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If you haven’t learned about keywords and keyword match types, as well as bidding and other factors that determine your ad placement, please read our Google AdWords Getting Started article. Inspiration for your ads can come from Tweets that have been successful, from testimonials from customers, or from blog posts that created a stir.
You’re not going to spend all this time choosing keywords and organizing campaigns only to send people to your home page when they click on an ad – right?
When used with Google AdWords, a landing page must also be obviously relevant to the keywords and ad that lead the visitor to the landing page. As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers. If you’re not already using Facebook advertising, you probably know you should be – it’s cost-effective, the reach is huge, and the targeting capabilities are phenomenal. In this post, we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about Facebook landing pages, from how to ensure continuity of your messaging from ad to landing page, to what elements you need to consider when designing the landing pages themselves.
Before we go any further, it’s important that we clarify what we’re actually talking about when we mention Facebook landing pages. Not so long ago, Facebook landing pages were pages that advertisers could create using third-party platforms to prompt users to complete a desired action. This is a great example of what is known as a “Like gate,” a pop-up or page designed to prompt the user to Like a page before allowing them to access the content they’re interested in.
However, this also means more work for advertisers – or, at least, more things to think about. Here is an ad, captured from my Facebook feed, for a winter coat sold by Duluth Trading Co. Obviously, this landing page features the exact product that was advertised in my Facebook feed (a solid plus in terms of relevance), but it doesn’t provide me with any incentive to click around if, for whatever reason, I decide I’m not in the market for a new winter coat, or this coat in particular. If I perform a search with high commercial intent on Google for desktop, I’m probably much more focused on elements such as functionality, features, and pricing, and more likely receptive to a landing page like this. Remember how we said that one of the greatest strengths of Facebook ads are they’re visually rich? This ad makes excellent use of text despite Facebook’s 20% rule, and even manages to sneak in some additional branding with the inclusion of the logo. See how closely the ad and the landing page are aligned in terms of aesthetics and overall design? Almost half of Facebook’s 1.49 billion monthly active users only access Facebook from a mobile device.
With this kind of data, failing to optimize your Facebook landing pages for mobile could quite literally doom your campaigns to failure.
I cannot stress the importance of mobile-friendly landing pages enough when it comes to Facebook advertising. Unlike Google, Facebook does not offer advertisers much in the way of best practices to follow with their landing pages. While there are many similarities between search and social landing pages, the most crucial distinction between the two is that with Facebook, you’re searching for users – they aren’t searching for you. For example, one of our most successful Facebook advertising campaigns was for a content download. The copy is punchy and focuses on the benefits of reading the guide (and leverages the mystery about AdWords’ Quality Score to create additional interest), and the image proved immensely popular with our audience. The complexity of your landing pages will depend greatly on the desired action you want prospects to take, and their content will depend on the nature of whatever you’re offering.
As with any marketing initiative, Facebook advertising campaigns should be designed around the intent of the user. Reminds me of the car dealer who quickly asks "What would it take for you to drive out with this car todat?" instead of taking the time to first show it's benefits. There's a need today for many online marketers to have a Facebook landing page and other social media forms to socially communicate with their prospected market.
Although content marketing is nothing new and is a catchall phrase for a plethora of elements, this buzz term is quickly gaining momentum.
This hasty approach to content marketing, however, is why many companies and marketers often miss the mark.
With all the time we spend creating original content, we often neglect the most important part: promotion.
There are many cases of brands using only free channels to organically grow their audiences but, in most cases, this is the exception, not the rule. Investing in paid channels, like using Outbrain, can cause a huge jump in the number of traffic, more importantly, eyeballs on your content.
