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In today’s business climate you have to stand out from the crowd and define who you are to your potential customers.
It is very hard to be everything to every consumer as many small businesses just do not have the capital to keep up with all the changes in the market.  It is far more effective to define your niche market than to be a generalist. In a niche market you can brand your company to a sector of the population that is looking for your specific product or service.  This creates notoriety for your company and also repeat customers if the customer service is good.
So how do you effectively market to these customers so they can find out who you are, where you are located and the product or services you provide?  Below I discuss five creative but effective ways to market your small business. If you do not know your local market, the local Chamber of Commerce can assist in identifying like-minded business.  If developed properly with the right company these business relationships can increase brand awareness. The ideas listed above or just a small list of creative ideas available to the small business owner.  Each week I will discuss different marketing strategies available to the online or offline business owner. Any questions, comments, or suggestions, click here to contact me.  For YouTube Video click here. These are great ideas for marketing a small business and I will continue to look at your post.
Thanks for the comments Guy and continue to return for additional strategies on helping small businesses grow. I cropped this square and added a little text for you so it is ready to be pinned on Pinterest! Marketing your photography business is one of the most difficult things a new photographer must do. Next month, you could look back over this month and see more time gone by without getting any closer to your goal of getting a photography business started, or you could actually DO one of these ideas and be on your way to reaching your goal. As photographers, we too often think that our only skill to advertise to clients is our photography. When clients see your messaging that merely offers engagement photos, they may think that Uncle Bob could do just as well (he has a really nice camera, after all). Photography is one skill that photographers have, but most professional photographers are also very competent in Photoshop and could do a much better job creating a beautiful custom wedding announcement, Christmas card, senior announcement, etc, than others could. I took this photo and my AMAZINGLY AWESOME wife Emily did the design of the wedding announcement.
Photographers who have been around for a while know a lot of things about local venues that brides would LOVE to know! Obviously, you could apply the same principal to other types of shoots: Family portraits, baby pictures, senior pictures, etc. For female photographers, one GREAT way to get into the baby or family photography business is to join a local group of moms.
Once you get your first couple of customers, you’ll see that most of your future customers will come from one source: REFERRALS!

If you get organized with an online calendar like Google Calendar or iCal, you can enter in the birthday or anniversary of those who you photography. Many professional photographers attend wedding fairs or other similar events to drum up business (and it’s a great way to book shoots, by the way.
Print off 6 or 7 of your very best shots in a small size and include a card with a coupon for your services.
About the AuthorImprove PhotographyThis post is a guest post by a reader of Improve Photography.
While looking for a house, I was appalled by the pictures on Realtors websites so I asked my Realtor if she would hire me to do these shoots.
Referrals to coworkers and agencies spread through word of mouth and lots of business cards are given to each contact for…. I’ve done a few things to help pull in more clients (and practice my skills at the same time). I accidentally stumbled upon these article and I am sooo glad that I did, very awesome pointers and comments thanks for sharing.
All the couples that participate receive a discount coupon for a wedding photography package. If you do not stand out you are bound to have problems attracting customers and defining your brand. A Call the coordinators of a few charity events and ask if you can come photograph the event for free and pass out some business cards.
A How about creating a pop-up on your website asking for your client’s email address. A Once you get the email address, you can immediately send them a personal message and ask how they liked the guide and if they would like to hire you! A It would only cost you about $75 cents to mail them a short pre-printed note wishing them a happy birthday or anniversary and offering them a 15% off coupon for their next family photo. A As soon as the event is over, put an address label on the envelopes and send them out to your potential clients. A Then stamp the back of every print you ever sell with something that says, “Love this print? A Advertise on your site that you’ll give any client a free print if they have their eyes open in every one of the photos in the shoot. I would suggest attending an event sponsored by the local Humane Society and set up a booth, donate somne photos, and pass out cards. Without blinking and no pics to present to her, she said yes immediately because (1) time consuming for her and (2) great pictures showing the actual nature of the homes were always a sticking point because they were done by the Realtors themselves! I am interest in getting into real estate photography and wasn’t sure how to go about it.

A Building an email list of clients is the smartest thing you can do as you’re getting started. A When a friend receives a testimonial like this, you are very likely to get their business if they are considering hiring a photographer.
A It is much easier to retain your existing clients than to go out chasing new ones all the time. A After the event, you’ll have a list of names, phone numbers, and contact information. A Offer to print beautiful local landscape photos for their office if they’ll let you put a small business card-sized ad on the bottom corner with your contact information. A By giving away that one simple shoot, I was approached that night by many others who were interested in doing a shoot.
The photographs get shared through the charities’ websites with a shout-out to me, and (again) I got lots of practice. A If you do this right, it would be doubtful that you could escape without booking 2 or 3 family photo shoots. A In the PDF guide, you can include what venues have the best lighting for great wedding pictures, your favorite places to shoot bridals, a money-saving tip for getting great flowers, etc. A In fact, you could even put a price on the photo and allow patrons of the business to buy it right off the wall!
A It will show some personality to your clients and help them to have fun during the shoot.
Of course, many of them hadn’t gotten their portraits taken, so I ended up doing about 15 this past year. A Seek out opportunities to give your work away, and you’ll find work coming back your way (that rhymed!
It was GREAT practice for me, I learned a lot of new locations for portraits, and I had a lot of seniors to post photos of.
A By teaching them, you set yourself up as the expert and brides will want to book with you!
A No one uses physical portfolios anymore, but there is still something captivating about holding a physical print.

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