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Serving as one of the highly applauded content management systems, WordPress has also emerged as an easy and budget-friendly option for building excellent applications. The decision to provide users an access to the application’s database purely depends on the sole purpose, the app has been designed for. There’s a lot more to app development than plain management of app users and sessions.
Some of the best known UI frameworks available for WordPress include Foundation, Bootstrap, Gumby and Bourbon. Developing a web or mobile application using WordPress is perhaps the best decision you can take as an app developer. After having matured from a mere blogging platform to a full-fledged content management system, WordPress is all set to woo the professionals who are engaged in developing applications for web and mobile devices. Author Signature: Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, a mobile application development company. Embarcadero, the database and dev tools maker, has launched Appmethod today, a new single code base platform for creating native apps for different operating systems with minimal effort.
The company says that its platform provides a complete set of tools to help developers create apps “from tooling to cloud” for devices running the Android, iOS, Windows and OS X operating systems. While it’s by no means the only company trying to make app development easier, it claims to be one of the only ones in the space to offer “truly native” app development that doesn’t require JavaScript interpreters or virtual machines.
Appmethod is available to individuals for $299 per year, per developer, per platform, while enterprises can pick up a license for $999 per year, per developer, per platform. Ben is European Editor of The Next Web with a focus on startups, gadgets and lifestyle tech. One of the biggest reasons users give up on an app is that their “patience” only lasts a few seconds, especially when opening an app for the first time.
You never know what type of network a user is using or its quality, so make sure to develop, in a way that doesn’t require syncing with a server or an immediate signup process (asynchronous).
Pay attention – this is really important: Limit the number of characters when translating, otherwise, the text might spill off-screen! The best way to avoid this type of problem is to conduct a survey of your target market, and ask the questions you need answered to ensure you’re compatible with the market you’re aiming for.
There are a number of high-quality online services, which are quick and affordable, for receiving feedback from your intended target audience. A client of ours once checked their app on a pretty-common Android device and found that the app crashed as soon as you purchased it. There are many quick, cost-effective, high-quality services for widespread comprehensive testing, but if you can avoid these common problems first yourself, you will save yourself lots of time and aggravation later. The founder of Fractus Learning, Nick Grantham is an Australian educator living and working in Dublin, Ireland.
With such little effort invested in setting up and creating paper apps, kids are free to experiment and let their ideas run wild. Fractus Learning participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon.
Mobile apps have become an integral part of most of the businesses now; be it a small sized business or a big venture. In case you are not sure why you need a dedicated mobile app for your business, let us look at the reasons why you should be going down this path in 2015!
The top most reason for having a mobile app for your business is to engage a large number of Smartphone’s users.
Your business needs a mobile app to stay competitive, as a lot of businesses already have a mobile app. A mobile app can really be helpful to your business to create brand awareness among people. The purpose to set up a business is to earn revenues and mobile apps will give a boost to your sales and enhance revenues. You can even earn revenues through various monetization options available in the mobile app stores like in-app advertising or in-app purchasing. Many businesses already have their mobile app, as they understand that it is going to be a standard component of any business in the future.
Semaphore Software is a leading mobile application development company, delivering ingenious mobile apps to businesses across the globe. Effectively leveraging mobile as a sales tool requires more than just building an app, and this is where most B2B mobile sales and marketing efforts fail. Roy Chomko, CEO of Adage Technologies reports that “While executives eagerly shell out thousands of dollars for an app’s development and launch, too often they fail to forecast the ongoing costs of maintaining a mobile application.” If this is true, then what additional effort, time, and expense should B2B marketers or sales executive anticipate?
In order for a company to be successful in their mobile marketing and sales enablement efforts, their apps must provide useful experiences for all of the constituents in the go-to-market ecosystem. DevelopmentA myth popular amongst many marketers is that developing mobile apps is cheap and easy. Many published studies peg the development costs of B2B apps at between $50,000 and $250,000, depending on the complexity of the application. DeploymentA B2B app must be deployed to all potential users in the most efficient and effective manner. In 2013 alone, there were dozens of upgrades and bug fixes to iOS and Android operating systems, requiring apps to be updated and modified to accommodate these operating system changes.
Experience shows that maintenance of these kinds of enterprise apps can be a significant expense. Estimates by MGI Research show that mobile apps will require at least four major update cycles stemming from operating system and device updates over an 18-month to 24-month period. 5 Quick TipsAchieving all of the benefits of having a B2B app fully deployed to marketing, sales, channel teams, and customers, while at the same time being able to afford the development, distribution and maintenance costs, can be a challenge. B2B apps for sales and marketing have already proven to yield significant opportunity for improving sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency. For the last couple of months (as pointed out in my latest income reports), I’ve been working vigorously on creating new iPhone apps.
