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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Creating Marketing Personas.How fictional characters help youcommunicate with your target markets.
The persona in marketing is a fabricated or (fictionalized) face of a combination of characteristics of our target audience based on real life research and analysis.
Ira Kalb is assistant professor of clinical marketing at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California and president of Kalb & Associates. For the past 15 to 20 years, marketers have been talking about the need to develop systems to tie every aspect of marketing together from developing marketing communications to selling products and providing after sale customer service. Evidence of inadequate Marketing Information Systems In addition to not seeing them in companies for which I have studied and consulted, it is obvious from the ads and commercials that most companies run in the media.
In a perfect world, an MIS system would be created from the ground up and integrated with all of a businessa€™s systems and processes. Integrate these systems with company wide enterprise systems (if possible and not too costly). A good place to start is the business system that every business has a€“ the Accounting system.
If the accounting software is well designed and flexible, this information can be sorted in a variety of ways including by (1) Sales person, (2) Product, (3) SKU (stock-keeping-unit), (4) Division or Region,A  (5) Distribution channel, (6) Reseller, and (7) Season. The information obtained from the accounting system is typically enterprise-wide and at a macro level. To capture and properly respond to this information, most marketers need to create a Marketing Information System that augments the macro information provided by their accounting systems.
To minimize paperwork, marketers can collect a lot of the information from the above list on a Market Information Form (or its electronic equivalent). A pad of these forms (or an electronic version) is provided to all the contact points including (1) Receptionists and secretaries that answer the phone, (2) Sales people, (3) Customer service people, (4) Repair people, (5) Personnel that respond to inquiries and complaints online and on social media, and (6) accounts receivable (since they often hear about complaints when they try to collect on late invoices). In addition to helping sales people follow up on leads and close business, smart marketers use lead card information for other Marketing Information System purposes, such as the Hot List and Promotion Effectiveness Report described below. The systems above (Market Information Form, Lead Card, Hot List and Promotion Effectiveness Report) typically capture information in real time and provide a lot of great information that help the marketing function do a more effective job and prove it to the CEO.
When some big holes remain that still need to be plugged, marketers will often do primary research, which is their own research. Smart marketers also know that you will never plug all the holes in the information you would like to have. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling toothpaste (hardly a considered purchase) or expensive professional services (think lawyer or accountant) – the requirements is the same.
Delight your current customers: I know it seems obvious but really, when was the last time a business went out of their way to delight you? Let the customer tell you when they’re ready to buy: The minute we feel we’re being sold at – we shut down. Then, he finally walked away but only because he was chasing after a more talkative customer.
I think trust is something that is very important and you are exactly right Drew – when customers notice they are getting the hard sell they walk away. If you’re a busy, over-extended solopreneur or small business owner, I bet you’re still working on your marketing calendar for 2015.
Step 2: Add any events that are specific to your business like new product launches, industry conferences, networking events and trade shows that you intend to participate in. Step 3: Now plan your marketing activities around the events you listed in the two steps above.
Presented on April 27, 2012 at the MRA Spring Research Symposium hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Marketing Research Association.
You’ll start learning their characteristics based on the things they like.Creating Marketing Personas. Executive Leader, Mid-si Background: Key At Thompson is an executive in a medium- Co size (100+) company.
When is the last time you saw an ad or commercial that has a built in mechanism, or code, for the advertiser to track the success of the ad? In such a world, every sale and lead could be traced back to the marketing effort that produced it.
They need a system that enables them to (1) make better decisions and (2) support those decisions with verifiable data.
What information do businesses get from their accounting system that is useful to marketers? This is given to sales people to put in their sales notebooks so they can use the data to answer objections and close business (with the caveat of not disparaging competitors) and is fed into the companya€™s new product development system so that new products can be designed to beat competitors. This information is organized by the marketing building blocks (1) corporate image, (2) positioning, (3) product, (4) pricing, (5) distribution, (6) promotion, and (6) marketing information system (yes we need to collect information as to how well our MIS strategies are working).