Now that you’ve considered investing in traffic gains, it’s important to remember, traffic numbers are only made better with conversion rate. Lewis Howes, online marketing entrepreneur and author, uses a clean and simple, landing page to promote his popular webinars and consulting packages. In this case, Howes is selling a workshop but landing pages can also be a lead generator and amazing for gathering emails to grow your database. Landing pages work much like an online billboard providing only the sexy information you need to hopefully turn you from a passerby to a loyal subscriber and customer. As already mentioned, a YouTube video, Facebook photo and a tweet does not a content marketing strategy make. With social integrated everywhere on the web, it would be a mistake to exclude these important platforms.
Establishing who the “right” people is a topic all of it’s own but for the most part, social media is a great tool to build relationship with brand ambassadors, influencers, journalists and guest blogging partnerships. Beyond being present and conversational, social media is a great way to share links to your content and other relevant content. A great example of using social media to promote content is Innocent Drinks, a natural and healthy foods brand.
Mixed in their diverse and varied content of fun and health-related content are content pushes. When mapping out your content calendar, make sure the types are diverse and ensure everything you put out is highly visual and illustrative. So when you’re creating your strategy, make sure offline and online channels are all boosting each other up to drive everyone towards the goals you have set for your business.
Last, but definitely not least, everything above is great but without measuring, the effectiveness of your strategy is just a hypothesis. To make sure you are measuring correctly, ask yourself if your targets actually affect your business goals in a tangible way. Renee Warren is the CEO of Onboardly, a company that helps early stage startups get noticed & gain visibility. Customizing the website and blog according user’s interest is very important to improve the interaction with the users and to reach to the maximum desired audience. Hi Renne Warren, I like your social media strategy, I am using the facebook, linkedin, twitter and google plus all these platform to share my content and blogs, But Now I can focus on one platform, First I have to manage once and share my blog consistently their. Just wanted to get you to notice LKR Social Media, they seem to be masters of building traffic with a content strategy. For example, just using their email sample to contact new bloggers gave me the most effective results in terms of positive responses.
I just answered your question: “Do you know of any companies who have an amazing content marketing strategy?
It can be expensive as it works like PPC ads, only you are featuring a piece of content and not an ad.
Why Minimalist Landing Pages Are the Best And How To Use Them You are using an outdated browser. Understanding & Applying Minimalist DesignWhen a design is minimalist, it will only contain the characteristics that it needs.
I dona€™t know about you, but when I was growing up, almost nobody came to the front door at my house. Unless someone already knows your company by name, they are not going too search for you by name.
Whata€™s probably going to drive people to your site is not your name, but the content you put out in your blogs and the special offers you make.
Back in the day, visitors to my house knew that if they wanted to get in our house and get to the people and things they really wanted, the best and fastest way was to go around back.

Computers have been a passion of hers since her first T1-99, so inbound and social media marketing is a natural fit.
Website visitors favor a easier and ordered site that does not have loads of pictures, video clips, as well as other mess.
By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped to make your own ass-kicking Facebook landing pages, so let’s get started.
This could be something as simple as “Liking” a page, or a more involved action like completing a web form. There are many variations of this type of “landing page,” such as competitions, special offers, limited-time downloads, and online tie-ins to real-world promotions, such as code redemption offers for digital goods etc. Facebook landing pages are pages that a visitor is taken to after clicking on a Facebook ad. Given that Facebook restricts advertisers to using just 20% of an ad’s virtual real estate for text, Facebook ads often look great, which makes them easier on the eye and significantly more clickable.
With text ads, you can send visitors to pretty much whatever page you like (as long as it’s relevant to the ad), but with Facebook ads, you have to consider the user experience once they’ve clicked on your ad. The ad features some compelling copy that emphasizes the product’s benefits, such as “100% free forever” and “Unlimited users and contacts.” It also makes use of the “Sign Up” call-to-action button that lets visitors convert directly from the ad. I clicked on that ad expecting to learn more about HubSpot’s CRM, not to sign up for anything. Sure, it’s not asking for a lot of information – just an email address and a company URL – but it’s still more information than I’m prepared to hand over at this stage, which is precisely none. If I click an ad from Facebook on mobile, I’m almost definitely not going to be interested in an even slightly harder sell like this, particularly for this kind of product.
