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From the technology perspective, companies often buy into software that will help to achieve their business goals. The Customer Life Cycle (CLC) has obvious similarities with the Product Life Cycle (PLC).
The Business Strategy perspective has most in common with many of the lessons and topics contained on this website, and indeed within the field of marketing itself. Customer Relationship Management is the establishment, development, maintenance and optimisation of long-term mutually valuable relationships between consumers and organisations. Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals.
A client asked me recently what the difference is between marketing automation and CRM and why they needed both systems as part of their fundamental infrastructure. CRM solutions like Salesforce target sales and business development folks and the tasks that are important to them, especially how to input, manage, and track their leads.
However, CRM systems don’t do a good job of recording all the marketing activity that happens through multiple channels. Nurture relationships with qualified prospects, educate leads before passing them to sales, trigger relevant responses to prospect behaviors and automate repetitive marketing tasks. Automate lead qualification processes, measure prospect interest and engagement, score leads using demographic data and behavioral data and focus sales resources on the best opportunities.
Deepen relationships with triggered, multi-step campaigns, get to the inbox using the latest deliverability technology, raise and open click rates by targeting segments and track and score who opens and clicks on each email. Upload and manage documents and image files, publish customized URLs for each asset, track which piece gets viewed by prospects and notify sales reps whenever key marketing assets are viewed by a customer or prospect. Of course, your marketing automation application will work best if it is integrated with your CRM system. The only way to tell what marketing campaigns are working to drive sales is through integration of your marketing automation and CRM systems.
Integrated Marketing Management is no longer the future of marketing.  It is now essential that all of your marketing campaigns and activities are launched in a consistent manner.
Today, I’m going to take a look at MarketingPilot, Microsoft’s solution for integrated marketing management, but I’ll definitely be looking at other solutions that integrate with Dynamics CRM in a future post. MarketingPilot was acquired by Microsoft way back in October 2012, and has yet to be released under the Microsoft Dynamics banner (it’s getting a facelift and Dynamics CRM integration, as well as having a business plan developed for the Microsoft side of things).
Overall, the exact, detailed features of the upcoming product are not well-publicized, but I am hoping that Microsoft refrains from scrapping any of the functionality that was available in the old MarketingPilot, because it was a extremely well integrated system, and having so many options available to me under one roof would be absolutely killer.
After watching some demos, it seems as if MarketingPilot will be best-suited for larger organizations with a relatively large (and layered) marketing staff and a big budget, but it could certainly be utilized by smaller organizations. MarketingPilot takes a top-down approach to marketing activities, and will be extremely attractive to marketing managers. If this isn’t your company (the unfortunate reality for too many organizations), you’re probably better off with another solution.
One of the best resources I’ve found for MarketingPilot is this presentation, from Digital WPC 2013. Find out how companies like yours are using Dynamics CRM to manage their customer relationships and drive revenue. Trevor provides insight on how technologies like Microsoft Dynamics, Prophix and Tableau can help improve the way organizations operate.
Marketing and Sales should not be separated by a wall, they both have information that will greatly benefit each other, and having software that make it easier to collaborate tears down this wall.
The decision to deploy a new marketing automation platform while undertaking a CRM upgrade project has significantly lifted customer engagement and staff productivity at Australian sleep therapy company, ResMed.
The Australian and New Zealand marketing team embarked on a project last year to upgrade ResMed’s 10-year old CRM platform to Salesforce. In recent years, ResMed has been rapidly building out its customer database through its digital customer portal and membership program, Sleepvantage, and found the existing CRM platform wasn’t providing enough capability around collecting or utilising member data. ResMed rolled out Silverpop’s marketing platform (Now owned by IBM) after the upgrade to Salesforce. The first step once Silverpop was in place was making sure ResMed had templated emails and make the process of emailing customers a straightforward, responsive activity. As an example, Nicklin said the team was able to create a single email for a recent product launch but adjust content to highlight features orientated to female or male customers around one of the new devices and masks. Nicklin explained ResMed customers usually trial a device for four weeks before they purchase.