Sales people use the lead card to follow up on a prospecta€™s interest with the objective of closing the sale.

If you are selling to a business, most of the information you need is on your contacta€™s business card. The products you typically sell should be pre-listed on the lead card so sales people can quickly check them off. This is your sales person's guestimate of how likely the prospect is to buy your product in the current period, which is usually this month. All promotion that you do should have a unique code so that when the lead is captured, you know what marketing activity generated the lead. To qualify for the Hot List, a Hot lead should have at least a 25% chance of closing in the current period (each company should decide their own minimum threshold for Hot).
If the dollar amount proposed is $10,000 and the % chance of closing is a€?guestimateda€? to be 50%, the expected value would be $5,000. The sales manager helps sales people to close Hot leads by coaching them on how best to answer the Objections in column 8 of the Hot List.
The sales manager helps to insure that the sum of Expected Values equals, or exceeds, each sales persona€™s quota for the month. Promotion Effectiveness Report As each sales person captures the promotion source for each lead on the Lead Card, the information automatically flows onto his or her Promotion Effectiveness Report.
Common forms of primary research include surveys, focus groups, experiments, and various forms of crowd sourcing. Translated – you will never make a sale if the prospect doesn’t know you exist, doesn’t like both what you sell and who you are and ultimately, doesn’t trust you. When someone you already trust, be it a family member, co-worker, or casual acquaintance, endorses a product or service, you know they don’t have anything to gain by it. If someone is caught off-guard by remarkable service or a product that is so superior that they can’t believe it – they’re going to talk about it. It is more important to engage with your customer and allow sales to happen more organically. Yeah, we all wanted to have it completed before the New Year began, but few of us actually managed to achieve this (me included).
Don’t worry about detailed work plans at this stage; just make sure that you mark the beginning of the planning stage for each holiday, occasion and event. You may want to “invent” new excuses to get your products or services in front of your customers by building a campaign around a Hallmark Occasion. Creating a persona provides insights for us to tailor our interactions for the best response.Creating Marketing Personas. He is focused on 50-60 years old the company future and is concerned Predominately Male, Married about bringing his team to a deeper level Lives in upscale suburb of expertise and discipline.
Yes, there are bits and pieces here and there from social media analytics to CRM systems, but very few of these components are integrated to the extent they need to be. Over many years, my students at USC continuously analyze ads and commercials of Fortune 1000 companies as part of their homework assignments. The objective is to turn the negative into a positive and build a stronger relationship with the offended party. In addition to notes of all contacts, there are four main pieces of information that should be captured on the lead card. For additional information you need, your lead card should be designed so you can add it with minimal effort. Because the degree of interest is also called a€?buying temperaturea€? the metaphor for degree of interest that is often is used is Hot for the most interested leads, Warm for the next most interested leads, and Cool for the least interested. This lead source should automatically update another MIS report called the Promotion Effectiveness report.
If the expected values are lower than a sales persona€™s quota, the sales manager can encourage the sales person do whatever is necessary to get more Hot leads on the Hot List so that the sum of Expected Values equals or exceeds the quota. Every time a sales person gives a presentation or makes a sale from a lead, that information is recorded on the Promotion Effectiveness Report. Marketers can simply type in search terms in a search window and browse the Internet for any data related to those search terms.
They’re feeling as though someone is always selling at them (not to or with – at) and they’re wary of anything that smacks of marketing spin.
Staring at that blank 2015 calendar trying to decide where to begin is overwhelming to many of us. This is the term coined to describe the many “special” days, weeks and even months created by marketers to overcome just this problem.
He is Plays sports such as golf and tennis Buys on high end and owns late responsible for providing key supervision model vehicle or support to the corporations’ field Very knowledgeable with 30 years leaders or sales force. As they have discovered, too many ads in various media (print, broadcast, and even online) have no such mechanisms. Skilled customer service personnel would quickly turn all negatives into positives, and skilled marketing communicators would create content that incorporated the testimonials. The way companies handle complaints can mean the difference between success and failure in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Copies are also given to sales people so they can put them in their sales notebooks and use them to impress prospects and close business. The sales quotas of all the sales people should sum to the a€?measurable goala€? of the Marketing Plan. The MIS system automatically adds up the total number of the leads, presentations, and sales company-wide for each promotion source.
