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All of us know that there is a bunch of presentation making tools present including MS Power Point, Open Office Impress, etc. It’s because you don’t need to have a dedicated utility to play video presentations; only a video player is enough. Note that the tools I am going to share are not desktop utilities but all of them are websites.
If you just search for the best sites to create video presentations online, Knovio comes within the top five results.
The user interface of this website is simple that you can create a breathtaking video presentation in minutes.
Quoting the company itself, you won’t take more than 20 minutes to create a beautiful video presentation. You can guess it to be full of features as it got a spot on our list of best sites to create video presentations online. This one is probably the popular one among these best sites to create video presentations online as it is being used by more than 13 million people. If you are a blogger like me, the very first thing you should notice to judge the reliability of a website is its matrices like TF, CF, DA, PR, etc.
If you are creative enough to make video presentations from scratch without the help of a template, there will be no things to hold you back. With my YouTube Channels, social media profiles, and online courses, I’ve made around 200 videos over the last 12 months.
And in this post, I’m going to talk about the equipment and tools I use, along with alternatives to suit every budget. A big part of my process recently has been to make it as easy as possible to start shooting a video; I have put my DSLR camera and lavalier mic away for the time being.
And because of this, along with speeding up the post-production process, I’ve brought down the time it takes to create a video for my English learners (from the initial idea to the uploaded video and post) from around 6-8 hours to about 1-2 hours. Most people already have a perfectly fine camera for shooting high quality video: a smartphone. The benefits of using a smartphone are plentiful: you always have it with you, the quality is great (newer models), you can easily share video straight from your camera, and there are several apps that you can use on your phone. I have found that the iPhone earphones improve the audio quality (there is a mic on there), but there other options like this lavalier mic (cheaper options are available). If you are just starting out and have a smaller budget, and already have a smartphone, this might be the best camera option for you. I may go back to using this camera for future videos, but for now, my smartphone and webcam are perfect, and allow me to get more videos uploaded.
One option that came up during my research for an external microphone was a shotgun mic (it sits on top of your camera), and this option from Rode is a popular choice. I know other teachers who use a shotgun mic, and it will give you great audio if you have the budget for it. An alternative is to get a lavalier mic (this clips onto your top). You can connect it to your computer, an external recorder, or directly to your camera. I used to use a lav mic connected to this external recorder, and then I synced the audio to the video during post-production. And as I mentioned earlier, if you are using your smartphone, there are lavalier mics available for this too. As you can see, there are many audio options available, and what microphone you get will largely be influenced by the camera you have and the type of videos you want to film.

Shooting outdoors usually offers great lighting for your videos, but background noise and the weather can cause problems. Earlier on in the post I talked about how you export videos is important for video quality; if your software allows, bump up the bitrate. One more thing that you might consider getting is presentation software, preferably something that allows you to record presentations and export them as a movie file. There are other things that you might need (animated intros, music files, extra gear), but the above will suffice in most situations. To be honest, I think you’ll be fine with your smartphone, especially if you bump up the bitrate when you export the videos on Camtasia. Lighting will help too: search for $10 lighting solutions (or something like that) if you want to DIY it. For lighting, I just take two table lamps and put them on the desk on either side of the computer with the lampshades removed — easy, free, bright light.
I also just use the software that came with my Mac — QuickTime to record my screen and iMovie to edit. Since I teach in a virtual classroom (currently WebEx), I make the videos by starting a WebEx meeting with just myself. Yeah, and I haven’t quite figured out how to encode them differently to reduce the file size.
James Taylor Interview: Blogging, Twitter, English Teaching Methods, Non-Native Teachers and More!
I started this blog in May 2013 to help other teachers take control of their teaching and income by moving online.
You don’t have to download Adobe Remixer or any of the other video editing in order to edit your home videos.
Even though you don’t prefer learning by yourself, Knovio website provides you some tutorials using which the learning curve becomes less crooked.
As no strings attached like a pro or premium version, you will get the most out of the tools. Making use of the unlimited awesome features, you can create best-looking website videos, social clips, explainer videos and product promos as well. You don’t feel confused while using the creating interface of WeVideo as it keeps the features straightforward. Whenever you upload media files to their server, you can access that file and keep on with the editing from any device anywhere in the world. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. But in most cases, you’ll need to think about where you can put it to get the shot you want.
It works best on a PC, but there are some tweaks you can make so that it works on a Mac too (this is the app I use).
Just like the smartphone and the webcam, you will need an external microphone as the sound quality is poor when using DSLRs.
Things can get really expensive here (especially with wireless systems), so getting a $25-40 mic that connects directly to your camera is something you may want to start with. The only drawback is that you need to be physically close to your desk, or wherever your mic is, when recording video. There are DIY options for $10-20, but I decided that spending an extra $30 or so was worth it.

If you are filming against a wall, you can use the third light just behind you to eliminate shadows.
You can record your screen or from your webcam, it has everything you need for editing videos, and then you can export a video directly to Facebook, YouTube etc. But with the cost of creating videos decreasing, the barrier to creating something that looks and sounds good has been blown away over the past few years.
I just bought a $27 Audio Technica lavalier mic yesterday and put the webcam you mentioned on my Amazon wishlist. Using your computer webcam, especially if it’s a newer version, is a good option too. I would definitely look into getting an external microphone (as you say, the sound quality on the Logitech webcam isn’t great). I see what you mean about the distinction between screen capture and video editor – that must be why ScreenFlow is more expensive than Snagit.
This tasteful video template will give you that perfect piece of marketing video to bring in new clients or customers. The default content can be customized by adding your own multimedia files, texts or stickers. Personally, I found it too much work setting things up and shooting this way, especially because I had to put everything away after recording. However, even if you have great natural light indoors, you may want to shoot video at night where everyday lights won’t suffice.
If your software doesn’t, you can get around this is by using screen capturing software like ScreenFlow. All you can really do in the Snagit editor is trim bits of the video, although I’m guessing from what Chris was saying below that I could import a Snagit video capture into iMovie and edit it there.
Customize it as little or as much as you want and make it unique to you by placing your own text, images, audio and video in the ad. Even if you are a poor verbal communicator, you can take hearts of your listeners by a beautifully designed presentation.
Alternatively, you can use a regular tripod with an adapter, or get a desk tripod if you are shooting from your desk. I did a bit of editing of my last screencast within the YouTube suite and that was sufficient. I’ve been experimenting with it for tutorial videos and presentations and it seems to work ok. I’ve also used Quicktime for screen capture but the QuickTime movie files can be gigantic.
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