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Even though SharePoint installer will install all the prerequisites via online, but I sometimes prefer that I have a copy offline, because I don’t like to waste my bandwidth to redownload the installers when I want to reinstall my SharePoint for some reason. There are some PowerShell scripts available in TechNet download, which help us to achieve that.
We need to open up PowerShell as administrator (right click and run as Administrator), then navigate to the folder containing that script (if you not prefer to type the path name later on).
If all went well, the PowerShell script will start to download the prerequisites files, and yes, this part we need Internet connection. Before installing the prerequisites, we might need to install some features that we didn’t install when installing Windows Server. If we were installing offline, we need to mount the ISO or insert the DVD, then we also need to specified the sources\sxs folder in the installation media. After that there will be more O’s to see, and wait, it runs fairly slow for offline installation. After that the installation wizard will shows up, click next and agree with the terms, and finish the installation, even though will downloaded files, it still takes time to install.

It should get through the prerequisites checking and prompt for serial key, they key should be provided when downloading the SharePoint Server 2013 Preview from Technet. When the installation finish, click close and leave the check box checked and SharePoint Configuration Wizard will pop up. Specify the port number for the SharePoint Central Administration, leave the security to NTLM and click Next. Click Next to complete the configuration settings, and wait for the some what lengthy configuration process. After click Finish button, a browser will be open, just login with the local administrator. Now to configure the SharePoint, again, make sure the browser are run as Administrator if the current logged in not already an administrator, else there were some links in central administration will be hidden.
This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 11:12 pmand is filed under Development. This is a really useful guide, help me setup SharePoint 2013 and SQL 2012 from scratch on my dedicated server.

I used your tutorial to install sharepoint 2013 on Windows server 2012, and it worked like a charm. Try to install the Web Server (IIS) role first and see if you can install the prerequisites. IIS role has been added.What I did was to follow another blog to manually install SP prerequest and works now.
Then copy every prerequisites files we downloaded using the PowerShell script into the SharePoint Server 2013 installation folder, inside the prerequisiteinstallerfiles folder.
I was following this guide but didn't realize I had Central Admin selected and deleted the root path.

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