Well, this provides both opportunities and challenges for advertisers, as visual continuity between your ads and your landing pages becomes even more important, especially on mobile. It’s the perfect progression from ad to landing page, and gives me exactly what I expect when I click on that ad. This Facebook landing page could have emphasized the discount offer featured in the ad much more strongly – it’s obvious that this page was not created specifically to accompany that Facebook ad, which is why Four Five Club opted for the temporary banner beneath the page’s navigation bar. You won’t see any major brands making this mistake, but if you’re a small brand or new to Facebook advertising, the risk of overlooking mobile-friendly landing pages is much higher. The design and messaging match the ad, the copy is brief but compelling, it makes the benefits of the service abundantly clear, and the call to action is bold, easily clickable, and well phrased. Not only are millions of people only accessing Facebook from a mobile device, but this is the kind of user experience that today’s Internet users have come to expect.
This means you can effectively think of Facebook ads as a component of your landing pages, or the first action in a longer process. A landing page for a whitepaper download, for example, might include some brief details of what the guide contains, whereas a landing page for a more costly service or product, such as a school or training course, might include more comprehensive information about the school and its programs. However, following the guidelines above, and landing page best practices in general, will help you increase conversion rates and provide a better experience for users interacting with your brand on Facebook. I like the HubSpot example where they are trying to immediately close the deal while the customer is obviously still seeking information. Social media like Facebook is a big help in your business especially in engaging with with targeted customers.
Everyone is jumping into their digital strategy with content marketing scribbled into their agendas. Believing it is a quick way to get attention, traffic, and customers, businesses that fail to gain traction will discredit content marketing before digging deeper for the correct diagnosis.
What people are neglecting is the effort needed to create a strategy that includes some not-so-secret, but important elements. Social media and email are the obvious ways to promote your material, but paid channels are often neglected or deemed unreasonable. Also, if time and effort were given a monetary value then these brands most definitely did not get their audience for free. Getting attention in the ultra-dense, web forest is becoming increasingly difficult, but budgeting your marketing spend to include ads and sponsorships can make all the difference. Getting people to read your blog or visit your shop is great, but having them complete a desired action (like signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase) is ideal. These unique pages allow for custom art and copy that directly relate to the previous destination such as an add or a sponsored blog post.
With every blog and guest blog you write, consider making your call to action an invite to a landing page, especially when promoting a webinar, an Ebook or a current campaign you are running. There are no other actions required on this page channeling the audience to easy-to-read copy and a simple form. Many people forget to consistently (and tastefully) block off an entire section of the strategy for social media. If time or budget is an issue, start with one channel, like Facebook and make a plan to knock it out of the park. But, it’s not just about tweeting a link once, or posting something to Google +, it’s about creating meaning to others and providing access to relevant information: your content! In this example, the marketer has given potential users identities and slotted them into categories. With the goal of showcasing how you can put an entire room together with various styles available at IKEA, they made sure all public facing media tied into this promotion. This cannot be emphasized enough, analyzing the numbers behind-the-scenes is what will help you best set the stage and better serve your audience. Not only do you want your social media following numbers to increase but you’ll want to know click-through rates as well as likes and shares to roughly measure engagement. Having solid goals will better guide your data analysis — it’s not necessarily fun, but it’s better than shooting in the dark.
Maybe you can’t include all seven elements right away, but dismissing the full scope can lead to a dead end. She has helped companies like, Udemy, Manpacks, & Beaucoo, create an online presence that gets their products in front of thousands of potential customers.
Frequent updates in blogs and in social networking pages of business is necessary so that people will stay engaged with it.
I had never use the paid channels of social media, I keep this point in my mind and will follow these step. A lot of success stories wouldn’t have happened without a successful content strategy. However, given all the tasks one has to excel at to get a content marketing campaign up and running, I wonder how many people one should include in a content marketing team? I would say that one efficient and organized marketer with incredible writing and editing skills is a great start. A minimalist chair, for instance, will have a seat, a back, and (maybe also) armrests, but it won’t have any fancy or ornate features. People that showed up there were generally door-to-door salesmen or other people that we didna€™t know well.
