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A Spaghetti Map is a visual depiction of a physical work flow borrowed from the Lean Manufacturing world.
If you’ve read any of my other posts you can tell I really go for the concepts that apply rules to creative agency project management. Mention the word standardization in the creative agency an you are likely to see an abrupt change in the countenance of your audience. Ask around, see who people in your sector are using, who is getting the best results and who is doing something different.  Ask your own contacts who they use and who they would recommend and what they do for their organisation. Use google to find talent both locally and nationally, most agencies are more than happy to show their portfolios online and will have an array of projects for you to look through.  See what kind of work they have produced in the past and if it fits with your plans.
The award for the most overused and trite term used in the creative agency goes to… “Think outside the box.” Why then write a post that props it up as an important element to the creative process and creative project management?
A koan is meant to bring about deep reflection on a topic with the intent of taking the practitioner closer to the goal of enlightenment. Hi, my name is Damian, and I have a problem with the current state of estimating in creative agencies. Do you also have an agency that is averse to estimating? Really enjoying the case studies presented in regards to the benefits of limiting WIP to increase efficiency. Kanban has a great use in any situation that could use the structure of a pull system to enter work into the flow. The Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) methodology promotes scheduling projects in a way that is cognizant of resource constraints and avoids multi-tasking. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a tool that can help the creative agency get a quick look at the overall health of a project. Can you recall being in grade school and learning the inverted pyramid system of writing expository essays? A seemingly innocuous term that is the building block of any creative project’s schedule.
Chessie guided her 1949 Buick through a run down neighborhood of Huntsville, Alabama looking in all directions. ME-Creative Agency, LLC was given a special invitation to submit a proposal to brand Oakwood University's Biology Department's STEM Faculty Seminar 2014. Official creative of Fashion Week Alabama 2013's featured shoe designer Tyler Bailey, shoe designer of world-renowned celebrities.
Cerra .E is a a wardrobe stylist and the agency designed a conceptual logo that fits within the fashion industry style. ReHe Fitness is the company name for a personal trainer who is making a difference and transforming lives.
Metro CIO is an IT Consulting company and they requested our agency to design a logo for their brand. It is our privilege to have designed the new logo for the Stratford Public Library in Connecticut.
Official creative of Fashion Week Alabama 2013 featuring top-finalist Victoria Henley of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19. We congratulate our client Stricl'y Jesus Inc, as they celebrate the one year anniversary of their community outreach building; The Spot-Where Lives Transform,  in Huntsville, AL on Labor Day? Weekend 2014.
ME-Creative Agency is proud to establish the brand guidelines and design the official logo for the Law Office of Valerie I. ME-Creative Agency, LLC was chosen to develop the official creative of the 2013 Bootcamp Prayer Conference for the North American Division Ministerial Directors of the Seventh-Day Adventist.
ME-Creative Agency was proud to sponsor designing and producing the 2013 Oakwood University Church Bible Bowl team apparel. Official open house creative for The Spot, a community outreach center of Stric'ly Jesus Inc. Flier creative for Bridgeport Tabernacle's annual Black History Month Concert with special ??guests? Arnold Burton and ?Choir?. When it came to designing the logo for Sun-shyne Enterprises Inc, we knew we had to design a corporate brand that was just as energetic. The Spot is the community outreach building in Huntsville, AL that is owned and operated by our client Stric'ly Jesus Inc. We are happy to showcase the new No More Dirty TV Show logo as we continue to re-brand all of the entities for our client Strictly Jesus Inc.
For premium graphic and web design with a focus on innovative expression, trust MAKE8NICE – the creative agency in Singapore, the only design firm that truly cares about your needs and the needs of your business.
Current Promotions3-in-1 Entrepreneur Package - To show our support to all entrepreneurs, MAKE8NICE Creative Agency has a 3-in-1 entrepreneur package (logo + name card + web design) at a very affordable price. A concept as succinct and transmutable to business applications as The Rule of Seven is quite appealing to me. As with any major decision, always do your research.  There are thousands of agencies nationally who offer a range of services, most of the smaller ones however have a particular talent they lead with, be it design, web design, packaging etc.
