, business address and business contact information will be given at the top of the list etc. Generally, a reference list may contain some data about the opinions and information come from others.
Seemingly, this list will allow your reader to find out the published sources where from you got the data for completing your work. Nonetheless, a reference list template will allow the individuals to attach a small list of paper with their article that will cite where from writer have used source material to develop his own work.

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