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SJust like the amphibious plane that works on water and land smoothly, the same is with the apps today.
Since consumers now need compatibility between different brands these apps development should be understood for different browsers and interface and devices.
Accessibility is the bedrock of all apps and at Castle Rock Research this is a routine job for its team. A cross-platform mobile app is an app that can work across the top platforms: iOS, Windows Phone and Android. It is a promise of cloud storage that will enable customers to access data anytime, everywhere, on any mobile device.
However, there are many challenges associated with cross-platform mobile applications, among them being the need to reconcile the native languages of each platform while maintaining a consistent user experience and creating elegance across the platforms. One of the greatest challenges that is associated with cross-platform mobile applications is that each of the mobile operating systems has a native language and Software Development Kit (SDK). For users, the feeling of uniformity ensures the customers can appreciate the unique values provided by the mobile apps irrespective of what type of mobile device they are using.
The only major setback with developing cross-platform mobile app is that product development process may take many months, or even years in the testing and planning phases. One thing that most cross-platform framework has problem is that it adds another layer of complexity into your system.
When it comes to native performance, I can say that most of the third-party frameworks do well in this area. So, if you are building something simple and may grow well over a long time, you may consider the hybrid approach to combine HTML5 and native code.
All of them come to the same problem of third-party frameworks, that middle complexity layer that you add into your project.
Most of the middle framework has their premium supports but you either have to pay more or you have to wait a hell long of time. There are quite a lot of third-party frameworks around, and I am quite sure many of them will go bankrupt or stop working after a while.
This entry was posted in Android, Community, Iphone, Learning, Management, Software Development and tagged android, cross-platform, Iphone, long term, planning, talent on February 17, 2013 by admin. Cross platform app development is considered one of the most innovative and revolutionary shifts in mobile technology of this decade.
Cross platform app development certainly opened a new window of hope for “customers” who were finding it difficult to pay for separate native app development for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry). Luchaninov led the team with a keen focus on building a system-level framework rather than an app-level framework.
The lengthy list of advantages and features of the new framework can be read in their website. Cross-platform, or multi-platform, is an attribute conferred to computer software or computing methods and concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple computer platforms.
For example, a cross-platform application may run on Microsoft Windows on the x86 architecture, Linux on the x86 architecture and Mac OS X on either the PowerPC or x86 based Apple Macintosh systems. Software platforms can either be an operating system or programming environment, though more commonly it is a combination of both.
AmericanLayout developers have extensive experience with cross-platform mobile app development, so you can be sure that the quality of your app will not diminish between different platforms – it will always be of the highest functionality. A plane that can glide on water and also fly high in the sky effortlessly is a gross possibility.
It is the single reason that makes a Cross Platform Mobile App Development company thrives.

PhoneGap App Development, Sencha Touch App Development and Appcelerator Titanium App Development are service tools that bring a smile.
As such, many are of the view that cross-platform tools (CPTs) can be used to solve the problem of mobile fragmentation. Because the desired functionality of the app is the same, the customers are able to use the application without any ramp-up time.
It took me the whole day to find that bug was an Apple bug, there is a work around in Apple way but that is not well supported by Appcelerator…. Most of the frameworks will update quite fast when Apple release a new version, except many minor bugs. This is to an extent true, as the focus of mobile developers as well as app developers shifted towards mobile apps that were “super light” on resource requirement and fairly good at performance figures. But as always, app developers and app users wanted the best of both worlds, which is,  a lightweight cross platform app that worked as good as a native application. In simpler terms, the new framework works in the OS level elements and provides features and development support that are independent of the application that is being built.
One limitation that needs to be pointed out about the framework is that this is a “PhoneGap specific” framework and is expected to be used for building apps using PhoneGap only.
A cross-platform application may run on as many as all existing platforms, or on as few as two platforms. A notable exception to this is Java, which uses an operating system independent virtual machine for its compiled code, known in the world of Java as bytecode.
Specifications: Slider on Home Page Current Time Timer Horizontal Content Slider for Products and Services. And today bridging communication gaps with Cross Platform Mobile Development Apps is also a gross reality. However it is the responsibility of the development company that makes it possible to do it. A central code that lets the consumer switch to communicate between the GPS of IOS and Samsung Galaxy S II modifies the interface of the two brands. Since these are the structural forms of all networking and the apps, migrations are essential. It has become essential to have plug ins and addons to help HTML5 App Development, PhoneGap App Development, Sencha Touch App Development and Appcelerator Titanium App Development to have a better visual experience for the end users. Thus, such tools form a critical component of solving the problem of cloud data accessibility. In that case, a cross-platform app has to be made that allows code sharing such as C++ and HTML5. In other words, the customers feel safe and assured because cross-platform mobile app offers the same interactions across the platform. Facebook has shown us an important lesson with its decision to be back to native to improve its performance. I used to have code that is working well with Apple in the iOS4 release and stop working when iOS5 is released. At there, at least somebody has worked with your problem, somebody tested and figured a work around.
In the whole list, two cross platform application development frameworks have captured a lot of attention.
Performance issues have always troubled cross platform apps because they were in a way, trying to mimic a native application by using features such as web view, that were provided by the frameworks. The framework will provide flexibility to handle system level processes such as message bus control, handling task instances and modifying the responses as well as managing transactions between different views and controls.

This would make it mandatory for users who are currently using a different app development framework to migrate to PhoneGap. We’ve been working on Apple iOS, Android, bada and we’ve developed multi-platform mobile applications. Thanks to the every demanding nature of the consumers that the Cross Platform Mobile Development Companies are on their technical toes. Tools created using HTML5 or C++ have a significant advantage in supporting accessibility and functionality across the platforms. I think that in the future, when the WebKit, the hardware and the requirement for a good app has matched each other, more and more apps will be developed using HTML5 and other open web technologies. If your product is very important, be careful, you don’t want to throw tens of thousands of lines of code away and start all over again. That means you have to feed 2 more guys, training them with company’s culture, to understand the domain knowledge that you have. These issues have hindered the “user experience” factor of applications that were particularly high on graphics and dynamism.
Such a high amount of system level grip provided by the new framework will definitely become the USP of RAD.JS.
Though this would be an advantageous move, it is yet to be determined if app developers would take this mandatory requirement in the positive note. Between all of our experts, we know how to build your app for the platform that you need the most, and we’ll professionally build the same app for multiple platforms. The world market now looks at India where the action is for both iOS Apps and Android Apps. But mobile apps that can migrate from Apple to Samsung to Blackberry is very much up our high street! Functionality complex apps demanded a higher level of flexibility in terms of system level customization and this has been the main limitation of cross platform app development frameworks.
Application developers are expected to utilize this feature and build applications that not only mimic, but also display a performance that is on par with natively coded mobile applications. I finally figure out that Apple has changed some rules in their API and that affects the old way the middle framework is working.
But, believe me, reading, understanding and maintaining those generated code are as twice as hard as you write it from the beginning.
I don’t say all of them may have problems, but be careful which framework you pick, how long your project will last, and make sure there is a good match. It is also a good thing to consider to have a guy with HTML5 to approach the app in hybrid (HTML5+native code) model. RAD.JS was built by the in house team with the supervision of PhoneGap Guru, Yuriy Luchaninov. And today the challenge does not lie merely with the production but also the ability to make it amphibious-apps that can cross touch screen across two OS. What lies in the appeal of a Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company India is its ability to provide swiftly Cross Platform Apps, HTML5 App Development, PhoneGap App Development, Sencha Touch App Development and of course the Appcelerator Titanium App Development.

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