They have anonymous reports on hundreds of agencies nationwide with examples of the sectors they have worked in and a scoring system that lets you compare specific agency skill sets as rated by their clients.
Because I enjoy irony, and there is a lesson to learn in this aphorism that is oft overlooked and deserves greater attention afforded to it.
These concise and clever proverbs contain gems that afford a better perspective on complex topics.

The inference in business terms becomes improvement, or the process of continuing improvement. There is a lot of ground to cover on Critical Chain Project Management but in this post I want to focus on a key area that may be one of the hardest to swallow; limiting Work in Progress (WIP) by staggering project schedules. This will cover a wide range of topics and will have some overlap in other ares, particularly Traffic Management. I want to review a couple of the key concepts of EVM and apply it to a health check that can be performed on a project over time to give the creative agency project manager a useful report to check on a project’s health. The system stipulates your introduction ought to be started out broad and then focus to a thesis point. She was on one of her “think drives.” Every week or so she would leave all her duties at Oakwood College, get in her car and drive to downtown Huntsville scouting the streets and looking for needy children.
The logo captures the moment when the client's thoroughbred crosses the finish line after a hard fought race.
The logo features a spotlight that reveals the name "Cerra" with the use of positive and negative space in order to mimic the spotlight that often reveal models on the catwalk at fashion shows. The agency presented two solid logos to the client and the client was savvy enough to use their social media platform to vote for their favorite. ME-Creative Agency, LLC was approached to develop a complete branding solution for the company.
The agency's logo concept is to incorporate the full circle treatment of exercise, nutrition, consulting that ReHe Fitness offers their client.
This conceptual logo was developed with the idea in mind not to isolate any particular hat genre because typically people who wear hats have a special connection to their hat preference.
The agency's conceptual logo for the brand quickly communicates their services with a special touch of elegance to reflect the exclusiveness of their very limited targeted audience.
We took our time to consider how to best present IT without the overused icons that we commonly notice in the IT industry.
This entrepreneur is using his influence in the HR industry to develop a personal touch between himself and his clients.
And the "T" within the logo also stands as a symbol for the cross, and the "B" serves as "roads"; and thus "all roads leading to the cross".
The target ?audience? are youths and so we designed a ?brand? that spoke to the young ??demographic?. The library was in the midst of a rebrand strategy and our agency's logo design submission was selected as the new official logo. The company has experienced a great deal of local success and their product is beginning to reach national growth from simple word-of-mouth testimonials from customers.
The sun is an automatic element that had to be included because of the name of the brand "Sun-Shyne". We offer the industry’s most sought after array of professional graphic, web design and SEO services that your business needs to stand out from the crowd. By performing this exercise you will measure distance and duration, and more importantly, visualize the patterns your processes take. Creative projects suffer from imbedding false assumptions and self-limiting beliefs into the project plan via a vertical, linear thinking that keep ideas well inside this proverbial box. Kaizen’s history in the business world began with manufacturing and is closely associated with 5S Lean, but like any simple theory based in the scientific method, it can be applied to broad range of industry. The uninitiated may look at that resource as the weakest link in your process, but a closer examination would point the finger to poor scheduling.
The CCPM method then adds another step that many in the creative agency profession would find shocking: cut those durations estimates in half! Topics will include scheduling, resource allocation, and project performance measuring strategies.
Conversely, in the essay’s conclusion, you should reverse the process by recapping your thesis and move out to broad strokes that recap the points of your essay. The font choice is sleek with strong edges in tribute to the fonts that are common in the fashion industry publications.
We admire the clients approach of engaging their followers in making an important decision that will ultimately affect their brand. The branding package includes the logo designed which quickly communicates the company's objectives. We made the logo generic yet fun with a script font and a unique approach of communicating the company's brand through it's logo.
We literally dug deeper within the computer and decided to base our design on the cooling fans found within any computer or laptop. Stratford, CT is the operating hometown of ME-Creative Agency, LLC and thus this project hit close to home.
