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With only 2% of the world’s population being naturally blonde, light hair is a really good way to stand out from the crowd. This short asymmetrical cut is perfect for giving yourself a spring makeover with style and easy maintenance.
The back and sides are left dark, emphasising the precision cutting with the top layers getting the most blonde-density. Very light blonde shades, like platinum-blonde, are in fashion for 2016 hairstyles, as well as the new ash-blonde shades and golden blonde as shown in this short haircut. Even if you have short hair, you can still opt for the attractive wavy and curly hairstyles with bangs which are quite stylish. Short shag hairstyles with bangs can be ideal for mature women since the body of the hair can help refine your face structures. If you desire a messy look, you can apply some root volumizer and tousle it with the help of your fingers. If you are looking for a hairdo that is easy to deal with and makes your hair beautiful and bouncy, then layered bob is the perfect choice for you. If you are fed with managing your long hair and desire a low maintenance hairstyle, Bob hairstyle is an ideal option. The stylish curly bob hairstyles are the ideal choice for women who have curly and thick hair. Adding the proper kind of bangs to your curly bob hairstyle is the secret to get your haircut to look perfect. For a fashionable look, you can increase cascading soft layers and get an excellent and stylish looking shag kind or choppy hairstyle. The short hairstyle with long layers and soft waves offers people a care-freehand fun feel. The splendid short hairstyle features soft tousled waves which bring much movement and shape. The vibrant, curly hairstyle can charmingly enhance the face showing off the radiant honey-blond curls added to the mid-lengths to bring the hairstyle much movement and shape.
The short hairstyle has glamorous curls from the cheek, which soften the face feature and add much volume and sexy appeal to the hairstyle. The side-swept, wavy hairstyle shows the tousled waves added to the mid-lengths to bring the hairstyle much movement and shape. Fabulous soft waves bring much bounce and movement that is great for people with square face structures.
The charming graduated hairstyle features a few pretty and cute waves which enhance the movement and lighten the edges. The adorable layered hairstyle with sporty and feminine waves is full of energy and volume. Charming and glamorous waves added to the mid-lengths to ends of the hairstyle bring it much bounce and movement. The wavy hairstyle looks super-impressive with rolled-under ends.The polished hair is styled with the edgy and relaxed waves in soft curves. The fabulous short hairstyle is featured by gorgeously jagged ends which offer wonderful texture and romantic detail.
The layers throughout the front and sides can encourage the bounce and movement of the soft waves to bring the simple yet smashing style shape and charm.The short locks in tousled waves can earn you many head-turns. The back of the gorgeous smooth style is tapered into the neck, and make short, casual layers till the top and sides.
The short wavy hairstyle sits charmingly showing off the tousled waves to offer the style much movement and shape. Please welcome a classic bob haircut which will make you look outstanding this 2014-2015 season thanks to the bangs.

