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Excel table is a series of rows and columns with related data that is managed independently. When you make a table (more on this in a sec) you can easily add more rows to it without worrying about updating formula references, formatting options, filter settings etc. To create an excel table, all you have to do is select a range of cells and press the table button from Insert ribbon in Excel 2007. Today we will learn 10 excel data table tricks that will make you a data god, no, lets make it data GOD.
If you are bored with the predefined formats, you can easily define your own table formatting color schemes and apply them. That means you don’t need to use conditional formatting or manually format alternative rows in different color. Each data table comes with filters and sorting options so that you can filter and sort the data in that table independently. The most important advantage of tables is that, you can write meaningful looking formulas instead of using cell references. The beauty of structured references is that, when you add or remove rows, you dont need to worry about updating the references. If you have a corporate intranet Sharepoint portal, you can easily publish the excel tables as share-point lists.
Chandoo, I have only been using data tables for a few weeks & have discovered that they can be used to have charts dynamically expand to take in new data.
Simply set up the chart data in a block with appropriate headings (headings must be text, not formula). How do you "record" the screen captures of the screens that you need to show into the animated gifs? Also, inside the table, you can use [#this row] operator to calculate values for that row alone. As of now, since the total is at the bottom of the table, when a new row is added the cell id of this "total average" row keeps changing.
Where referecing table columns as range input to formulas such as sumif(), is it possible to get Excel to treat the reference as static for "fill" purposes? Is there a better way than ctrl-c-ctrl-v to expand the ~ifs() formulae across a row while keeping the absolute references to the auto-named ranges in the data-table? This is my first post on your website Chandoo, but I've been reading for a couple of weeks. Ok REALLY stupid question, I created the table and I have been putting in formulas using the column names, how do I "without using my mouse" select the table name from the tool tip ( or drop down) that shows up.

I am using an excel workbook to enter data for several different sites (each site has its own worksheet). I know how to use the basics of excel but know nothing about using databases like Access so I would prefer to continue to gather the information in excel if this can be done.
I've spent days organising a "table" of my own (without knowing it) writing formulas,creating helper columns and generally getting stuck and i just figured out that tables and pivot tables do all this in minutes.
I used structured reference but when I close and open again, they have all become cell references! You can also record your own clips in form of animated gif and can share to your Twitter, Google+, and Facebook account. Whether you create gifs as anonymous user or by log in, both ways let you save and share gif.
Excel tables, (known as lists in excel 2003) is a very powerful and supercool feature that you must learn if your work involves handling tables of data. And when you add new rows to the table, excel takes care of zebra lining or banding automatically. So when you need to send that excel file to a colleague running excel 2003, you can easily convert the tables back to named ranges. This can be handy if you want to publish, say the top 10 sales persons of the quarter on the intranet. This is far more easier and cooler than trying to adjust print settings when you are printing tabular data.
However, in a basic form this functionality already existed in Excel 2003 as a 'List' (ctrl-L).
Pivot can be very powerful for data analysis, but tables are good for maintaining databases. If you write formulas in and copy (ctrl+c) and paste them, then the references are not changed. Currently I have to scroll my mouse down to the right column name and then click it add the bracket etc. You can create as many Gifs as you want, can save, and share your animations to people or with friends. Immediately after this, Record window will be in front of you, just like visible in screenshot below. Changes such as: you can set start and end frame for gif, can enable back-and-forth looping action, and normal looping action. But creating an account will keep the record of all created gif, which you can delete as well, and can access whenever needed.

Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox. This is easily over by adding a temporary number when required on setting up the chart then replacing it with the correct formula when the chart is complete. One question though, if I try drag your SUMIF formula across a row, different columns are selected in the formula. But if you drag the cell (thus auto-fill), then the cell references to table columns are changing. In that I take an average of a column values and I need to reference this final Average value elsewhere.
Now-a-days, animated Gifs are very popular to share funny moments, remarkable points, and for many more things.
I wish it could provide option to upload animated gifs saved on PC and to increase recording time a bit. The beauty of calculated columns in table is that, when you write formula in one cell, excel automatically fills the formula in the rest of cells in that column. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks. Normally you can make the columns static in a formula by using "$" - any suggestions on doing the same here? How Can I reference this specific "totalled average cell" such that when new rows are added the same cell is taken?
This free service also plays a good part to upload and share any video recorded with your webcam in form of animation. If you don’t want to log in, simply use anonymous option to record video using webcam.
Apart from saving the gif, you can share that gif with friends, or can even get embedded code to embed it to your own website (if any).
You have only 3 seconds to create a meaningful gif, so position your webcam at right place. But this is sufficient to give a message, like about your new haircut, a big achievement, or anything else.

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