The owners reached out to ME-Creative Agency, LLC to develop a complete branding solution for their products in order to set their product identity in the health and beauty market. The Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations located on the campus of Oakwood University (CAMR-OU), has a unique approach to bridging the gap. Our agency will make more announcements concerning their website launch and other news about their law practice. Both the male and female models are positioned to illustrate attitude, style, and confidence.

Most notably the infamous Harris Homes for kids is an original but now separate entity from the foundation.
The agency re-designed their original logo to give it a fresh look as they look to empower men and women to reach their personal improvement goals.
We took the concept further by thinking about Sun-Shyne's many sub-brands and metaphorically translated the logo concept into a landscape. Skilled project management professionals within the creative agency should be able to find the fundamental basics of project work-flow the that can be standardized across what would seem vastly different project types.
I would argue that holding the principles of Kaizen as a core value is especially imperative for the Creative Agency Project Manager.
Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) seeks to provide a solution to this resource overload through a limiting WIP principle. I’ve always liked this model and would I like to propose that its simple relationship can be translated into a project management scenario in the creative agency. The thoroughbred icon is mixed with an elegant clean straight line font that adds a level of class to complete the logo.
We chose a circular form which encompasses a leaf that transitions into a facial profile that is non-gender specific. We took the "cool" approach so that Metro CIO can stand apart as the "coolest" IT company in the industry. We added an avatar in the logo's design concept to convey the personal touch which makes his business unique from his peers of the field. Our approach to the design of the logo was to avoid the cliche images, such as, books, bookcases etc. The agency's concept (1) is a buffet of mathematical and scientific symbols that this genre would quickly recognize and embrace. Their branding package includes the Bromley's Essential's logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, Facebook, and Twitter page, and a full CMS based E-Commerce website solution that is user friendly.
The color red is a familiar color palette of Alabama but we did not want it to be overpowering. After more than four decades of serving the community, the brand is ready to branch out to offer additional community services to uplift and support the under-served.
Look carefully at the logo and you will see a dirt road, trees, and water, and of course the sun as the source of energy that fuels these elements.
Specifically, the inverse pyramid model has value in the realm of closing processes in the creative agency project. ME-Creative Agency is honored to have been chosen as the agency to put a modern twist to an impact brand that has made a great deal of difference in many lives. The products are for both men and women, and the leaf is a representation of the natural ingredients that are part of the key components of each product. Furthermore the typography is set as if it were part of the circuit board that typically surrounds the fan as part of the motherboard. After several options we chose the ??Cell Phone? as the main element in the logo because of the youth's attachment to ??technology?.
The type choice is simple but we avoided the common script style that most Fashion organizations often choose. We are more than pleased to announce that ME-Creative Agency, LLC is now the official ad agency for the foundation. Let’s review a 12-step program that can lead your creative agency to a rehabilitated estimating process. The color choices consists of green to represent the natural ingredients, and a purple hue to represent the unique royal feeling that their customers experience when they use the products. We incorporated the ??cross? in the cell phone's ??screen? as if it were an ??app?; thus merging the ??traditional? ??symbol? of ?Christianity? (the Cross), with a modern graphic of technology (cell phone) to complete a ?compelling? ??logo? that modernizes the very traditional concept of Christianity. We will work to revitalize the brand from its original roots to today's culture and to better communicate the exciting and beneficial services that the foundation is in the process of launching.
The font choice is script in order to represent the signature experience that the brand contributes in the health and beauty market. The logo was accompanied with the design of Facebook cover and profile picture, and shirts. The design is a balance use of negative space and lines of various thicknesses to give it a modern and sleek look. We encourage you to go and visit the page that displays the entire branding experience that our agency developed for the brand. The "S" and the "L" abbreivation for "Stratford Library" are the dominant features of the logo to serve as a quick recognizable icon around the community. The colors of the logo ties-in with the official town colors of Stratford to integrate the logo with the town of Stratford's branding guidelines.

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