Furthermore, marketers can set up a€?alerts.a€? That is, search terms can be entered into a search engine so that the search enginea€™s crawlers will continually search for anything that contains those search terms and send you an email when it finds them. He must have given her some signal behind my back because she got this very flustered look on her face and then just walked away…and he swooped back in.
For example, if you are an interior designer, why not offer a special giveaway or live webinar about how to use house plants effectively on Houseplant Appreciation Day (10 January).
He is also experience responsible for the strategic leadership Pragmatic about doing what’s and operational management of the necessary services firm or division. Further evidence is provided in marketing industry publications that complain about the lack of specific cradle-to-grave information that ties together marketing efforts with sales and profit results. When compared to the costs of that promotion source, the marketing department can calculate the promotion effectiveness, or ROI, of each promotion. There are so many other sites, which marketers frequent, that provide a wealth of information. If you are collecting the information discussed in this post, you will have the information you need to make better marketing decisions.
But more importantly, you’ll have a solid overview of what the coming year will look like so that you can begin the real planning—one step at a time. Media interests from TV, radio, internet Attends annual meeting regularly Information Goals: …and build a If he gets printed material, he will scan it for key terms and see if the program will meet his needs. Allow the personas to tofor providing key supervision responsible drive or support the corporations’ field mo Ve the methods for reaching them. Since totals for leads, presentations, and sales are available in the MIS by sales person, the sales manager can automatically compute the batting average of each sales person and determine the number of leads and presentations each one needs to make his or her sales quota. Just a few examples include: Media Post, Marketing Sherpa, Brand Channel, Hoovers, the CIA World Factbook, and ClickZ. Tends to be conservative Three words to describe him: He will not read it thoroughly unless he has already hypothetical decided that will be a good ROI. In this way, the sales manager and the company marketers systematically work together to insure that (1) plan goals are met and (2) the money invested in promotion is not wasted (the ads and promotions that are effective will be repeated and the ones that dona€™t will be discontinued).
You just need to get sufficient information to stay ahead of your competitors and keep updated on your ever-changing marketplace. He kept following me around the store, asking me questions to which I responded with terse, one-word answers. He is also exp responsible for the strategic leadership Pra and operational management of the ne services firm or division.
If CEOs and other executives believed that marketing worked efficiently and effectively, they would not look at marketing as a cost item but an investment on which they would realize a return.
And when something goes wrong – not only should you honor your original promise but you should go above and beyond it. Dedicated, strategic and diligent character for our He knows our organization and knows we are credible.
Me inte Att Information Goals: Te If he gets printed material, he will scan it for key terms and see if the program will meet his needs. Three He will not read it thoroughly unless he has already Dedica decided that will be a good ROI. He may scan emails sent Daily Routines: Keeping informed of progress and status of sales outreach.
The primary way a CMO can prove his or her worth is to collect the data on the return the company is realizing on its marketing investment.
Since he’s low on Responding to e-mail and phone calls time, he will not call us, but may delegate that or will go to their Involved in lots of meetings web site to see what the offer is. He will expect it to be Keeping informed of adverse events extremely easy to find what he wants. If he doesn’t get Overseeing and coordinating information fast, he may give the search engine a try.
Ensuring proper sales monitoring Feels on a very tight schedule and This persona is He will be interested in a service or program that: could be overwhelmed Offers great value for his investment Gives a competitive edge for company named Tom. A results oriented, actionable service or program Develops individuals who become invested in the company’s success Key Barriers: ROI Develops individuals to learn think strategically, develop Time-intensive; how much time does it problem-solving, assessment, decision-making and analytical take?

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