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As you all know, Facebook is currently the top social networking site and is one of the most visited sites online.
You spend time on Facebook daily but have you ever thought about creating your own site like Facebook? What If i say, You can create your own Social Networking site Like Facebook for free and that too without having any programming language? Database Name: If you want to change the name of Database, type the name of your desired Database. Admin Account: Choose an Admin username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender and Admin Email.
After the completion of Installation, you would be able to access your site and it will have almost all features of Modern Facebook. I have seen so many Free Social Networking Site Scripts which claims to provide all features of Facebook. Step 7: You can Preview your webpage after doing the necessary modifications, it will open in a new window. Select the kind of website under the Page Set section you are building, accordingly the corresponding web pages will be added to your site structure.
Select the web pages listed under the “Standard pages” and “Special pages” you would like to add in your site structure and click on the Move button. Step 11: You can preview your site by clicking on the “Preview” button at the bottom of the page and click on the “Publish” button. About Latest Posts Mac WilsonMac Wilson is a technology writer and a Sales and Marketing Executive at eUKhost Ltd. We're a Leeds-based web hosting provider specialising in Linux- and Windows-based hosting solutions now serving over 35,000 customers worldwide. Flexi CSS Layouts is a Dreamweaver Extension that helps you create browser compliant table-less web pages with ease. Not only that you can create fixed, liquid or elastic layouts in seconds, but you can generate custom website sections with unlimited DIV levels, following even the most detailed mock-ups from your designer. In this tutorial we will go through the steps of creating a CSS blog like template in Dreamweaver using the Flexi CSS Layouts extension. Flexi CSS Layouts is an easy to use Dreamweaver extension that helps you create table-less HTML layouts without coding in less than 5 minutes. Before you open the Flexi CSS Layouts, you need to download and install this Dreamweaver extension. After you have downloaded the Flexi CSS Layouts extension, you need to install it in the Adobe Extension Manager. There are a few design elements that you should incorporate: header, pages menu, content area and sidebar, footer.
Set the first row height to 50px, for the second row a height of 910px and for the last row 50px. Now select the second row and add 1 column fixed with a width of 960px and align center the column. The first row with 20px height will act like a spacer between the top links and the layout. For the more complex and detailed sections of the layout, it's a best practice to create separate section layouts and insert them in the main layout.

We create Dreamweaver extensions (also known as add-ons) that ease the work of web designers and web developers. Artist Karen Graw apparently wanted to see what Aladdin, Maleficent, Snow White, and other Disney favorites would look like in real-life, so she gave them real faces. At some point, re-imaginging Disney princesses in various contexts became one of the Internet's favorite pastimes. Israel-based artist Karen Graw, also known as Avalonis, recently created photorealistic images of your childhood heroes' faces.
The artist worked for days on the images, using full-frontal face stills from the movies, but also scouring the Internet for regular people and celebrities with the desired facial features. In India, People spend a lot of time on Facebook chatting with friends and posting updates. If you are serious about your Social Networking site, Buy Linux Hosting from top hosting companies like- Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc. Out of all, I recommend you to use Open Source Social Network because it’s interface and other features looks similar to Facebook. It is conventional to use and a  flexible web application designed just for creating and managing websites easily. Select the web page on the left sidebar, edit the contents of each pages and add modules given on the right sidebar on the respective pages. He loves to write about latest technologies and trends just like cloud computing which are changing the way people do business.To know more about our services and solutions, kindly visit eUKhost's Official Website. Across our network, we host over 2 million websites in our state-of-the-art data centres in Reading, Maidenhead and Milton Keynes. Unlike other products that are limited to templated CSS layouts with 1, 2 or 3 columns, with Flexi CSS Layouts for Dreamweaver you can build your own custom layout structure without coding. Note: the tutorial is not about creating a blog template but about create a typical Dreamweaver site layout that looks like a blog. You can build the page structure directly from the interface and the extension will automatically create the DIVs and CSS for your layout; you can further customize the layout with your own CSS rules for font, background, border, padding and margin.
To download the extension, go to the product page and download a free trial, or if you have bought the product you can find the download link in your account on Extend Studio site. Open the archive and double click the .mxp file and the Adobe Extension Manager should open and install it automatically. Without entering into details about what is Web 2.0, blogs incorporate many layout elements that are modern, the new thing in town. In the sidebar you can have links to subscription services (RSS, Facebook), an area for sponsors (made out of 125x125 pixels banners) and links (categories, blogroll, latest tweets). If you want to add a cool flash menu directly from Dreamweaver you can take a look at the Creative DW Menus Pack.
She used a morphing algorithm program, and Photoshop, and lots of time, paying a lot of attention to facial proportions and how the noses were structured.
In this tutorial, I will explain all steps which are required to create your own Facebook like site. Thanks to technology, even an unskilled user can build various kinds of Website, Blog and PhotoGallery using the Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder. We will explain how to understand the page structure and how to use the Flexi CSS Layouts to create the CSS layout without coding.

The good news if you are a Dreamweaver user is that if your customer doesn't need an actual blog, you can make your regular sites look Web 2.0 like quite easily. In the design below we added an extra area on the top and put the RSS feed and Twitter follow there to make more room in the sidebar. The second row will hold the actual blog layout, and the last row will hold the copyright notice. Go to padding and set the following: 10px for top, 10px for right, 10px for bottom, and 800px for left (this will place the links on the right of the layout). Now go to text and deselect inherit from parent and change the font to Trebuchet, set the font size to 18px bold and the color to white. Building a menu take seconds and you can choose from a huge variety of flash custom themes.
One column will have 660px width this will be the main content div, and the second column will have a 300px width and this will be the sidebar. Split the page section into 2 rows, the first row will have 50px height and the second row will have 250px height.
Now, an artist has put some of the most famous Disney characters of all into the context of anatomical realism. Although the artist doesn't reveal exactly who her models were, you may notice similar features in the public domain.
It means, You can create your own Social Networking site like Facebook without having any programming knowledge and that too in 2 minutes for free.
It consists of a model promotional tool for the transformation of traffic to your website in the latest customer base. A social network in a box, build a social network for your company, a website like Facebook, school, sports team or niche community. News articles adorn the three category pages and clicking on a story keeps you on the Hackbusters site instead of pushing you to the article on the originating site. Let me show you how to build a blog like layout using CSS, without tables and a little coding.
Set the following height: 20px for the first row, 120px for the second row, 50px for the third row, 700px for the fourth row, and 20px for the last row.
Set the padding for the rows to 10px on all sides and for the first row set the bottom border to 1px grey. Apply a background color #003366 and go to padding options and add the following settings: 10px for top and bottom, 20px for right and 500px for left.
The number of the rows will represent the number of latest tweets you want to place, or the number of latest news that you want to share with your visitors.
Once you've acquired a login, jump to the Edit Profile page to enter your personal information such as email and web site.

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