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Based on your description, I think you would like to block  active traffic from client to external website.
Actually, if you only permit common HTTP traffic, you are able to only allow Get type HTTP traffic. To start we need to make sure we have connection between our TMG 2010 servers; do a PING and see if it responds.
After clicking Next, a pop-up opens telling us that a user account must be present on the system with dial-in permissions and that it needs to have the same name as the site we are creating now. Back on the Create Site-to-Site Connection Wizard, type the FQDN or the IP address of the remote site. This is a bit misleading, but here we must provide an account name and credentials that exists on the remote site so the connection can be established.

If you are using NLB for the remote site type the IP address of the load balancer, if not clear the box and continue the wizard. The VPN connection requires a network rule, and here the rule can be created automatically for us. After youre done with the wizard, apply the changes to the configuration store then wait a couple of minutes until the connections initialize.
The post by Ehtisham would be ideal but we dont have a licence for URL Filtering, it has now expired.  So I wonder, if anyone can explain why I cant display a block page for https but can for http traffic on the rule ? A Quick guess is that in newer browsers, it's not allowed to be redirected from a https to a http site. Right now I dont have a DHCP server for this network, so Im going to choose the static IP address assignment.

That should work to, if not it means you did not allow access trough access rules, or the firewall on the client is blocking the traffic. IE7 and later has this limitation built in to prevent hijacking and other pesky attacks. The account name (Site1-to-Site2) already exist on the main office because we created it during the VPN connection wizard.

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