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Video Cutter Expert (or Video Cutter Expert 4dots software) is used to create video clips from a single video file and also lets you exclude a particular part from input video. Screenshot above shows Video Cutter Expert’s interface where you can add a video file and create clips in same or any other output format. Once you have downloaded and installed this free video cutter software, you can run it to perform tasks. To process all the clips, you can set any destination location, output size, and start the video clipping process with Cut Video button.
If any undesired part (or multiple parts) is available on your video file that you want to remove, then it is also possible with this Video Cutter Expert. Some other free products of 4dots software: 4dots Free PDF Password Remover, Free Audio Converter 4dots, and Free PDF To Text Converter 4dots. We are lucky to have a community of ScreenFlow users who love our product and like to share their tips and expertise. Matthieu creates very complex and professional videos using ScreenFlow and a just a few other tools. Check out the in-depth tutorial he created about how he constructed a recent promotional trailer for a company called Arengi. Create Skateboards from San Fransisco brought out a nice video project that is something between a full length and a short clip. One of the biggest reasons to create a series of knowledge videos is because it will set you apart as a leader in your space. And people really do like the learn, so long as it's something that is of interest to them. If you're teaching them about a certain subject, you'll want to keep it relaxed, informative and well-paced. For example, in this video below you'll see Nicola explain how to use video to reduce your support queries. If you want to set your brand apart as a leader, then you need to make sure that you are creating quality videos. If you don't have a huge budget to spend then you can consider using your smartphone and hooking it up to a tripod to film.
Other than posting about it on social media and paying for ads, there are a few tricks that you can do to pull in the numbers. First you need to be thinking about optimizing the landing page so that it's set up for the best search results. I'd also recommend writing a short summary about the video content, or even include the transcript like Moz do on their channels, plus add social sharing buttons so that viewers can promote your video content further. Next, be sure to email your customer database about your video series as this is an audience that will be interested in watching your series. After you've maxed out your own channels for promotion, it's time to request the help from other sources.
Check out BuzzSumo as this is an awesome tool to help you search for influencers within your area of expertise. I eat, sleep and breathe great content so it kinda works out for me that I get to do this as a job. I also LOVE peanut butter, odd socks, running, daydreaming about time and space, corgis in top hats, afternoon tea and Chandler Bing. YouTube is serving up more than 200 million videos daily to smartphones and other internet linked mobile devices according to a recent news announcement.
YouTube is a great way to introduce your company to your market, entertain and interview people in your industry amongst many other uses which are only limited by your imagination. It is not hard to do but because a lot of people are not familiar with YouTube and are not comfortable due to their “fear of the unknown”. This fear prevents us doing many things, so to get ahead in life we often have to overcome our fears to take ourselves and our companies to the next level.