Over the past weekend, 3 of our new apps were completed by our developers and are ready to be submitted to Apple for approval.
Since many of you (and I really do mean many!) have been emailing me and asking me for more info about creating iPhone apps, I’ll be writing more about my experience in individual blog posts, such as this one.
There are thousands of companies and individuals out there who make a living by programming apps for other people.
Even if I knew how to program apps myself, I still think I would hire other people to do it for me anyways. Every day, iTunes showcases the most downloaded and most profitable applications, and every day it surprises me. Some of the top apps are actually useful, some are clever, funny, and some are just plain weird or stupid.
Anyways after your app is approved, there is a bit of promotional work that needs to be done in order to give yourself a fighting chance to get noticed and gain some momentum. Free applications get downloaded far more often than paid ones because, well, they are free. With free apps that run advertisements, the download is free, but anytime anyone clicks on an ad, you get paid (just like Google Adsense). Of course, the advertising companies take their share as well, and ads running on your application do annoy some people, but they can be very profitable. As a freelance graphic designer I was looking to graphically design an app and out source to a developer to actually build the app.
Thanks Pat I will defiently be checking elance out … I look forward to reading more about your app progression and look forward to seeing them do well ! Also, is it reasonable to expect the developer to handle the approval process or is the ball in my court on that one? Do you promote the apps elsewhere, or just leave it to chance that iPhone users will find your apps via the store? To answer your questions, sometimes I give them a UI if I want an app to look a very specific way (and I outsource that as well most of the time), and other times I just leave it up to them to create the UI for me. Lastly, we do promote on iPhone app review sites as well, which has been hit or miss really. It does happen, so one must realize that there are a few things once can do to minimize the chance of being rejected. I was thinking about it, but the market is still new so I’m trying to choose my battles carefully. It is interesting to read about app development from an investor’s point of view, Pat.
In regards to bugs, some developers allow you to contact them after your app is finished after a certain amount of days to have any bugs fixed.

Anyways, I don’t know much about the Android market yet, so I may be contacting you for some help with that. Based on what I know about you and your creativity, I’m sure you could come up with some great app concepts. In addition to having Pay Off Debt developed for Apple products, I had a version of it made for Android. Did the same developer create an android app version for you, or did you have to go to somebody else? It was the same development company, although I worked with a different developer within that company.
Is the NDA that you are using generic or is it one that you have a lawyer put together for each app you want developed?
After reading article-upon-article about people turning their app ideas into app store success stories, we became frustrated with our inability to find a qualified developer to turn our own app idea into a reality. App Idea People simply post their app ideas, App Developers submit quotes and compete for the opportunity to develop those ideas, and users can pick and choose which App Developer they want to hire to create their apps. It’s going to be interesting to see how the free versus paid apps change now that Apple is getting into advertising too. Backed by a rich collection of plugins and services, WordPress proudly serves as the foundation for web and mobile applications. As a WordPress developer, you can easily tweak the basic WP architecture with the help of easy-to-use plugins including Easy Content Types, Toolset, Advanced Custom Fields and many more.
However, in order to ensure a more “app-like’ experience for your app users, I recommend you maintaining all the user input as a crucial component of front-end experience.
You need to be thoroughly competent in introducing innovative functionality that would suite specific situations ranging from saving custom information in the form of posts, pages etc. One of the greatest advantages of using a UI framework is that it cuts down a lot of development time, especially during the early stages. Now a technology journalist with a specialism in mobile devices and a geeky love of mobile spectrum issues. Check it on the smallest mobile device on the platform you’re using, the chances of cut-offs are highest on such screens. Be sure to separate translation to different languages from the code, so that you can export, translate quickly, and re-implement. The best tip I can offer is to simply check with as many people as possible on as many devices as possible. Eran has over 15 years experience in creating test teams and test methodologies for different software products, and has been pioneering crowd-sourced testing methodologies since 2010.
With a background in education, engineering and digital product development, Nick launched Fractus Learning to connect people with a shared passion for technology and how it can bring education to life. Not only is this a really fun class exercise,  it is also an excellent skill to build before advancing into real app development in the future.
Not only is printing sheets a lot cheaper than buying devices for every student, it is also a lot easier to manage in your classroom or school. The best part is that early coding frustration can be avoided as it is a lot easier to change an app on paper than it is in code. The process of designing on paper is an essential part of the creative process in real app development. Due to a large audience using Smartphone’s and Tablets in recent times, you will be able to reach many new customers.
You will otherwise be slow to the market and will miss the opportunity of tapping the huge market of Smartphone’s users.
Customers will notice you, start knowing you and gradually get inclined to buy your products or services.
