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Do you struggle with creating an effective social media marketing plan that both fits in with your schedule and still provides massive value to your audience on a consistent basis? Maybe you’re just starting out and feel a bit overwhelmed (and excited) about all of the potential possibilities but you just can’t figure out where to start or how to put the pieces together.
Well no worries because in today’s post, we will be sharing our top advice for creating a highly effective marketing plan that works no matter which social media channel you primarily use for your business.
You need to set aside time to truly figure out exactly what it is that your business needs and how social media can help fill that need.
One of the best things you can do before even getting started is to sit down and really map out exactly what it is you want to accomplish. The main thing you want to keep in mind is that your goals should be measurable in some way. Or if you plan to grow your audience and brand, you might measure your results through the amount of new fans or followers to your page or clicks to your website. Defining your audience and truly understanding who you are creating your content for will help determine where you should be promoting, create more engagement, and increase conversions.
The more clear you get with your answers, the more you will be able to fine-tune a marketing plan that perfectly suits their needs.
You may even find that you have a few different types of avatars for your business, which is totally fine. This is a step where many people start to unnecessarily overwhelm themselves by believing that they need to market across every platform. As you continue to build your business and grow your audience, you can always add the other social media strategies at a later point. One big thing to think about when choosing your social media channel is where your target market likes to hang out online. Now that you’ve researched and brainstormed, it’s time to map out a social media content strategy. Take note of anything that stands out and use what you learn as inspiration for choosing and creating your own unique content for your page (whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc). One great thing about the MLSP system is that you can always leverage the back office, live training, and wake up calls to help come up with topics. You can listen to a wakeup call and turn part of the message into an image quote crediting the speaker.
By knowing the social media channels you want to master and exactly how often you want to post, it will make it very simple for you to just map out a large amount of content ideas in one sitting. This will allow you much more time for actually promoting your content and building relationships. This is an area that many people struggle with simply because we often feel like we need to do something the same way other people are doing it. If you work from home full-time and find you work better on small projects or work best at a certain time each day, you might find it’s easier for you to create your content fresh daily. What we do is create a master list of all of the tasks we need to do get done for the week (in regards to our social media marketing plan) and we divide up the tasks based on batchwork and daily tasks.
For example, if you plan to post on Facebook 6 times per day, you know that you need 42 Facebook posts for the week.
Whereas tasks such as promoting our blog posts, connecting with new leads, or growing our Twitter following are things that tend to happen daily as opposed to batchwork. If your goal was to get 50 new fan page likes per week, you can easily use Facebook’s data to ensure you are reaching that goal. However for things like website clicks, new leads, and sales conversions, you want to make sure you already have the proper tracking in place before going into full blown promotion mode.
If you are using your own links or sites, you can use link trackers (such as Bitly) in order to gather your data. As your systems are set up and you are releasing content consistently you can start to focus your efforts more on engaging with prospects, increasing conversions, being consistent with the tasks that are working well, and figuring out new ways to grow from there.

