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HSBC’s Paul Bloxham has called for an August rate cut following today Labour Force report.
YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN Will the rate cut reignite house prices?A straw poll of the stock market reaction is a Egg torrent engulfs KoukHow many rate hikes was it this year? It’s an easy transition for someone who clearly believes in nothing except their own brilliance and will say whatever is necessary to get their next bonus.
Central bankers who created this mess in the first place have been making the problem worse for 6 years now with their extend and pretend lowering of interest rates. When will some sanity and honesty be introduced to the market place with the raising of rates to pop the astonomical debt bubbles which are squeezing the life out of the economy inch by inch?
The rent seeking nature of our governments (the ones that don’t actually govern) is mostly funded by asset price appreciation and taxation on housing turnover. The biggest problem with your prescription there is that cutting interest rates will almost certainly send the AUD on another leg down, likely under .90, pushing up fuel prices and everything else we import.
Bloxham has been wrong because he sees higher household saving as a temporary RBA induced phenomenon when actually it is is just a return to the pre-1998-2007 consumption binge norm.
Another rate cut is aimed at re-stimulating all the processes that have brought us to this pretty pass in the first place.

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Add TagInfo:- Just type tag + return- Tags should be in english- Tags should describe what the icon shows or what the icon is commonly used for. TrimVid - Cut, Remove and Edit Video Length for Vine and Instagram new version coming soon.. Why he got it wrong in all his analysis over the years is he has always ignored overseas investment and the dollar. The outlook was already fairly weak, and now on top of that in the past month Australia has been wacked with higher fuel prices and higher interest rates (after the bond market had a fit).
After reaffirming the end of the cycle moments before the RBA cut again in May, and calling rate hikes by the end of the year, this is not his point to claim.
But you have to way up the effect on household disposable income of higher petrol vs weaker overall demand.
A lot of that older public office space will be withdrawn from the market – some refurbished, some changed use, some knocked down.
The inflated housing ponzi scheme is pretty much all that’s holding the Australian economy together.

Many others have long been arguing that lower rates should and would be realized, while he stubbornly pitched his tent in the bullhawk camp. We need to reduce the overall cost of doing business in Australia, in order to support jobs in tradable sectors, but to do that we need to reduce the purchasing power our Australian households.
It would be interesting to hear more from those involved on how much his forecasts were talked about at the time. Then we can reset the darn economy and allocate resources where they should be, not into banker created bubbles. Government has little option but to extend and pretent for as long as they can get away with it. So private consumption, integral to our economy and one of the targets of monetary loosening, will likely suffer in the face of continued monetary loosening, in spite of the marginal reduction in mortgage payments.
This makes it difficult to see housing picking up in any meaningful way, which is of course another goal of monetary stimulus.

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