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You can contribute tips, screen-shots, excel workbooks or links that I can share with our readers on Friday (25th March).
I'd like to nominate a 4 color traffic light technique, that will work in All Excel Versions and you can customise the colors to suit yourself. My target was to decide to buy or sell within 3 seconds and I have been doing this for quite long. Hi Chandoo - Learning a lot about graphing from your site - someday when I have time I will take a class with you. Another way is to get real time feedback from you team.  For example, in LearnCore’s Pitch IQ module, all employees practice their soft skills against a goal. Visit our blog for more on corporate training or send us any ideas on how you’ve simplified the content creation process. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Typically assessments or tests before and after the training.Interview or observation can also be used. Observation and interview over time are required to assess change, relevance of change, and sustainability of change. Measures are already in place via normal management systems and reporting a€“ the challenge is to relate to the trainee.
The following grid illustrates the Kirkpatricka€™s structure in more detail, and particularly the modern-day interpretation of the Kirkpatrick learning evaluation model, usage, implications, and examples of tools and methods. Whilst KnowA? produces and provides a wide range of training products and services it has become recognised market leader in the design, delivery and evaluation of e-learning.
In the past KnowA? delivered its Interactive e-learning Law Enforcement Training curriculum in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
In 2013 a comprehensive evaluation of the KnowA? training programme was undertaken, which included questionnaires, informal telephone interviews and interviews of officers in the field. The evaluation exercise clearly demonstrated that the training delivered was starting to contribute to an increase in the effectiveness of how Law enforcement deals with the security challenges facing the country. The Know2 CBT curriculum consists of a  wide range of law enforcement training programs including extensive programmes, for instance in subjects such as intelligence, human trafficking, money laundering, risk assessment (airports, seaports and land border crossings, drug identification and testing, drug precursors, controlled deliveries, first responder to a crime scene, gathering digital evidence, investigating organized crime, search techniques (persons, vehicles and aircraft and risk management techniques etc.
Interested parties who wish to look at examples of Know2 e-learning products online can do so by contacting the company though its website and we will provide limited access for specific period of time. Know2 has been designing, delivering, evaluating and supporting its Law Enforcement e-learning programme since 1998.
The need to establish e-learning centres in national and regional headquarters departments.
Finally, focus on ensuring personnel in remote operational locations have access to the training. The KnowA? CBT programme is more than a learning tool because it includes an evaluation component called a Learning Management System (LMS). The training managers at each location will use the LMS to decide from a list of training programmes, what training is to be given to each individual student. The student interacts with the training material through interactions, simulations and tests.
This provides law enforcement agencies with a consistent and high quality means of providing training to their workforce. Learn at own pace a€“ Users learn at their own pace a€“ Because the training is self-paced, a user can take as long as they like to complete a lesson.

Consistent quality a€“ While trainers have bad days and the quality of a trainer can vary, e-learning can be designed and delivered at a very high and consistent quality standard for every user.
Cost effectiveness a€“ For agencies that have a large number of users, it becomes more cost effective than other training methods. Train large numbers a€“ Because this type training is not dependent on the availability of instructors, a large number of users can be trained quickly. Enhanced retention a€“ Because the training has been designed to interact with and stimulate a user, this increases the usera€™s retention of the material, resulting in reduced time required for training. Performance tracking a€“ With traditional training, law enforcement agencies had difficulties in determining if officers benefited from the training. This allows agencies to clearly see that users have received the knowledge required to perform their duties. Report generation a€“ The LMS can automatically generate data including who completed the training and what their performance was. SlideShare verwendet Cookies, um die Funktionalitat und Leistungsfahigkeit der Webseite zu verbessern und Ihnen relevante Werbung bereitzustellen. An international company with around 350 employees, Wurth IT prepares its customers for the future. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Twelve more elevator and lift technicians have now passed Garaventa Lift Technical Training.
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I will rebuild all my models by applying the new techniques I have learnt from you and all the friends. My trades are shown on the line chart (blue for buy and red for sell) over the 2 yr and 60-day horizon.
In the meantime - I am looking for a bigger picture or a template of the chart you use in the headline for Dashboard Week (sorry I am late to the party by a few months).
This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts.
It’s typically because the burden of training falls directly on an already over-committed manager. Rather than reinventing the wheel, use the web for relevant material that compliments your training program. Most organizations have critical pieces of documentation, SOP’s, and designs, just lying around.
This ten year partnership resulted in 100+ training modules being delivered via dedicated Computer Based (CBT) Centres in 55 countries and in 18 languages. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with over 95% of the participants responding that the training provided was an effective method of training.
The student will then be assigned to specific course to meet their individual training needs. Because the training has been developed using experts from all around the world, the end result is a course that is delivered using high quality voice, pictures, video, animation and training material in the usera€™s own language.
In other words the quality of the training remains the same no matter in which location it is being delivered. Through the LMS competency-based testing is built directly into the training, which ensures that the officers have learned the subject.

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To serve customers running SAP® software, Wurth IT chose SAP Workforce Performance Builder software to create its documentation and e-learning materials.
Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox.
I've just started making a new dashboard yesterday, this will give me the motivation to finish it by the end of the week! My last 7 trades for the security is pulled from my trading details which record all trades.
Yet, we all know that corporate training is essential for business growth and sustainability. This way you can fill a gallery of interactive training content specialized around that end result you are looking for.
Reports and data generated by the learning management systems at the e-learning centres showed the delivery of more than 100,000 hours of training to more than 12,000 law enforcement personnel in a relatively short time span.
The LMS will then automatically assign track and reports training results to an information database. Because of the highly interactive nature of the training environment, students become involved with the subject matter in a meaningful way. This ensures that training is delivered at a consistent standard throughout the organization. As the user goes through the training, all user performance parameters are automatically recorded into the LMS.
Wurth IT can support processes running on SAP solutions now in a way that is consistent and highly cost-effective. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks. From a droplist, I can choose any of the securities in my favourite (some 60) or from my portfolio set ( some 350 securities which I have identified as trackable. For the overachievers, add in a single branded page that specifically relates to your business and ties it all together. In addition, the training is available at any time, day or night a€“ not only when class is in session.
Probably my fav tip to share is to create a super fast dynamic range with index (free plug for Daniel Ferry's EHA). The daily price update is save in a single file, which contains all the securities (some 1850). Use this in a named formula, so it can be used in a chart, and hey presto - no need to update the source data every month! A data file extracts the chosen securities and my model brings in the price-volume data at the click of the mouse from a drop list.

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