Remember that creating content in advance or scheduling your social media posts is in no way meant to replace human interaction.
Another benefit of getting your content created in advance is that you can also spend time optimizing it for conversions.
Social media can be an extremely powerful tool to grow your business online IF you equip yourself with the right plan, right tools, and right mindset! 19 minute movie reveals the “5-Step Formula” ALL 6-figure+ earners embrace to get leads, sign up reps, and make money from the 90% who say no to your biz opp… GUARANTEED! FREE Instagram Video Demo & 10-Point PDF 'Cheat-Sheet' to help you get 21+ Red Hot Leads Per Day for YOUR Business!
So for today’s Social Media Marketing Happy Hour podcast, we’d like to share with you a few simple, yet very essential elements that are sometimes overlooked in creating an effective digital marketing strategy. We’ve been seeing this trend on a regular basis in both our individual businesses and in Social Media Marketing Happy Hour, and even with our clients and other entrepreneurs we know.
It’s good to be excited when you start your business, but when you get too excited, you start without even making sure that everything is setup right. Here are a few simple things you can do that will get you much closer to creating a marketing machine that can run in the background. We need to make sure that before you run any traffic to your business, that you have your auto-responders set up, your email follow-ups set up, your facebook pixels, retargeting set up and so much more. We know you might be feeling overwhelmed right now listening to all of this, but doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s so much we want to share about this topic, but we can only provide so much here on our podcast. Part 1 of the book covers the Fundamentals upon which this technology is based and covers the science underpinning the technology. Without knowing where you want to go or what you want to accomplish, how will you ever get there? It is incredibly easy to get lost in the sea of social media and you want to be sure you use your time and efforts wisely.
This helps you determine the perfect type of messages to put in front of your audience as well as gives you great information about where these people tend to hang out online. Believe us, we want to jump in on everything as well, but early on we learned the importance of focus. Now choose some leaders in your industry who rock that strategy effectively and start to follow and engage with what they do on their channels.
But the reality is that we don’t all have the same schedule, lifestyles, and responsibilities. This also works well for someone who really knows how to maximize those extra pockets of free time in your day. You can then separate those posts into different types such quotes, images, promotions, videos, blog posts, and more depending on your niche and then you can create the posts all in one sitting. The same thing is true for all more social media platforms that provide data for your business. If you plan to use Facebook marketing as one of our primary methods, you can also utilize pixels on your site in order to track all of your visitor data so that you can optimize your campaigns and get better results. As you start to get some tangible results, you can then use those results to determine if you need to change anything in your content or funnel in order to get more leads or sales. We hope these 7 steps help get you started in the right direction and defeat any overwhelm you may have been feeling.
It will always evolve and change as your business grows and you learn what does and doesn’t work, but having the plan in place creates a strong foundation from which to build. This post will help you create an effective social media marketing plan no matter the social media site you choose! All they have to do is simply post on social media and run a few ads and this translates to profit!

Both of us personally use this for our businesses and find it very helpful. It gives you a visual representation of the process and allows you to map out the direction in which you are going. We will take time for people who want to do a business diagnostic session with us so we can take a look at the current process you have in place. Part 2 covers the Applications from the production of therapeutic proteins to gene therapy. If you plan to use it for customer outreach, will you use a feedback or rating system to measure results? While it is awesome to have a presence on all of the social media channels, it is really important to keep your focus to one or two strategies at a time when first starting out.
If your target market is a teen or 20-something group, you might find Snapchat to be an effective marketing channel.
You might get some likes and shares but if you want to create measurable results, it is crucial to create and post with purpose. It is most important for you to figure out a workflow that suits you and your family, even if that doesn’t fit the mold of everyone around you. For example, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all make it super simple to see your growth and analytics. Whether you use custom links or system campaigns, you are able to track the impressions, clicks, leads, and sales. As your posts go out each day, be sure to pay attention to comments, messages, or engagement from your audience so that you can actively respond to them. Many business owners and entrepreneurs hastily shift gears because they feel a little bit of success trickling in, and they haven’t even gotten the base set up.
If you’re offering services, it’s about getting people to pick you among all the other competition. Just a warning, there are a lot of people out there who consider themselves experts in a particular field, although they may or may not have the experience and qualifications to be deemed an expert. Take time to sit down and map out what your current system is and see if you really do you have an actual process working. Aside from all the great resources we provide there, it’s also a wicked awesome place to get encouragement and positivity from a diverse group of people who are more or less on the same path and are working towards a common goal. You will find it is far more effective to really learn and master one way of marketing before moving on.
You want to factor in both YOUR personal preferences and the preferences of your ideal prospect to find a winning channel.
You might be someone who benefits from doing batchwork and scheduling out your content daily and weekly. Always start with the basics or else, you’ll end up spending money on ads to run traffic and find leads without really knowing what your end goal is and more so, how to achieve it. If you’re selling goods or if you’re a brick and mortar business, it should be about getting people to walk into your actual store.
Just make sure you’re asking the right people, those who are also doing what you’re planning to do and those that have a good track record to show for it. You can do something really simple but with a strong call to action that can help move your business forward.
We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a community when it comes to building your business. This is a crucial step and implementing it will surely make you more profitable, not to mention save your precious time too!

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