The people that you really want to let in to your website probably arena€™t going to come in through your a€?front doora€?a€”your Home Page. And when customers respond to those things, the last place you want to send them is your Home Page. Although creating compelling visual ads for your Facebook campaigns is crucial, it’s only half the battle – your accompanying landing pages need to be just as strong (if not more so) to ensure your visitors go the distance and convert. You might think there’d be nothing much to distinguish Facebook landing pages from their paid search counterparts, but there are several elements you should consider before launching your campaigns. They also blend in much more effectively with organic content in users’ news feeds, resulting in a much better experience for the user.
Sure, this page tells me that HubSpot’s CRM “is the flexible, intuitive solution for managing your prospects and sales pipeline,” but this copy doesn’t tell me anything substantial. Remember – I came to this page from a Facebook ad, which means I’m most likely not in a commitment frame of mind. The landing page also follows a number of other best practices, such as reinforcing the benefits of the service, including compelling language with minimal copy, and featuring the coupon code to get the 50% discount promised by the ad. Still, it’s a great example of how matching visual continuity from ad to landing page can be very effective for Facebook advertisers. That means that 655 million people – more than twice the entire population of the United States – NEVER access Facebook from a desktop.

Despite being pretty image-heavy, this mobile landing page also loaded very quickly, even on an older Android device.
If you try forcing them to scroll around a page to fill out a web form on a page that isn’t optimized for mobile, you can forget about ever converting them – and you’ll probably damage your brand while you’re at it. Some campaigns may be able to offer users a simple, direct path to conversion directly from Facebook, but other campaigns may necessitate a longer, more indirect conversion path in which a Facebook ad is just the first step. But you need to know how to use Facebook marketing the right and most effective way to be successful at it.
They are succinct and uncluttered with a clear call to action (CTA) to increase conversions.
This focus can help you grow an audience here that will naturally migrate to other channels once you’re ready to build them up.
Publicly showcasing your customer service responses is great content for those vetting you for your company’s reliability and authenticity (click the tweet to see the entire Twitter thread). Of course this is a great start, but to build up the strength of your content offering, businesses need to diversify. Taking the time to understand your customers, even the imaginary ones is an essential step to better target and shape your content to entice them to your business.
Little did you know the guy up in the advertising department just put the finishing touches on an amazing PPC campaign promoting this year’s must-have pattern.
These can fool you or the people you brag to, as these numbers may represent inactive users or traffic that has come and gone with just the click of the back button. Often referred to as a ‘geek in stilettos’, Renee is passionate about being the worlds best mom & building a company that creates value for its clients.
A lot of people do seem to forget that not only do you need to be consistent but you’ve got to be patient.
The people that we knew wella€”the ones we wanted inside our housea€”came around to the back door. They are going to come in through a side door or a back door because thata€™s where they are going to find what theya€™re looking for. Thata€™s why ita€™s so important that the content of your website be optimized to help them find you. Welcome them at your a€?back door.a€? Give them a landing page designed to make them feel at home and get what they came for! Yes, HubSpot’s CRM is “100% free forever” as the ad informed me, but that still doesn’t mean I’m ready to sign up for anything.
Not only is it visual but it tends to be easier to understand and consume and reports have shown that it leads to higher click-throughs to other actions and engagement on your website. Those familiar with the very artistic designs of many antique chairs, with their wood carvings and curved features, will be able to notice the difference immediately.A functional chair you could sit onMinimalist designs have become popular throughout the modern era in general. And that doesna€™t happen just by populating your site with keywords (a€?buzzwordsa€? is probably a more accurate description of how some businesses tackle this).
If you have people looking for specific informationa€”take them directly to that information! Now, for all I know, this landing page has a crazy-high conversion rate, but it’s definitely not what I expected.
