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If your exec team would benefit from  a Microsoft Experience Center onsite in your offices, as always, please get in touch. This website is a way to give back to the licensing community and as an information resource for all customers that work with Microsoft software and licensing. In January 2014, this obscure licensing blog reached the milestone of a half million visitors  from 201 countries worldwide. Thank you for using this website as a resource in 2013, I hope to provide more useful and detailed content in 2014 to support the ever changing landscape of software portfolio management.
Join our new “10 Minute Webinar” Series, Wednesday 10am GMT on avoiding the SQL “Fiscal Cliff”. Microsoft do provide advanced notice to Microsoft resellers, with Volume Agreement price lists available 30 days in advance. This could have an impact on any volume license agreement that is transactional and will impact current and future contracts, including Select, Select Plus and Open Agreements. Microsoft will have price protection built into relational volume agreement programmes like Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription. We can go through recent impact of updates to SQL and System Center as Microsoft continue to update product and agreement licensing models and give you an independent view on how to get the best price, on the right contract. It is understood that your current procurement could be through another Microsoft Reseller. The contributing authors and owner of the website shall not be liable for any damage (including, without limitation, damage for loss of business or loss of profits) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of, or inability to use, this website or any material contained in it, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this website or any such material.
This Disclaimer is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal rights. The diagram below illustrates the Microsoft Product Stack across Apps, Systems and Servers.
If all three pools are committed, then the Enterprise Products will receive a Platform Discount. Customers can acquire the Enterprise CAL Suite upfront or as a “step-up” from the Core CAL Suite. Microsoft continue to offer both a Per User and a Per Device licensing metric when purchasing Client Access Licenses (CALs). Microsoft have responded to the emergent trend of Users with Multiple Companion Devices and Smartphones to Increase the cost of User CAL by 15% – with the proliferation of mobile access devices Microsoft have responded with a price increase. The Microsoft Device CAL will remain the same, so please be aware of the price differential when reviewing procurement models. If you have engaged your Large Account Reseller (LAR) and intend to switch to an alternative model, under standard contract terms this is only available to customers who procure and maintain CALs with Active Software Assurance (SA) at contract renewal. Understandably, some EA Enterprise Enrollment customers would seek to change CAL model mid-term (i.e.
Those customers who have visibility of the assignment of CALs to individual Users and Devices can re-assign licenses once per 90 days. Customers who had committed to relational procurement contracts like the Enterprise Enrolment within the Enterprise Agreement (EA) contract framework will not see incremental price increases of User CAL (or Core CAL if the Agreement was signed prior to August 2011 and remains active) until renewal. Forefront Unified Application Gateway (UAG) has been removed from the Enterprise CAL Suite. This will remain as a Remote Access solution as an individual stand-alone product and will not be available within the Enterprise CAL Suite at Renewal. For information purposes this included: (Excluding FOPE) Forefront Protection for Exchange Server, Forefront Protection for OCS, Forefront Protection for SharePoint Server and Forefront Threat Management Gateway Web Protection Service. While the Enterprise CAL price will not increase, there is an associated increase for organisation’s that have adopted the User CAL licensing metric (see above). For information purposes only, and for comparison, this was the CAL component configuration in November 2010. This was instrumental in supporting and encouraging the take-up of Lync as a corporate IM, Tele-Presence, Online Meeting and potential VOIP solution. The way to get the most value out of Microsoft is based on understanding the balance of ‘Tipping Points’ within Microsoft pricing structures. Whether a company has a greater strategic approach in the commitment to the Microsoft Platform, or takes a narrow ad hocapproach to procurement will ultimately impact the individual price point of a given product or set of technologies. This price differences across the multiple Volume Agreements for a particular organisation will be dependent on the quantity of product ordered or whether the organisation commits ‘enterprise wide’ to the Microsoft technology. The CAL Suites are an approach to buy access rights for multiple products in the Microsoft server stack.