Here below is a wonderful compilation of my favorite women's shoulder length haircuts for 2013-2014 season. Thanks to this compilation you will find the most appropriate flexible look that is meant just for you.
One thing you have to know about shoulder length haircut with layered cut is that this particula hair will suit every face type.
Come in and browse the latest hairstyles and color trends worn by your favorite celebrities – they are all fabulous. On mousey-brown or dark-blonde hair, it’s easy to lighten hair just a few shades to a more flattering golden blonde. Even though it’s bleached blonde, which grows out and used to need re-touching every few weeks – the latest looks start off with darker roots! So on a geometrical cut like this trendy short hairstyle, the strong lines are softened around the face by the light-blonde shade. So everybody will be able to get the best blonde shade to flatter their individual skin-tone! The wonderful side-parted hairstyle is simple to gain the excellent hairstyle for people with fine to medium hair. The lovely and stylish hairstyle is great for women with a round chin and jaw line and thin hair. If you desire a smooth look, you can use some gel.To gain much better effect, you can apply some hairspray and some mousse to keep the style in place throughout the occasion.
The layers which can add much dimension are turning to a hot fashion trends you can add to your curly bob hairstyle. When you choose the short curly hairstyles, you’d better consider your face shape and the type of curls you own. The brown tone at the upper part and the light blonde hair ends contrast each other and create an inscrutable effect.A bit of texturinggloss can help maintain the waves bouncy. The front smooth hair with different layers add much volume and the crunched hair at the sides make the hair full of textures.The voluminous short hairstyle works greatly on people with thin hair texture, since waves add much fluffy effect. Some neat side sweeping bangs pair the short curly hairstyle greatly.The-seductive wavy hairstyle is ultra-voguish and for many face shapes.
The fabulous hairstyle is great for many special occasions and can be simply re-created with the proper tools. The bouncy curls at the cheekbones are widest which give a narrow face the illusion more oval look. Thus the splendid hairstyle with beachy waves can enhance the face shape and offers more softness and tenderness. I think everybody will agree with me, that long hair means femininity and elegance for any girl or a woman. Girls with different hair types will definitely find the right shoulder length haircut in these images. With fresh color and styling techniques, edgy cuts and the amazing, new metallic-gold blondes this is the perfect place to find your hot new look! That means you can space out the colour refresh much longer, because this short haircut is a two-tone design! You can choose one dainty short hairstyle according to your age, life style and hair texture. A fashionable layered short hairstyle should be like hair is a little shorter at the front than at the back.
Opposite to general belief, layers are actually made to get rid of volume, and this makes the hair light so that it can have enough movement. Curly bob can be cut and created in lots of ways and appear quite edgy if it is done properly.

The short side-swept wavy hairstyle is quite simple to re-create with hot rollers or a curling iron. The gorgeous waves can enhance your charm and grace and the exquisite hairstyle is smashing for formal and informal occasions.A bit of texturinggloss can help maintain the waves bouncy.
The gently tousled fashionable hairstyle looks messy and radiant.Straight bangs shift the volume to one side.
The brilliant red tone look stylish and add romantic factors to the wavy hairstyle.The chin-length hairstyle makes the narrow face look more oval.
The gorgeous hairstyle is quite simple to recreate and it is ideal option for people with square face.
The luscious short hairstyle is simple to gain the ideal hairstyle for people with fine to thin hair. Well, nowadays, as many people are on their rush and always in motion, it's quite hard and takes much time to look after your hair, so many women prefer neither too long nor too short haircuts, that's why many stylists offer shoulder length hairstyles.
One thing that you need to know is that it's a very simple style and you can make different looks thanks to it. Well, if you have a long face shape, then curly hairstyle for shoulder hair length is waht you need.
Cut your back and side hair into short crops, and keep the hair at the crown slightly longer. In addition, short hairstyles is very effortless to create and maintain, so it can save you much time on shampooing and conditioning. You can choose the inverted one, the layered one, the wavy and curly one, according to your hair texture. The hair at the side should be cut with layers beginning at the cheekbones to create it a tender and younger look. If you desire a totally curly hairstyle, you can choose thin rollers to make some ringlets.
Short choppy layered hairstyles are wonderful looking layers that are created using point cutting.
If you like the side swept bangs, you can also choose the symmetric or tapered bangs, which appear excellent especially with slightly wavy hair.
In this post you are about to see many styling ideas, lengths and colors that will simply drive you crazy.
Stylists offer hundred variations of bob cut, including flip bob, A-line bob, sleek bob, curly bob, inverted bob, asymmetrical bob etc. And there are a number of kinds of bangs such as side swept bangs, choppy bangs and neat heavy bangs, so you can always find the proper one for your face features. Choppy layers are great if you own thin hair since they can increase volume instantly to your hairstyle. But hold your horses, as we want to show you this extensive gallery of perfect styles in layered, textured, short and long versions. Oh, sleek bob cut is perfect with fringes forehead, thanks to this style you will balance the whole hair look.
The best thing is that you will look younger and this update will give you a real touch of a pepper.

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