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Part of our mission to help our customers build a world-class workforce involves ensuring success with the Halogen TalentSpace™. For this reason we’re introducing a new content series to the Halogen blog that is focused on helping our customers leverage the full value of our solutions. These posts will run every few weeks and will highlight how to optimize your talent processes in Halogen.
Our first post in this series centers on how to create an evaluation form in Halogen that all employees love. Because when designed thoughtfully, an evaluation form gives managers and employees the information they need for high-performance.
And if you need to create a new form, Halogen Performance comes pre-loaded with a library of appraisal forms based on industry best practices. Defining the form’s purpose at the outset will help you design and build a form that includes only as much information as you truly require to help employees develop and improve.
Without a purpose or objective, you risk creating a form that is either so short that it does not provide enough detail, or so long that managers and employees lose interest and engagement with the evaluation process. The next step is to select your form properties, define your form’s appearance, and to choose your rating scale. For example, you may choose to enable the comment helper (a tool that helps managers provide effective feedback on appraisal forms), scoring, electronic signature, and the option to attach feedback to sections in the form. You can even modify the appearance of the form with fonts and section headers that match your company brand.
You can choose a rating style that works best for your organization, and even use different styles and ratings on different areas of the form. Now that you’ve set the type of form you want to create and the form elements, now you need to determine the specific sections to include and the order in which they appear on the form. Keep in mind that a great form provides clear guidelines so managers and employees know exactly what information to provide, what ratings mean, how to get the information they need, etc. What’s nice is that each form section in Halogen Performance is completely configurable and may be ordered in any way you like. Company Header: Use this section to display your company logo and the title of your review form. Employee Identification: This is a section where you can capture all the pertinent information about the employee being reviewed. Goal Results: This section contains a list of the employee’s past goals and a field to comment on the employee’s progress towards them. Goal Setting: This section lets managers assign new goals directly from the appraisal form.

Core Competencies: In this section, managers can evaluate employee performance based on pre-defined performance dimensions, such as a knowledge, skill, attitude or behavior, with the opportunity to include comments. Development Plan: This section lets the evaluator add new development plans for the employee directly to a competency or goal. Employee and Manager Comments: These sections allow a space for the employee and manager to provide overall comments. The information the form provides and requests on the employee should be clear and unambiguous. To learn more about best practice in creating employee evaluation forms, visit our Center of Excellence on this topic. The following articles are from our archive and feature content from past Halogen Software blog contributors. The latest talent management case studies, ebooks, articles, and seminars delivered to your inbox!
The Halogen TalentSpace Blog is your go-to-place for the latest thinking on how to build a world class workforce. Get our daily TalentSpace Blog email "How to Excel at Goal Management"--> delivered right to your inbox. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
These articles also serve to introduce our other readers to the Halogen TalentSpace and how it can help organizations establish talent as a lasting competitive advantage. Following are 3 easy steps to help you create effective evaluation forms in Halogen Performance.
For example, if your organization uses an existing scoring scale out of five, you can set up the same scoring scale in Halogen Performance so managers and employees are comfortable from the beginning. You may add whatever information you would like to appear on the form, such as instructions to help evaluators complete the form or a rating scale definition. It should guide managers and employees as they fill it out, and give HR and executives the information they need to make strategic decisions about their workforce. Halogen Performance makes it easy to create employee evaluation forms that meet your specific performance assessment needs and are well received by your managers and employees! Enter Kyle Richards: born and raised in the nation's most dazzling neighborhood, she's practically royalty in the 90210 zip code. Through this understanding we provide the specific services you and your business need to gain a competitive advantage in the complex and changing business world. And yet her loving family life, lack of pretention (no nannies, stylists, or personal chefs for this diva), and "girls' girl" attitude make her a breath of fresh air on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.Now, she's revealing how she achieves that perfect mix of celebrity and normality.

In this collection of the best tips, advice, and strategies she knows, Kyle's talking friend to friend so you can create that blend of glitz and know-how in your own life:FamilyKyle's a hands-on parent who shares how she's raising her four daughters to be self-sufficient, compassionate, and-above all-not spoiled. Setting up a trigger is simple.You're probably familiar with the trigger email feature, which allows you to queue up emails that send automatically whenever a specific event occurs, instead of sending manually to a group all at once.
She shares all of her best advice for keeping a marriage strong and, for single women, how to find the perfect partner.HairWould you believe those famously luscious locks are courtesy of drugstore shampoo? After all, they've just signed up and you're fresh on their minds, so you know they're interested in what you have to say.
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