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The “Minnesota Gurls” video highlights all the things that make Minnesota, and especially Minnesota girls, “unforgettable,” including their love of lutefisk and their flannel shirts, waterproof boots and wind-chafed skin. The comments have been mainly positive and people have said the song makes them proud to be Minnesotan, Schultz said, but the tone of the comments changed as the song’s popularity spread outside the state.
Schultz and Luke and Maggie Thompson recorded a version of “Minnesota Gurls” in radio station 96.3 Now’s studio June 23 that will be played on-air. A group of five sophomores have added their own spin to country singer Jerrod Neimann’s recent hit, “Lover, Lover.” Their version, titled “Lover Lover, You don’t treat GOO! They each take turns lip-synching to the lyrics while striking funny poses and they use the stairways, hallways, doorways and even the bathrooms in Ireland Hall as the set for the video.
Schultz said there is also a possibility they will perform their song for 96.3 at the Minnesota State Fair.
And instead of being annoyed or insulted by the parody, original artist Jerrod Niemann is a fan.
Senior Amanda Schultz and two of her friends crafted a Minnesotan response to Katy Perry’s hit single, “California Gurls,” and their parody currently has more than 400,000 views and has been featured on many local news outlets and radio stations. They haven’t made any money from the parody, but Schultz said they are simply excited about how popular it is. The first was a lip-synching parody of DJ Earworm’s “United State of Pop 2009” that got a few thousand hits, but that’s nothing compared to the more than 58,000 views their “Lover, Lover” parody has gotten. Schultz and Maggie Thompson wrote and sang the chorus and bridge, and Luke Thompson, who has also created a number of his own parodies, wrote and sang the rap section Snoop Dogg sings in the original video. The lyrics were a collaborative effort and they tried to come up with funny lyrics that mirrored the sound of the original lyrics, Schultz said. I’m going to share my screen with you and show you exactly how I made these outro slates here. And we’ll talk a little bit about why that’s important for driving views and ranking well in search and all that kind of stuff coming up on this week’s Creator’s Tip. My name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip, where every week we just help you guys who are making online video content know how to make that stuff stand out the best on the web, including today.
Usually at the end of my videos I’m just kind of winding down, and I’m kind of like, alright, I still wanna give you guys something to see while I’m finishing up the show.
And now, as you guys know, these will be annotated to each of these videos, which are previous videos of ours.
The subscribe button will be, and people can kind of listen to the end of this show here while it’s fading out. And this is important because, as we’ve talked about in other videos, YouTube is paying more and more attention to how much time our videos contribute to people’s overall viewing session on YouTube. And also I think people are more likely to click on subscribe when they, even just reading some of the titles they’re like, oh, this channels making other good content.

Even if they don’t click on some of the other ones, there more likely to subscribe because they have a glimpse of just kind of a sampling of some of the other stuff there.
Now you can do this in another editing, probably anything other than like the super basic ones like Windows Movie Maker or like iMovie, but almost anything other than that should be able to do this. And if you’re kind of more intermediate to advanced editor, you already know exactly what I’m doing here. So basically how I did it is, let me make this bigger for you, these are all my different layers. And you can see this bottom layer right here is going to be this grey background right here.
So that’s actually all…I just created that inside Premier here, with some of the tools here. So this is Creators Tip 63, so if I turn that one off, you can see how that one, that visibility goes away. Turn it back on, and so on, and all the way up to the logo, and then even like right here, right here at the weekly look, that’s where you’ll see this start coming in right there. So, these are all just layers, and all I’ve done, just to kind of summarize it for you and then I’ll give you guys a little more details for those of you who need it. And if you guys have worked with layers before you know, the way it works is that this here – what you see here starts with the top layer and if you’re looking down through all these layers, so the bottom-most layer will be this, which is why all of these are layered on top of the background. So basically I’m saying I want to start at 100% scale for the position to be nice and centered and then each frame I go forward, I do it in like 5 frames, and I key frame it. That’s what it looks like normally, now if I didn’t key frame it, see that would just stay on top of all of my other stuff. Move four or five frames, 1-2-3-4-5, that’s where I want it to end, and I think I set this at like 43%. It’s not the most efficient and then you can just kind of move that into place just like that maybe.
So, now that’s going to stay there and all these other ones I’ve just, saying these are all key framed to be certain sizes.
I’ll include this original Photoshop file so you can play with the different layers here if you’d like. I already saved, I also included a PNG file which will have these three titles turned off so you can add your own text in there, okay. And this would be another layer right on top but see now how it’s the top layer so it’s completely covered everything up here. ALSO >  6 Killer Reasons Why YouTube Is Still King of Online Video So what I’m going to do is go to my effects, and going to zoom it out a whole bunch.

So then you can see how you can just build the rest of this yourself and you would annotate. Now, here’s – let me go back to the Reel Web one, this actually, hopefully even if you are an expert editor and a lot of this kind of stuff, layers, is review, this part might be helpful for you.
What I do when I get to the very end, here you’ll see, I say, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, talk to you later, bye.
And what happens is if you don’t have that 15 seconds at the very end, you can’t – like it’s impossible to put this pause annotation at the very, very, very end of the video. And if you don’t have these last frames right here as stills, if they are not frozen, like hold frames, then what will happen is you’ll have the video will like jerk right after the pause annotation is over. So you can even see that like it started right before my pause annotation and then the pause annotation ends and it doesn’t look jerky, it doesn’t look like it jerks, because the video itself is actually all freeze frame. See how it’s stopped and here’s a little pause annotation count down, giving people more time to click, then it just ends.
So I highly recommend you do that, that will really make your video look a lot smoother with that pause annotation. Give people like a couple, if they are really super engaged with what you are saying here, give them a couple extra, maybe five, ten seconds to see, alright, maybe I do want to subscribe and then they can go click before your video ends and shows a whole bunch of videos that are hopefully yours, but not always. And just in case you don’t know how to make these annotations, once you’ve actually made this, as a part of your actual video file that you’ve uploaded to YouTube, zoom out a little bit here.
You’ve made this your actual video file, you’ve uploaded that to YouTube – to make annotations, not going to go into great detail here cause that’s kind of outside the scope of this, but basically here in YouTube editor you add annotations and the spotlight one is the one I use the most.
Alright, so I just kind of click and grab that so it makes a shape in my video and I would usually just make it the full duration of the video to the end, or however long this little, you want the annotation to last for here. So just copy and paste that link right into there and now this, now if someone clicks it, this annotation it will take them to that URL.
You could also do the same with the subscribe button, I have this one annotated, but in this case I chose subscribe instead and put our, I just put ReelSEO right in there and it will automatically fill in the rest for you there. Put that pause annotation at the end with your half second or 15 frames cause there’s 30 frames every second, so the half second of just stillness and you should be good to go. For next week’s video we’re going to talk about how to copyright your video content with an actual lawyer.

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