You can easily send push notifications of interesting offers and discounts to your customers, encouraging them to buy your products & services. Many businesses avoid developing mobile apps for their business considering the cost factor.
Mobile industry is booming, and your business needs a mobile app to survive the competition, rather than relying only on your websites and other marketing efforts. Our mobile application developers will help you to embrace the mobile technology, producing the right results for your business!! As Jordan Stopler, CEO of StoryDesk, notes, “The greatest misconception of app development is that once the software is built, the development ends. This includes marketers, sales team members, channel partners, and most importantly, prospects and customers. But remember, a B2B app is an “enterprise” application, and requires a variety of professional-grade characteristics in order to be useful.
Jeff Francis, co-founder and COO of SAP Business Innovation, reports that their research has shown that sales applications typically fall into the $50,000-$150,000 development cost range, and can far exceed those costs if the app is highly complex with more than three  mobility platforms required. Tim King, CTO of 5app, shows the cost of an app increasing by a factor of between 2.5X and 3X when apps are built for three supported platforms as compared to just one.
This often does include the Apple App store, but also might include the Google Play Store for Android, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for internal enterprise deployment, a company’s private “app store”, and placement on other app marketplaces (such as the Kindle app store). Recognizing that similar types of users (say, sales representatives) will need the app in a variety of geographic regions, and that users in these regions may have different devices, places a burden on the developers to ensure that all required devices are supported.
Once the product has been paid for, there remains a continuous requirement to “feed” and maintain it – gas for the car, periodic oil changes, brakes, tires, windshield wiper replacements, etc. The vast majority of B2B sales and marketing apps are tablet-based versions of slide presentations, videos, and brochures. Rather, track how your app is being used, to see how engaged your users are with each section of the app, where the users are globally and what devices they are using to access the app. Creating transparency around the entire process, from development through deployment and maintenance will dramatically improve the likelihood of sustained success. We currently have 4 available in iTunes, which has grossed us a total of $6798.64 during the first quarter of the year.
These are people who understand programming who can build apps better and faster than I ever could.
But, it’s safe to assume that these apps that become the top downloaded apps are raking in some serious dough. Also, because the iTunes store is actually a search engine, keywords are important to optimize as well.
Sometimes, all it takes is one person with a little bit of influence to start a huge wave of downloads for you. Surprisingly enough, our FREE version running ads is far more profitable than our paid version.
I even felt the need to leave a nice comment for their sales page as they begin to launch their new eBook too. And who knows, maybe one of the new apps that we’re making hits the top of the charts and we make it big. If you have any specific questions about iPhone apps that I can possibly answer for you in the comment section, or in a later blog post, please feel free to ask. I promise not to blame you if things don’t work out well (smile) but picking from elance is tough because one has no point of reference among all the choices.
It would be a shame to spend money to develop an app and not get it approved but looks like you have had no issues with that. Developers are charging a bit more for the iPad right now just because of the buzz behind it, so I may get into that later. I think it’s relevant enough to the topic, and may provide some inspiration for people.
Looking forward to learning lots more about iphone app development here as it is something I am keen to get into though there isn’t too much information available. Being an iPhone dev myself, it is vital to be able to push updates as soon as (major) bugs are discovered (by yourself or your customers).
As with many passive income streams, they tend to have a peak or plateau and then slowly die. Do I need to create my own developer account to upload from, in order to have complete control of the app even if I didn’t develop it?
Some developers, however, are willing to go into your account to upload the app for you, since the process is a bit cumbersome at times.
I completely agree with you regarding the importance of outsourcing the developement of an application.
I think you’ve got the perfect mindset for something something like outsourcing applications. I was curious how it would perform there, and so far it’s doing much better on Apple.

I heard the language was totally different, so you might have to end up paying the same you would for another iPhone app.
I think everybody is looking for additional income streams and this is an amazing analysis. Hopefully I can continue to provide useful information about iPhone apps in the future for everyone. Do you use any sort of NDA or contact with your developers to protect your idea or keep them from stealing it? It’s hard to say, because Apple does a great job of categorizing the apps, and within each category there are different kinds of apps that are popular. I’m still trying to figure out my true passion, but keep dreaming about the apps world. You can track clicks over to your iTunes page for each app, but you can’t tell exactly how many of those people actually buy or download your app.
