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Ia€™ll briefly review each step in turn: Understand Your Customer Develop a clear picture of your target customer using market research and analysis.
Too often businesses think that if they advertise everywhere and post everything on social media, they will magically receive countless leads, more loyal customers and increase their bottom line.  In order for you to craft the right messages to get concerted results, you must identify what outcome you are looking for and then proceed to target the right market with the right message through the right medium!

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Understanding who your client is will help you serve their needs and keep them coming back. Identifying specific desired objectives vis-a-vis each stakeholder, determining specifically the membership of each stakeholder group, examining media preferences of each group, development of a step by step plan to implement necessary tactics, and using evaluative research to check on the communication process (us and timing of tactics) and measuring the extent to which one has achieved the measurable objectives for each stakeholder group. This means taking a serious look at the inner workings of your marketing and social media plan.

Doing an internal and external audit of where your business really is, and not where you think it is, will give you a real picture of where you stand.  This would also be a good place to examine your strengths and weaknesses.  What are you doing right and what have you done that hasn’t worked?
Research is a critical component that too often is left out of the planning process.    Research is a continual part of the process that you have to take time to achieve if you want your overall plan to be succinct and, most of all, successful.

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