Video, along with photos and infographics tend to be shared on social media as well, giving your content a better position on the virtual shelves. The ad campaign should click through to your podcast and your podcast should promote that pattern.
Modern architecture is more minimalist than the architecture of old, and “Less is more” – is the motto of famous 20th century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Your content needs to be addressing the questions and issues your visitors are interested in.
Your content, wherever it may live, cannot exist in a vacuum — what would be the point of that? Alternatively, when hiring landing page designers, they will want to feel as if they are getting their money’s worth.The possibility to design and create landing pages on your ownFor many, that entails getting the sort of ornate website that only a professional webpage designer could create.
Modern clothing is simple and straightforward compared to what people wore only a century ago. Landing pagesa€”devoted to a specific purposea€”are much more effective at converting visitors than standard web pages (Take a look at 7 Reasons Landing Pages Convert Better). Most of the people who are accessing their website are only going to care about those features, and aren’t likely to actively respond to any redundant ornaments. The Internet landscape has changed dramatically since the 1990s, so it isn’t surprising that styles that were considered normal at the time have become antiquated today. Visitors should instantly be able to figure out where they need to go in order to learn more about a particular offer.
As such, those who are designing websites need to be able to appeal to a huge swath of the population. It made sense that the hobbyists who browsed through different websites would find the flashier websites of old appealing, but the culture of the Internet has broadened now. The graphics used during the navigation process ought to be just as simple and straightforward.Minimalism engages the senses but it does not challenge them. Visitors should be able to go through what a landing page has to offer almost without thinking about it.
The graphics, images, and buttons that people would litter their landing pages with were just as new and impressive.
Today, the novelty of these sorts of visual tricks has long worn off, and visitors would prefer to have websites that are functional.Mobile Users and WebsitesOf course, one of the biggest differences between the Internet culture of the 1990s and the Internet culture of today is the simple fact that so many people browse the Internet on their mobile devices. Effortless.Features to Reduce In Minimalist Webpage DesignMany people feel the need to put a lot of images on their landing pages, but that’s often a mistake today. Mobile devices, while they have been around for longer, are really a product of 2010s culture, and appealing to mobile users is essential today.Pulling out a mobile device in order to access the Internet is very much something that can be done casually. The people who are performing this task on their mobile phones are going to be using one finger in the process, and it needs to be the sort of thing that a person can do with one finger. The page may lag when someone tries to access it for the first time if there are too many images.
Visitors are much more restricted when it comes to using their laptop computers to access the Internet. We sometimes hear that images sell, but you should know that it makes sense to use them on specific pages.
Using too many of them on the landing page could potentially cause a loss of conversions and increase your bounce rate. People are going to use their mobile devices to access the Internet more frequently just due to the convenience of the process.There’s a need to devise webpages that are going to be convenient to access on mobile devices. Trends in minimalist e-Commerce designMinimalism and ProfessionalismThe fact that minimalist landing pages appear to be better organized also means that they appear to be more professional. Typing on mobile devices is still more difficult than typing on a fully featured computer, regardless of the skill level of the mobile user in question. Creators of business landing pages of any kind will need to pursue minimalism in their design, or they are going to create the wrong impression. As such, visitors should be able to reach a page and browse through it using as few fingers as possible. Professionals need to be aware of trends, and minimalist landing pages are considered modern landing pages. The flashy webpages of old appear to be those of hobbyists who are out of touch with the times, and that is never an impression any business is going to want to create.Check out this minimalist design on the Smarthalo landing page. Mastering this sort of appropriately minimalist design should fortunately be easy for most people. Most of it is dark and grey colors, so the slightest color variation is accentuated and sticks out, like that blue ‘I Want One’ CTA button, for example.The landing page’s minimalist design speaks the same language as the actual productA landing page that has a lot of graphics, complicated navigation, too many images, and a lot of sound effects is going to be literally exhausting.

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