As a result of the CRM and Silverpop upgrade, ResMed has seen B2C email engagement rates leap from 1 per cent to 12 per cent. While the focus has been more on B2C to date, Nicklin is looking at how to get information out to its B2B partners more quickly, and has created email templates for these customers to send to their own databases. The next step for Nicklin is looking at product lifecycle management and a series of tailored communications talking to its database about upgrading, cleaning and general advice.
In terms of technology investment, Nicklin is hoping to roll out SMS messaging capabilities in 2015. On the B2B side, Nicklin plans to introduce website forms to better collect leads through its Silverpop and CRM platforms, and will build these forms as new products are launched. One of the biggest benefits of having CRM and campaign management fully integrated is that details of the assets and campaigns sent to each customer through the marketing platform are all recorded, she added. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. In October 2010 Accenture published a useful new guide to social CRM summarising the transformation required in organisations by the advent of Social CRM.
Today, the choice of service channels is so much wider, meaning companies must seek to deliver online customer service through Email, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube as explained in our post on online customer service best practice.
We've talked about how every organisation has to introduce publishing processes to produce the exceptional quality content needed for inbound marketing. Social CRM has been around as a concept for a couple of years now, but this is the best report I have seen which has a definition and outlines the strategy issues which need management. The report is written by Jeremiah Owyang, ex Forrester Research, but now an analyst at the Altimeter Group. The report doesn't define social CRM, instead seeking to show the scope of how it can apply in organisations through this diagram, which is a very useful framework, both for defining social CRM and defining a strategy. In the definition I have deliberately avoided using the term "social networks" since conservations can occur across a range of site types, including Facebook and Twitter, but also a companies own blog, third-part blogs, reviews-and-ratings sites or in neutral web self-service forums like Get Satisfaction. The scope of social CRM is well illustrated grouped within the 6 business application areas in the chart above. A social CRM strategy can be developed by reviewing and prioritising options in each of the 6 business applications above. The only real problem with social media marketing is reach and time, The internet is growing exponentially and it now takes to much time to market online properly. Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers powerful, integrated customer, sales, and marketing management capabilities that can help your people build and strengthen customer relationships and increase sales. With insight into business and customer information, you and your staff can proactively manage relationships and provide fast, informed answers to queries. Get a real-time view of customer and prospect data with the ability to define relationships and track correspondence, phone logs, and automatically generated activities. Identify and seize important sales opportunities with access to integrated sales information, and evaluate sales activities against the profitability of each segment or customer.
Simplify campaign planning, execution, and analysis by leveraging rich ERP data with definable processes that increase effectiveness and help control costs by measuring the success and profitability of each campaign.
Gain insight into customer needs, improve lead generation and qualification, and improve sales performance by combining sales and marketing information.
Specialized sales and marketing Role Centers help organize relevant tasks, information, and tools so people manage their work easily. If you are undertaking higher-level academic work you need to clarify with your tutor, the nature of his or her preferred model.
For many, CRM is far more than a new software package, the renaming of traditional customer services, or an IT-based customer management system to support sales people.
However, CLC focuses upon the creation of and delivery of lifetime value to the customer i.e. Instead, marketing automation applications should integrate in with CRM so that your sales people can get the entire marketing history at their finger tips. MarketingPilot is built around campaigns – under each campaign, one can control the various channels and tasks within and relating to that campaign. There will also be advanced project and budget tracking capabilities, which should assist us in tracking ROI. It allows for total tracking of campaigns, from their inception to detailed analysis and everything in between, including collateral development, budgeting, and resource management.
For the SMB, MarketingPilot might be a little too high-powered, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how MarketingPilot is able to handle the wide range of needs that different marketing departments have.

We hold a Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Competency and a Silver Application Development Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. Untapped revenue in staggering amounts has been available for our clients when we tore this wall down for them.
Simultaneously, its IT partner also recommended integrating a new marketing automation platform to improve the group’s ability to tailor messages and interactions with its customer base. Templates needed to be created afresh each time, and staff would have to produce an email concept which was then translated into HTML format.
In addition, B2B communication was largely based on general updates to ResMed’s product porftolio.
Nicklin said both projects were led by the marketing team, with IT staff working hand-in-hand with the digital team. She plans to set up specific programs depending on when a customer has purchased, as well as tailoring engagement programs for those browsing certain parts of the website for information. This is useful addition to the framework of 18 CRM processes of Social CRM covered in the Altimeter Social CRM report from earlier in 2010 covered later in this briefing. Here a combination of outbound and inbound marketing occurs through a relatively number of channels. Likewise Social CRM requires a new customer service process integrated with this publishing process shown in the Accenture report. The report has a useful chart to assist prioritisation - it shows which applications are most popular; currently the social listening tools.
That is why many businesses are outsourcing their SocioViral marketing to established companies like Magicbuz who have been doing this for a few years.
Make smart marketing decisions, plan effective campaigns, and strategize for the future by analyzing individual and consolidated data on all business contacts to create precise target groups.
It is, in fact, a generational shift in business software, delivering new levels of capability, unmatched agility, and a compelling and empowering user experience. However, IT is vital since it underpins CRM, and has the payoffs associated with modern technology, such as speed, ease of use, power and memory, and so on. Our model contains three key phases – customer acquisition, customer retention and customer extention, and three contextual factors – marketing orientation, value creation and innovatove IT.
She’s also looking at tailoring content based on location as a way of further engaging customers.
Monitoring, analysis and response of customer conversations through social listening tools. Understanding where prospects are discussing selection of products and services offered by you and competitors and determining the best way to get involved in the conversation to influence sales and generate leads. Using conversations to foster new product development or enhance online offerings is one of the most exciting forms of social CRM for me.
This is ebusiness collaboration within an organisation through an intranet and other software tools to encourage all forms of collaboration which support business process.
This references the use of social CRM to enhance  the customer experience and add value to a brand which is implied by many of the other aspects above. Finding relationships between an individual customer or grouped segments using different social platforms, e.g. Sales representative Role Centers display sales flow information, such as outstanding sales quotations, current offers, activities, and forecast data with links to related documents. I think the report misses a discussion on integration of social marketing into other campaign tactics like email marketing. It gives the examples of using VIP programmes offering collaboration between customers with shared characteristics to add value and create advocacy.
Like many solid marketing companies the expense of having them is outweighed by the amount of new business they are able to bring in. This is based upon a definition of marketing that considers marketing as a mutually satisfying system of exchanges (for example Baker 2002).
Essentially, CLC is a summary of the key stages in a customer’s relationship with an organisation. The business strategy is based upon the recruitment, retention and extension of products, services, solutions or experiences to customers.

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