If customers are looking at procurement enterprise wide and see the value of Software Assurance (SA) then the CAL Suite on an Enterprise Agreement (EA) makes sense.
However, Microsoft have sought to amend the product component portfolio to better re-align with the planned product roadmap for their comprehensive product stack and this has led to incremental changes in their CAL suites proposition. Microsoft have also responded to the recent proliferation of companion devices (aligned with the imminent release of Windows Surface) to increase the price of User CAL. On-going protection for existing Software Assurance (SA) customers within relational procurement contracts under the Enterprise Agreement (EA) will be important for the short-term. One take-home from this article is to review your current and planned CAL requirements and engage pro-actively with your preferred Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR) to plan your procurement requirements and current contract portfolio.
Please be aware that I now work at a Large Account Reseller and will now be providing my licensing expertise through their Licensing Services. Our specialist team can assist you to purchase the correct licenses, at the best price, through the right program.  Please email my directly to arrange a meeting (or call). The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement has a True Up process, wherein the end-customer is responsible for an Annual Inventory of Software deployment. In the diagram below, the customer has a 3 Year Enterprise Agreement, wherein, the customer is paying for License and Software Assurance (L&SA) over the Agreement term. During the Agreement term, the customer has added a number of additional qualified devices to the network.
The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a Volume Agreement procurement contract that provides incentivised price point for customers who commit to the Microsoft technology platform.
On this basis, Microsoft has included a definition on the qualification of the devices that are licensed under the Agreement. The definition of the qualified device for the EA Enterprise Enrollment [1] was updated in October 2012.
As its options, the Enrolled Affiliate may designate any device that is used by or for the benefit of the Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise (e.g.
This represents an evolution in the way Microsoft recognise the modern corporate IT environment, building on the 2011 Agreement refresh that replaced the traditional “Qualified Desktop” definition with the new inclusive definition. Microsoft have acknowledged BYOD scenarios, distinguishing the most basic enablement of iPhones and Android Smartphones to Exchange Active-Sync to receive Corporate Email, Calendars and Contacts; to wider requirements to access Virtual Applications or Windows OS in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Microsoft have also updated the licensing model of Windows 8 to include personal and corporate slate devices accessing from both corporate premises and remote access. How you approach this in your organisation will have to be considered and hopefully the range of links and content within this article will assist you in beginning the process. Your licensing requirements will be dependent on what you want users to access on your network and the functionality and experience you want them to have, Microsoft have updated and incorporated a number of access and device scenarios to support your requirements for access to Office Applications or Windows in a VDI. Licensing can be complex, so always refer to as many dependable resources as possible, whether the Microsoft website, the Product Use Rights and Product List or your preferred Large Account Reseller (LAR). Please be aware that I now work at a Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR)– and will now be providing my licensing expertise through their services. My team can assist you to purchase the correct licenses, at the best price, through the right program. For Government customers: “Any entity that is enrolled in the same country as the enrolled Affiliate and meets the Government eligibility criteria”.
Otherwise known as a footstool, an ottoman is a plush footrest that accompanies a couch or chair. This will mean that following the current Microsoft financial year ending 30th June Microsoft will be updating July transactional price lists.
However, please do get in contact directly if you would like to have a bespoke review for your organisation or an informal discussion to understand options going forward (available to organisations with UK operations). Information and views expressed in this document, including URL and other Internet Web site references, may change without notice. Some of the material on this website may have been prepared some time ago and therefore may have been superseded. Whilst the author(s) endeavour to ensure that the information on this website is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and the primary author and website owner or it’s contributing Authors do not accept any liability for error or omission. This website is not run by Microsoft or BT Engage IT and the opinions are the author’s own. This means customers interested in the components unique to the Enterprise CAL Suite do not need to license both the Core CAL Suite and the Enterprise CAL Suite – The Enterprise CAL Suite is not additive but inclusive of Core CAL Suite.
As below, Core CAL was expanded to include Lync Standard CAL and Forefront EndPoint Protection (FEP) and was subject to a circa 15% price increase.

This is intended for information purposes only and for comparison against the current component configuration of the intended December 2012 Core CAL and Enterprise CAL Suites. If several technologies are committed ‘enterprise wide’ within a technology platform there will be a ‘Tipping Point’ when procurement of a Suite of products on a relational Volume Agreement will deliver more value over ad hoc procurement on a Transactional one. Ultimately, It will be dependent on your organisations planned upgrade path over time, existing license footprint and requirement for enterprise functionality from Server products.
The User CAL model will remain the simplest approach to assignment of CALs in the workplace, as the number of personal consumer and corporate owned smartphones and tablets increase exponentially.
Microsoft licensing does not remain static as the recent series of updates and releases prove. So please do get in contact with me directly if you would like to have a bespoke review for your organisation. This website is not run by Microsoft or my current or future employers, and the opinions are the author’s own.
The Enterprise Agreement (EA) contract requires an annual report of the number of qualified devices, or in some circumstances, qualified users to determine the quantity of devices that should be increased at the anniversary. For information purposes, this is recognised as one third of the License each year and one year of Software Assurance (SA).
In the first year of the Enterprise Agreement (EA), 30 organisation iPads accessing the corporate VDI have been discovered via the SAM database. Previously, Microsoft required the True Up order to be received between 60 prior to, or 15 days after, the Anniversary Date. Qualified Devices do not include any device that is: (1) designated as a server and not used as a personal computer, (2) an Industry Device, or (3) not managed (as defined in the Product List at the start of the applicable initial or renewal term of the Enrollment) as part of the Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise. Industry Device) as a Qualified Device for all or a subset of Enterprise Products or Online Services that Enrolled Affiliate has selected.
It does not include a person who accesses server software or an Online Service solely under a License identified in the Qualified User exemptions in the Product List. This expanded device definition is now more inclusive of new devices, including but not limited to, corporate and personal slate devices like the iPad or Microsoft Surface RT. Further, there is extended flexibility to include Industry Devices and devices with an embedded OS can potentially open access to better price points for CALs (Client Access License) procurement or reach a critical ‘Tipping Point’ to reach a lower Microsoft price band. These platform products are licensed for every qualified device or qualified user in your organisation and can offer additional savings (and important Software Use Rights) over purchasing products separately.
So please do get in contact with me directly if you would like to have a bespoke review for your organisation (available to organisations with UK operations). Round or cube-shaped, this furniture is usually upholstered in fabric or leather and often overstuffed, like a backless armchair.
There is expected to be a significant increase in the UK British Pound price list, with current exchange rates indicating an increase of 20%.
This document does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft product. This is not available under standard contract terms, but Microsoft do state that a customer will benefit from price protection for the remainder of the contract term under the EA.
The price will vary across Countries, Volume Agreements, and finally the specific context of the Organisation – including but not limited to, Size and Purchasing Power. This will also extend unlimited device rights to information users which could see savings to customer despite the immediate price adjustment. This would be added to the True Up payment for the 1st Anniversary (Start of 2nd year) etc.
Microsoft request payment to be received within 30 days and the Invoice date can be set to align to the Anniversary. On the 3rd Anniversary, the order is submitted in the last 30 days with payment due within 3l0 days of receipt of invoice. Accordingly it is recommended to review SAM process and align to financial systems to support the new discovery, reporting and payment schedule(s ).

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