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The New York Times presents a time-lapse of French artist JR creating a large-scale mural in Manhattan. Rolls-Royce releases the new Phantom Limelight Collection, a bespoke limousine series for luxury travel.
You now have the chance to stay at an apartment that once housed Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

In this time-lapse video, Yusuf Umar shares his complete process for creating the Levi character from Attack on Titan manga series using Blender. In this time-lapse video, Don Mupasi from Motion Squared will show you his entire process for creating a sci-fi orb from scratch using Cinema 4D and After Effects. Situated in the triangle below the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, the one-of-a-kind mural by JR stands at an impressive 150 feet and features a black-and-white shade of a regular man walking through the city.

The time-lapse video above shows the progression of the mural’s public installation as thousands of New York City pedestrians walk across and interact with the giant mural.

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