This where you prepare a simple script with major points to prompt you using your text entry as a guide and just cover the main points and try and  keep it to 2-3 minutes if possible.
Creating an account is as simple as just filling in a form on YouTube as displayed below and then verifying your email address after creating a password. Connect your video camera to your laptop or desktop and upload the file to your computer. Once you have started to upload your video Google will prompt you to add information about your video and I would recommend that you do this at this stage rather than later as you may forget.
Note: If you are using YouTube to host your video, slowly people will subscribe to your channel as you create more content. So I would encourage you to use YouTube for your personal or corporate brand to start educating,informing and maybe even entertaining 24 hours a day globally while you are sleeping.
With our world becoming increasingly more digital every day, we need to become accustomed to interactive conferences. Thanks for the article, Jeff, I’m sure the YouTube newbies will really appreciate and benefit from it!
I am extremely interested in using Youtube & Slideshare presentations to boast visibility during Google searches. Thus, you can create multiple video clips together or can exclude unwanted part from a video (very useful to remove advertisement part from a TV show video).
Setup file size of Video Cutter Expert is 15 MB and you can use download link I have placed at the end of this review.
During the installation, you need to tap on Decline button, if you have to skip third-party tools installation. Although drag n drop option is mentioned on its interface to add videos, but it didn’t work during testing. This mode is used to include clips for processing. Now you need to set start and end point for first video clip.
In the similar way, you can add more and more video clips and can preview them with build-in video player.
Steps are similar, but the only thing you have to do is choose Exclude mode instead of Include mode. Because it can create video clips, can exclude any part from video, as well as can join multiple clips together to create a single video file.
We count French podcaster and screencaster Matthieu Blanco as one of our most loyal and valued ScreenFlow friends- and he’s got some mad ScreenFlow skills that we can all learn from! It features the upcoming youngsters Nico Hiraga, Desmond Billie, Tafari, Whitter, Kallen Matlock and a young G called Lil Dre. It's because we actually process visuals 60,000x faster than text, making video the perfect learning tool! This type of video is all about improving people's lives, and educating them about how your product can help solve their problems, which in turn will move them along your sales cycle.
You create a video series that's tied to your niche, and you'll not only connect to your audience, but they'll keep coming back for more. Sure you can go with what you think would be of interest, but if you really want to pull in a large viewer base then you need to be a little bit more strategic than that.
What about the questions that your audience want answers to? If you take a look at popular forums such as Quora, you'll be able to search for questions that surround your niche. Even if you want to create a fairly relaxed webinar style video, it's still important to have a script to guide you through the film, and ensure that nothing goes wrong.
To help keep the viewer engaged, we break up each scene with title screens so the viewer can pause if they wish. They produce a series called "Whiteboard Friday" in which Rand Fishkin discusses various different SEO-themed topics each week.
Once you've finished filming, you'll need to edit the footage to make sure it's slick enough to publish.

Of course, generating thousands of views isn't something that happens overnight (unless you're really lucky) so you need to continuously put effort in to see the results you'd like.
For our knowledge videos, we create a blog post and include the keyword of the video in the URL, meta description, and page heading.
So for example, we sent out this email directing people to our video about 'How to create an explainer video script'.
This is something that the industry likes to call 'Outreach' and it's a great way to leverage people who have a larger audience than you. You can then approach them to see if they will either share your knowledge videos across their own channels, or would be willing to accept a guest post from you so that you can link back to your content from their site. Creating knowledge videos really can help provide the insights that your audience needs to buy your product or service, so it's certainly worth including it within your marketing strategy! Video Camera – this can even be a video on your smart phone, your webcam or a video camcorder. Do you have any blog posts or websites you would recommend for building out your YouTube channel?
How to create and promote a Youtube video… Well, follow the on-screen Youtube instructions then tell your friends about it. It provides a build-in video player that helps to preview output clips before starting the actual process. Thus, multiple tasks can be done with this free video cutter, and it is quite easy to use as well.
After this, parts (or segments) selected by you from video file will be excluded for output video.
Moreover, having a scene whit a guy who is threaten someone with a knife seems to have become something like a secret trend since the Almost 5-Incher or at least the last Supreme video. As our audience will be using these keywords to search in Google, it will give us a better chance of ranking for it if we have created content surrounding those keywords. When you're writing your script, think about how you want to communicate with your viewers. Split up your video into sections to keep it engaging, consider using props to help tell a visual story, and remember to include a takeaway for the lessons learnt in each section. We've also overlaid a screen recorded section (1.01 secs) to help the viewer visualise what Nicola is talking about. Each video is around 10 minutes long and Rand presents in front of a whiteboard, helping the viewer to visualise what he is talking about. We edit our videos in Adobe, but there are plenty of video editing software tools available. There are plenty of bloggers and influencers within your niche who will be willing to help promote the content for you -- it's all a question of finding them.
Don't forget to keep the content relevant to solving their problems, and you'll soon build a community of followers through your videos -- good luck! I have used a simple high definition flip cam that costs only a couple of hundred dollars to record some of my videos. I think too often people forget that YouTube, besides being a video hosting site and search engine, is also a social network and should be treated as such. Which means that you should focus on making relevant and useful connections, same as you would on Twitter or FB.

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