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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Most importantly, compelling research shows that an audience simply do not take information in properly when text is included in the content section of a slide.
Note: Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Medicine have a template available at the Office of Communications Northwestern Box site.
There are several fill types to choose from including Linear, Radial, Rectangular, and Path. The Radial fill type will display the color stops as a series of circles or arcs depending on the direction you choose. You can display a grid, guides, and ruler to help with the placement of your poster elements. To add a new guide, place your cursor on an existing guide, hold the Control key as you drag a new guide onto the slide. Tips on text size and type: Text size can vary depending on the size and content of your poster.
You can insert any image onto your PowerPoint slide provided the image is saved on your hard drive, flash drive or shared drive. You can then move the picture by dragging it or by selecting it, and using your arrow keys. You can insert dozens of different shapes, lines, diagrams, and other graphical elements on to your poster. You can use the Insert function to insert an existing chart or create a new one, but it takes a few steps and can be difficult.
Also available in Romanian, translated by Web Geek Science and in Italian, thanks to Calvina Bice. To apply a transition to a slide, select the slide, then click on the Slide Show menu and choose Slide Transition.

In all versions of the software before PowerPoint 2007 the default slide format was a bullet list.
This is the single most annoying thing about PowerPoint according to audience surveys and should obviously be avoided. The brain cannot process two types of textual information (written and verbal) simultaneously resulting in loss of understanding. Conference planners often specify how big a poster should be or how much space they can allocate to you.
Using the corner bullets to resize the picture will guarantee that the height and width will change in proportion to each other. Ask around other NU departments to see if you can use their poster printer on a cost-recovery basis, i.e.
Online company that has templates, fast turnaround, several pricing options and a special option for posters to be printed on fabric for easy folding and transport in your suitcase or carry-on. If this class is not on our upcoming schedule, it is still available to you or your group by request. It's easiest if you establish your desired poster size prior to adding text and graphics. When you select an image you will have a Format ribbon available to you which you can use to manipulate the image in dozens of ways.
Templates like these are a good place to start if you don't want to design your own poster.
It can be changed later, but it will most likely require you to readjust all your poster content. Take a look at these helpful sites for some pointers when planning and designing your poster. Start with the general picture then explain the specific problem and how by listening to your presentation you can solve it for them.

It should have obvious key points and depending on the time you have been allocated, you can expand on each of these points with further slides. Where possible, this should not be longer than 2 rows of text in 40 point in PowerPoint (about 8-12 words) You could go to 36 point at a push. This works because of something called “the Signalling Technique” were by telling your audience where the slide is going, you enable them to combine the new information you are imparting with their existing knowledge. In the most powerful presentations this is usually a good quality photograph or graphic that you have designed yourself. There are many great photographic websites that can be used to find suitable images for your presentation.
Some of the preset diagrams in the new SmartArt graphics that come with PowerPoint 2007 can be useful.
Creating your own charts is always a good way of displaying numerical information (but keep them simple).
Many people find it difficult to put a presentation together without writing down their detail. Get you main story worked out, write your headlines and then switch to Notes Page View and type in your narration. Once that is done you will be able to design the rest of the slide without feeling you have make sure the detail is there. The initial layout is a bit cumbersome but you can edit it in Word to look more professional.

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