We also sensed that we were not the only people out there with great ideas and searching for app developers. Not a bad things, some people like just doing one thing well and not trying to be the next big success story. When you factor in everything else about creating and selling apps other than the actual coding part (eg research, marketing, customer service) creating 20-30 apps of your own as a coder would probably become burdensome. You hear a lot about all the successful apps because they’re awesome stories to hear. It is a much smaller market and there aren’t 385,000 paid apps to compete with like there are in the App store. The android market is still relatively small, however it might take twice the amount of money to invest in developers (if you are outsourcing your work), because it’s a totally different platform, and developers have to start almost from scratch with them. I’ve heard of some Android success stories, but most often I hear about how poorly an Android app fared compared to its iPhone counterpart. Today, in this blog, I’ll be throwing some light on key aspects that are associated with app development using WordPress. Fortunately, WordPress comes with several forms that can allow app users to update the database via the front-end itself. All these UI frameworks come loaded with pre-built CSS that has been generated using SASS or LESS. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about the timely and efficient deployment of the created application.
After drinking dozens of cups of coffee, looking all blurry eyed after being up all night fixing bugs, checking and adding just one more feature.
You should also test it on the largest device available, since the opposite can happen, and the content and graphics on your app could appear too small. If that’s the reason for users leaving the platform, developers can’t know until it’s too late that they’ve lost momentum in that market. So the skills your kids learn on paper, will translate to real software development in the future. Customers these days want a mobile experience and if your business doesn’t provide one, they will go to your competitors. Through alerts you can remind your customers about your products & services whenever necessary and even notify them of the new arrivals.
It is important to understand that having a mobile app will be advantageous to you in the long run.
The businesses that will transform their processes using mobility are going to climb the success ladder in 2015! She is Professional, Vibrant and Vivacious, is passionate about writing & reads extensively. Incidentally, in this same study, the coding part of the development cost was just 50% of the true cost of development, once design and testing was accounted for.
But simply putting the app into the store, or making it available in a company’s MDM system does not actually deploy the app to the devices belonging to the intended users. In the world of sales and marketing, it is not enough to limit support only to the variety of tablets and smartphones for these users, because many sales personnel use PC’s. Depending on how the app is developed, it will require updates whenever operating systems are updated, new operating systems are released, new device types and sizes become available, and even when new versions of web browsers are released. These are not going to be more effective simply because they are used on a touch screen device.
We’re super stoked to have 8 more apps scheduled to be released in less than a month. But, they exist – and I know a lot of people who are taking advantage of the opportunity. In fact, our paid one earns upwards of $10 a day, while the lite version consistently earns between $30-60 a day. I unfortunately know absolutely nothing about the process, or even the right direction to go. In fact, a couple of our apps have been rejected a couple of times, but after a few minor changes (which the developers are usually willing to do, because they want your app to be approved too), they were approved!
By keeping your app up to date and adding features over time, you keep the app alive and your users interested, which means a significant extension of the lifespan of your app (and your investment). The trick is to do everything possible with your app before the end of that time so you’ll know what to fix. If possible, it is also a good idea to get a Google Andriod version made of your app, since there is much less competition on the Android app market. Perhaps this is a sign that I should have a look at it and consider coming up with some app concepts. Loaded with rich and thoroughly extensive APIs, WordPress allows you to shift your focus from traditional app building process to a more contemporary strategy of developing high-performing applications.
If you’re about to develop your app using WordPress then you can use any of these popular UI frameworks in combination with useful JavaScript plugin, thereby gaining a complete access to the best set of UI tools.
Moreover, with plenty of hosting solutions available with WordPress, you can save yourself from a lot of headache associated with searching for a host that is scalable and includes SSH access.
The purpose of a mobile app is to contact your customers directly, which is not possible through a website. You will be able to deliver your message to them effectively at any point of time even when they are at work, saloon or gym! You can even integrate major social networks with your mobile app to widen the reach of your business.
Another study, performed by Propelics, revealed that the median development cost of a “medium” complexity B2B app was $100,000. Those users must still know where to go (depending on their device and operating system) and they must find the specific app via a link or search. Instead, engage with the end user on a sensory level, and create an emotional connection, keeping in mind that your user is going to choose which aspects of the application to explore, and in what sequence.
In order to respond to these bug reports, you’ll have to rely on the devs you hired as they will be the ones solving the problems and pushing the updates.
I am so happy you as so open about these things and talk about them and how much they make.
For instance, as an app developer, you can think all the native pages, posts and custom post types as models.
Offering you an opportunity of tapping into the commonly used design patterns for building user interfaces, a UI framework can help you with a lot more. You mentioned IPhone app review sites, but have you done any marketing with the app as you would with an affiliate product? That means, a model for a particular post would comprise of attributes of content, title and date of publication. While a popular managed WordPress host is WP Engine or, highly recommended names in the world of WordPress cloud hosting include Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and many more.
One of the things I learned in these years is to focus on their core competencies and skills. It is possible to ship a product that is bug free, but with more complex apps this is (virtually) impossible. Reaching a professional level in application development requires much time and time is money (something that often is not considered).

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