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With more than 50% yoy growth, YouTube has proven itself to be a business model worth experimenting.
The kind of videos hosted in YouTube includes user generated video, corporate videos, sponsored videos, advertisements, animated slideshows, etc. Seekers are those users who are looking for something of personal interest in your website.
Amplifiers are those who publish their own content as well as share those created by others to their own audience. Imagine an exclusive TV channel accessible through Internet with which you can reach out to your customers. A readymade script is like any off-the shelf product that you get to buy in a convenience store. Being an online business, or to be one that is made into a business, the best way to market your website is through digital marketing.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Bring your website to the world’s stage by raking higher search engine rankings. Viral marketing – As far as video websites are concerned, what makes them popular is viral videos.
Creating a Social media connect – The whole world is present at social networking websites. Advertisements – YouTube earns more than half of its revenues from commercials and advertisements of its channel partners.
Google ads – Google shares 68% of the revenue earned by it with the content creators, publishers. Commission revenue sharing from third parties – Earn a consistent rate of commission from third parties each time they earn money for their videos posted in your website. That day marked the first page of a video sharing revolution that will change the world once and for all.

Every day millions of hours of videos are being streamed online in YouTube and at least 50% of them are viewed from mobile devices.
Since then, YouTube has paid out more than $1 billion to rightsholders to owners or creators of the video content.
Users can upload videos they have created or share those created by others to their channels for public viewing and sharing. Music videos, video commercials, documentaries, even licensed movies, video blogs, tutorials – the kind of video content available online goes on forever.
Their attention can be caught by providing enriched content that is high in quality and also engaging in character.
Amplifiers are people who usually have a large fan following or popularity amidst the masses.
The brand earned higher visibility owing to its unique and attractive logo and online presence. Here the difference is that you buy the script, which is essential a pre-written software program from a virtual marketplace.
Of course, outdoor advertising does help, but to drive traffic and to increase user base, it is ideal to stick to digital marketing.
Use advanced search engine optimization techniques like using the right keywords, using the right content length, observing Google webmaster guidelines, etc. With millions of hours of video content being shared everyday, it is necessary for a new video sharing website to create a connect with it’s social followers.
For any online video sharing website, an advertisement from brands is the primary form of revenue. And the success of the video sharing website is that new categories get added each single day. An amplifier’s presence will not only increase your website’s online visibility but will also give great push for traffic.

They buy products that are promoted in the website, respond to promotional communication sent, etc. The name is not only short, but catchy, unique (hence easy to remember) and definitely a distinct charm. Hence, it is necessary for a new video sharing website also to follow the footsteps of YouTube in creating a unique domain name with a visual appeal to it.
The readymade script has automated features which will launch a video sharing website or any other function it is built instantly.
HD Video Share (Joomla) and Video gallery (WordPress) enables users to set up their own free versions of YouTube with all features that the website provides. Here are some ideal options to bring your video sharing website to popularity from being a newly launched venture. Taking full advantage of this allows a business to stand apart from its competitors and thus gain a competitive advantage.
This gives tremendous potential for your video sharing website to earn revenue by displaying Google ads that are integrated with AdSense.
In other words, they make the website a worthy platform that can be used to do business in a large scale. The truth is that YouTube has given aspiring video sharing website creators hints to create the best domain name for their websites.
Channels like Khan’s Academy prove how YouTube can be used as a reliable teaching and learning platform.
It has helped multitude of businesses to grow audience and build customer base effectively and at fractional costs.

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